Animal Crossing Visitors Guide: Gulliver, Daisy Mae, Saharah, And More In New Horizons

Like in previous Animal Crossing games, special visitors may come to your island on any given day in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Many of these visitors are random, while others show up at specific times of the week or day, and all of them offer rewards on top of their smiling faces and dazzling conversation. We’ve rounded up all the visitors in the game so far, when and where you should look out for them, and what they offer when they visit.

For more Animal Crossing tips, be sure to check out our guide to hybrid flowers and our guide to the deserted island Mystery Tours. We also have lists of all the fish and bugs in the game, when and where they appear, and how much they sell for.

  • Random Visitors
    • Mabel
    • Label
    • Kicks
    • Gulliver
    • Saharah
    • Flick
    • C.J.
    • Celeste
    • Wisp
  • Weekly Visitors
    • K.K. Slider
    • Daisy Mae
    • Campsite Visitors
    • Random Visitors

      These visitors will show up at random throughout the week, though you may need to progress a bit before some will visit your island. You’ll have to look for them each day, as their visits won’t be announced ahead of time. You’ll usually only see one visitor per day (if any), but Celeste or Wisp may show up at night even if another all-day visitor is around. Note that Harvey is a one-time visitor and will not visit again once he’s told you about his island early in the game.


      • When: all day (before Able Sisters opens)
      • Where: town square
      • Sells clothing and accessories

      Buying clothes from Mabel is the key to unlocking the Able Sisters tailors shop.


      • When: all day (after Able Sisters opens; exact requirements unknown)
      • Where: town square
      • Reward: tailors tickets

      Label will ask you to dress in an outfit according to a theme she gives you (e.g. “everyday,” “cute,” etc.). If she likes your outfit, she’ll send you tailors tickets in the mail; one ticket can be used to buy one item from Able Sisters under 3,000 bells. Label will also give you an item from her personal fashion label, which will subsequently be available for purchase at random from Able Sisters.


      • When: all day (after Able Sisters opens; exact requirements unknown)
      • Where: town square
      • Sells shoes, socks, and backpacks/bags


      • When: all day
      • Where: beach
      • Reward: rare item

      Gulliver will appear washed up on your beach and will be asleep. Keep talking to him until he wakes up; once he does, he’ll ask you to recover five parts for his broken communication device. You can dig up these communicator parts the same way you’d dig up manila clams: Find spots on the beach that spray water and dig with any shovel. He’ll send you a rare item from his travels (e.g. a pagoda or a pyramid) in the mail the next day.


      • When: all day
      • Where: anywhere
      • Sells rugs, flooring, and wallpaper

      Saharah sells three sizes of rugs–small for 1,000 bells, medium for 2,000 bells, and large for 3,000 bells–as well as one “mysterious” wallpaper and flooring for 3,000 bells each. She’ll also give you Saharah tickets for the rugs you buy, and once you have five tickets, you can exchange them for a different mysterious wallpaper or flooring. Saharah is the only way to get certain rare wallpapers and floors, including animated ones.


      • When: all day (until 5 AM the next day)
      • Where: anywhere
      • Buys bugs at 150% of market price; takes art commissions

      Sell all your bugs to Flick when he visits to make even more money than usual. You can also bring him three of one kind of bug to commission a piece of his art, which he’ll send you in the mail the next day.


      • When: all day (until 5 AM the next day)
      • Where: near water
      • Buys fish at 150% of market price; takes art commissions

      C.J. is a little more complicated than Flick; before he’ll buy fish from you, he’ll give you a fishing challenge to complete. Once you’ve done what he asks, you’ll be able to sell fish all day. He also takes commissions on behalf of Flick; give him three of one type of fish to get a fish statue in the mail the next day.


      • When: night (after 7 PM) on clear nights
      • Where: anywhere
      • Reward: DIY recipe

      Celeste appears at night when there are clear skies. On her first visit, she’ll teach you how to wish on shooting stars and give you a DIY recipe for a wand. On subsequent visits, if you show her star fragments related to constellations (e.g. Pisces fragments), she’ll give you a DIY recipe using that kind of fragment. You can get star fragments by wishing on shooting stars; they’ll show up on the beach the next morning.


