Backbone One Playstation Edition for Android is top mobile phone gaming

Gaming is increasingly mobile and as the technology improves, so do the gadgets.

The Backbone One is already a highly popular controller for iPhone mobile phone gaming and now we have the new Android version of it’s popular Playstation Edition.

This is all about opening up console gaming to those on the go.

Working together hand-in-hand with the Sony team, the experts at Backbone have crafted a Playstation style snap-on controller that can be up and running in a matter of seconds.

It feels like a lengthy DualSense wireless controller in the hands, with that classic white plastic grip like a normal PS joypad and all the usual thumb sticks and buttons in the right places.

The build quality is strong and the triggers, while not haptic like their better cousins, offer a proper shooter and driving experience for gamers looking to get away from touch screen controls.

In fact, this product is uniquely recognised as a DualSense by the downloadable PS Remote Play App, enabling gamers to play their favourite PS4 and PS5 games on their Android device from anywhere.

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So it’s a matter of plugging the bottom of your Android phone into the USB-C plug to the right hand side of the device, sliding the flexible ‘backbone’ of the gadget length-wise to the end of our unit and then snapping your device into the centre of the gizmo.

You’ve then got instant control of your phone using the Backbone One’s controller scheme.

Once loaded up and connected to wifi, the Playstation app lets’ you remote play your favourite console games

at home in other rooms or even out and about as long as you’ve got a decent internet connection and your console is on or in rest mode.

You can even lock gameplay in landscape mode, and easily access the PlayStation app by double tapping on the Options button on their Backbone One controller if you need a hasty stop while on the go.

You can also download the official Backbone App which is fully customized for PlayStation including the iconic button glyphs for the menu icons.

The app features a dedicated content row that is updated regularly with all the new game releases, news and updates from PlayStation.

The Backbone App also elegantly aggregates all your gaming content and services that support controllers, including mobile-native games like Call of Duty: Mobile and Diablo Immortal and services like SteamLink and Nvidia GeForce Now.

We tried it on CoD mobile and absolutely blitzed the opposition on touch screens in multiplayer shootouts because of the ease with which we gamed.

There’s something about a proper controller that brings out the best gaming in people and you’re going to dominate far more on mobile titles with a decent joypad to play on.

It’s not the same as proper console gaming, even with strong wifi there’s always a slight bit of lag to controllers in this kind of gaming.

But it’s as close as you’ll get without buying a machine and plugging it into a wall, which obviously limits your on the go gaming big time.

The Backbone One Playstation Edition for Android is a big whack of money at £99.99 but worth it if you’re looking for a quality controller for your mobile play.


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