      • When: night (after 7 PM)
      • Where: anywhere
      • Reward: random item

      Wisp is a scaredy-cat ghost. When you talk to him, pieces of his ghost body will scatter around your island. You need to find all five and catch them using a net, then return them to him. Once you do, he’ll offer you a random reward (like furniture or wallpaper) and give you a choice between something you don’t have already and something expensive. It seems he doesn’t have a good sense of either.

      Weekly Visitors

      After you’ve met certain requirements, you’ll start to see weekly visitors on your island. Even when these visitors are around, you may still encounter Celeste or Wisp at night.

      K.K. Slider

      • When: Saturdays after 6 PM (after completing Project K)
      • Where: town square
      • Reward: song

      K.K. Slider will hold a concert in your town square each Saturday after you’ve completed Tom Nook’s Project K. He will play one main song and one encore, but you’ll only get a copy of the first song. He takes requests, too–you have to enter the name of the song exactly, including any punctuation, for him to play it.

      Daisy Mae

      • When: Sundays, 5 AM – 12 PM (after Nook’s Cranny opens)
      • Where: anywhere
      • Sells turnips

      Daisy Mae has taken over her grandma Joan’s role from previous games. She sells turnips on Sunday mornings for a varying price (somewhere around 100 bells for 10 turnips). From Monday to Saturday, Timmy and Tommy will then buy turnips for varying prices in what is called the stalk market. Like the real-life stock market, the goal is to buy low and sell high! Timmy and Tommy change their prices every morning and then again at noon, so you have to check often.

      Campsite Visitors

      In addition to the special characters above, you may also find that a random villager is visiting your campsite. Isabelle will announce this the first time you open the game for the day, unlike with the rest of the visitors. Campers can show up even if you have the maximum 10 villagers on your island; you can even invite them to live on your island if you talk to them enough, and if you don’t have space, you will have the option to kick one of your existing villagers out.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – First Day Task Checklist

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is now available, which means it’s time to get your new island life started. Like previous Animal Crossing games, time in New Horizons passes as is does in real life–and you often have to wait until the following day or days to see the effects of what you’re doing. We’ve outlined everything you should do on day one on your new island so you can maximize your early progress–and if you’re past that point, check out our guide to making money.

The game switches to a real-time clock after you complete the tutorial section–it ends when you go to sleep after the party. Luckily, Tom Nook’s Resident Services tent is open 24 hours a day, so if you start your game later in the day, you won’t be missing out on anything. You can talk to Tommy and Tom Nook to get some direction, and one of the first things you should do after the tutorial is enroll in Tom Nook’s DIY workshop so you can start crafting important things.

Once you’re able, craft a flimsy net and flimsy fishing rod. Catch some bugs and fish and then give five of them to Tom Nook–this will start the process of bringing the museum to your island. Doing this day one is important, because Blathers, the museum curator, will give you access to the shovel and vaulting pole when he arrives the next day.

After that, your next priority is to start getting Nook Miles. As Tom Nook explains, Nook Miles are a reward for doing various activities around the island, and they can be used for special purchases. Basically everything you do should net you some Nook Miles at first, and since you can use Nook Miles to pay off your home loan, you’ll want to start racking them up right away. In order to do that, we recommend these simple activities (which should also net you some bells, DIY materials, and more bonuses):

  • Talk to both your villagers
  • Comb the beach for shells to sell
  • Shake trees
  • Hit rocks with an axe
  • Pull all the weeds you can get to
  • Catch more fish and bugs
  • Craft tools and furniture

If you’re at a loss for what to do, check your Nook Miles app on your Nook Phone. There will be some existing goals there for you to chase, and you’ll continue to unlock more as you go about your life on the island.

After a few hours, you should have enough Nook Miles to pay off your first loan to Tom Nook–this loan will run you 49,800 bells or 5,000 Nook Miles. We recommend paying off this loan off with Nook Miles, since it’s a one-time opportunity and Nook Miles are plentiful. One of the best perks of owning a house in New Horizons is that you’ll have access to a storage inventory. Homeownership also unlocks Nook Miles+, which provides you with a rotating selection of Nook Miles bonuses to chase, so it’s good to get started on it early.

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For more tips, check out guide Animal Crossing: New Horizons guide hub. But if you’re big on collecting, you should jump into our list of all the fish we’ve caught so far and where and when you can catch them–or our similar guide to bugs. You might also want to check out our guide to unlocking Nook’s Cranny, the general store. And finally, be sure to read our Animal Crossing: New Horizons review in progress!

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Tarantula Farming In Animal Crossing Is Broken Because Of A Pesky New Critter

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has only been out for two weeks, but players quickly found a way to exploit spawns for valuable bugs to get rich. One of these money-making schemes involved farming tarantulas, the semi-rare and nocturnal arachnid that are worth 8,000 bells each if you can catch them. But the arrival of brand new bugs for the month of April has also meant new competition for the profitable tarantula–the giant water bug is here and it’s ruining Animal Crossing’s tarantula island.

We have a whole guide on tarantula farming, but the gist of it is this: you head to a deserted island via Mystery Tour and clear out all the resources like rocks, trees, stumps, and flowers. This removes spawn conditions for other bugs, which will force the tarantula to spawn more than usual. Previously, players didn’t have to worry about bodies of water on their deserted island, because in the Northern Hemisphere at least, there were no seasonal bugs that spawned on water. Enter: the giant water bug.

The giant water bug is a new April arrival for Northern Hemisphere players. It appears on freshwater like ponds and rivers, meaning it doesn’t require any of the foliage you’d typically clear out of your deserted island to generate a tarantula island. If you try to make a tarantula island now, you’ll find that in addition to having to scare away tiger beetles or wharf roaches (bugs that also don’t require flowers or trees to spawn) to force tarantula spawns, you’ll also need to contend with giant water bug spawns. To make matters worse, giant water bugs don’t flitter away when you sprint by them, meaning you have to actually catch them with your net and release them each time they appear. This is making an already time-consuming process a long, tedious loop for players looking to make bells fast.

Tarantula islands aren’t impossible to make, they’re just kind of annoying now. So far, it seems there are only two ways to get around the giant water bug issue: you either land on the elusive tarantula island itself (a Mystery Tour island known for its tarantula population) or you land on a bamboo island, which doesn’t have freshwater at all. Mystery Island tours are random though, so you just have to rack up those Nook Miles and hope you get lucky. Tarantulas are also leaving after April for players in the Northern Hemisphere, making this even more of a headache for players who were hoping to cash in.

If farming tarantulas seems like more trouble than it’s worth, we still have a list of other ways to make money in Animal Crossing you can check out. But Animal Crossing isn’t just about the bells. Bunny Day, a new April event, is in full swing, with lots of seasonal DIY recipes to craft. Be sure to check out more of our guides below and read our review-in-progress.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons News And Guides

  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons Eggs — How To Get Each Type For Bunny Day
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons Fish Guide
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bug Guide
  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons – New Fish And Bugs In April
  • How To Crossbreed Flowers In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

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I’m starting to think Animal Crossing’s tables aren’t real

Have you seen her? She has four feet, fits in a living room, and saves items from sprawling on the floor. I speak, of course, of Animal Crossing: New Horizons tables, those elusive furniture items that nobody seems to have.

During my first few days in Animal Crossing, my only table was a cardboard box. I was fine with this, because it felt realistic in a weird way — as if I had truly just moved in somewhere. But a couple of days later, I started to get worried.

Did tables not exist in the Animal Crossing world? Signs pointed to no; my neighbors all lived like animals, sometimes not even having chairs, never mind tables. My shops kept selling unusable garbage. My recipes stacked up, but only for crafting materials I didn’t have, like bamboo shoots. It’s bad enough that someone, in total sincerity, recently suggested using a fish tank as a table to me. A fish tank!

The whole situation is bad enough that it’s become a meme among Animal Crossing fans to say that that tables don’t exist and that nobody has any.

For some, the table thing is literal — they cannot find any. But, for most, it’s a combination of a table shortage, and a mixture of non-cute tables that don’t fit whatever aesthetic they’re going for. Since my starting days, for instance, I’ve gotten an outdoor table, a log table, and a wooden block table set. All of these options are either ugly for my purposes, too big, or not even meant for interior decorating.

Of course, it’s not really that Animal Crossing is missing tables. It’s more that, because the game randomly decides what to give you, there’s a chance you might not see what you want for a good, long while. There are hundreds of items, and your shops can only carry a few things at a time. Chance encounters, like messages in a bottle or DIY recipes held by villagers, are even more happenstance. There’s no nefarious plot happening, just the woes that come with RNG.

The best remedy? Having friends, it seems. Animal Crossing: New Horizons encourages you to visit other islands and trade with your pals, so I’ve spent the last few days traveling all over the world. I’ll do anything for a goddamn Animal Crossing table that is both cute and functional, at this point.

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This Huge Sale On Steam Games Includes Resident Evil 3, Trials Of Mana Pre-Order Discounts

If you’ve been stuck at home and need some games to keep you occupied, then there have been a whole bunch of great offers over the past few weeks, including a lot of free games you can claim right now and keep forever. There have also been a lot of great sales, and the latest one at Fanatical is selling Steam games at excellent discounts.

You can currently pre-order Resident Evil 3 for $46.79, down from the original price of $60. It releases this Friday, April 3, and is a remake of the original RE3 from 1999.

Trials of Mana pre-orders are going for $42.49, down from the regular price of $50. It’s a remake of the game also known as Seiken Densetsu 3, which originally released on the Super Famicom (or SNES) in Japan. It didn’t make its way to North America until last year’s Collection of Mana hit the Switch, and now you’ll be able to play the 3D remake when it releases on April 24.

There are a number of Square Enix-published games discounted on Fanatical right now. Some of its best Western-developed series see great deals, including Deus Ex, Just Cause, and Tomb Raider. You can also grab Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition for $3, which comes with graphical enhancements over the original and all of its DLC. It’s a fantastic open-world game with exciting action and an awesome hand-to-hand fighting system–if you like the Batman: Arkham games, you’ll like what Sleeping Dogs does to expand on the punch-and-counter melee combat.

Fanatical always has a lot of deals on Steam games, and some interesting create-your-own bundles, so be sure to check out the full site for the entire slate of discounts.

Best Steam game deals on Fanatical

  • Trials of Mana — $42.49 ($50)
  • Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut — $2.79 ($20)
  • Deus Ex: Mankind Divided — $4.19 ($30)
  • Just Cause 2 — $1.49 ($15)
  • Just Cause 3 — $2.79 ($20)
  • Just Cause 4 — $24 ($60)
  • Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light — $1.39 ($10)
  • Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris — $4.59 ($20)
  • Life Is Strange: Complete Season — $4 ($20)
  • Life Is Strange: Before the Storm — $4.92 ($17)
  • Life Is Strange 2: Complete Season — $20 ($40)
  • Murdered: Soul Suspect — $6 ($20)
  • Resident Evil 3 — $46.79 ($60)
  • Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Collection — $13.79 ($60)
  • Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition — $3 ($20)
  • Tomb Raider — $3 ($20)

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  • Free Games To Claim This Week: Rayman Legends, World War Z, And More
  • Amazon Just Launched A Big Sale On PS4, Switch, And Xbox One Games
  • PS Plus Drops To $40 In Limited-Time PS4 Deal
  • Where To Buy A Nintendo Switch Right Now
  • Fantastic Sale On Steam Games Includes Pre-Order Discounts On Resident Evil 3, Trials Of Mana

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April's Last Chance Fish And Bugs In Animal Crossing: New Horizons

With each new month in Animal Crossing: New Horizons comes a new batch of fish and bugs to catch, but also seasonal fish and bugs that will no longer be available–sometimes for months at a time. If you’re a completionist, these limited and sometimes extremely rare critters are the ones you should focus on, and it’s recommended that you get a head start. It may just be the start of April, but unless you want a repeat of last month’s last-minute Stringfish hunts, you’ll be thanking yourself for tracking these critters down early.

April marks your last chance to catch some big fish in the Northern Hemisphere and say goodbye to the notorious tarantula until later this year. Southern Hemisphere players will see a load of fish and bugs leaving at month’s end.

For a more comprehensive list of critters, hit up our Animal Crossing: New Horizons fish guide and bug guide, which include the full list of what we’ve caught so far, tips on how to catch, and more. Don’t forget to check out what fish and bugs are new in April as well.

  • Northern Hemisphere
    • Fish Leaving After April
    • Bugs Leaving After April
  • Southern Hemisphere
    • Fish Leaving After April
    • Bugs Leaving After April
    • Here’s the list of fish and bugs that are leaving after this month is up, for players in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres. Catch them while you still can!

      Northern Hemisphere

      Fish Leaving After April

      Fish Time Location Price
      Blue Marlin All day Pier 10,000
      Dab All day Ocean 300
      Tuna All day Pier 7,000

      Blue Marlin and Tuna are both ocean fish, but to catch them specifically, you’ll need to cast your reel off the wooden pier on your island. This is not the same pier as the one leading to your airport. If there are no fish near your pier, you can craft and throw bait to attract new spawns until you get what you want.

      Bugs Leaving After April

      Bug Time Location Price
      Tarantula 7 PM – 4 AM Ground 8,000

      That’s right–the infamous tarantula is saying goodbye in the Northern Hemisphere until November! If you’re up for it, going on a Mystery Tour to find the deserted tarantula island is one of the best ways to make money in New Horizons right now, so stock up while you still can.

      Southern Hemisphere

      Fish Leaving After April

      Fish Time Location Price
      Angelfish 4 PM – 9 AM River 3,000
      Betta 9 AM – 4 PM River 2,500
      Catfish 4 PM – 9 AM Pond 800
      Moray Eel All day Ocean 2,000
      Rainbowfish 9 AM – 4 PM River 800
      Ribbon Eel All day Ocean 600
      Snapping Turtle 9 PM – 4 AM River 5,000
      Tilapia All day River 800

      Bugs Leaving After April

      Bug Time Location Price
      Darner Dragonfly 8 AM – 5 PM Flying 230
      Ladybug 8 AM – 5 PM Flowers 200
      Man-Faced Stink Bug 7 PM – 8 AM Flowers 1,000
      Mantis 8 AM – 5 PM Flowers 430
      Red Dragonfly 8 AM – 7 PM Flying 180
      Scorpion 7 PM – 4 AM Ground 8,000
      Stinkbug All day Flowers 120
      Tiger Beetle All day Ground 1,500
      Yellow Butterfly 4 AM – 7 PM Flying 160

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Animal Crossing’s Zipper is scaring fans, despite his efforts

Animal Crossing: New Horizons currently features an Easter-themed event called Bunny Day. There are colorful eggs to find, new recipes, cherry blossoms, and other festivities. There’s also a mascot to help manage all of the above, and most of the Animal Crossing fan base seems to hate him with a passion. Unfortunately, poor Zipper is the subject of much vitriol from players, even though he’s just trying his best to do his job.

At first glance, Zipper looks like any other villager. He’s a big-headed, bright-eyed animal. Or is he? When you talk to him, he’s strangely defensive of his body, repeatedly asking the player to NOT ask what’s under the surface or investigate in any way. There’s also something just slightly off-putting about his appearance.

Some observant fans have noticed that Zipper’s wide-open eyes and floppy ears bring another video game icon to mind. It’s not another Nintendo character — they’re thinking of Silent Hill 3’s blood-soaked bunny mascot.

It’s enough to draw a little concern. Some fans, inspired by Zipper’s uncanny cheerfulness, have started to question what’s really under that suit. Is he telling the truth? Is that physical zipper on his back really just a decorative touch he put on his flesh, under his real animal fur? I have questions, and Zipper refuses to give me answers. The more I question his nature, the more sinister he seems.

I’m not the only Animal Crossing fan who feels a little nervous at the guy showing up on the corners of my screen. For some players, he hovers ceaselessly. For others, he almost seems responsible for certain crimes.

While he’s struck fear deep into the hearts of many fans, other people treat Zipper with a casual contempt. To these players, the idea that Zipper causes an emotion like “fear” instead of “pity” or “anger” is absurd. Zipper is bad, and he should be shamed for his terrible, island-disrupting ways. Many of these players are familiar with Zipper from previous games, so they’re already onto his bullshit and carrying grudges from years past. Even other villagers will occasionally talk about Zipper behind his back! Nobody seems to like this guy.

But particularly observant villagers may notice that if you leave his line of sight, Zipper stops his cheerful hopping and animated movements. He sighs in relief and drops the act, with just a weary hint to his shuffle.

This animation, which is easy to miss, changes Zipper’s energy — especially for anyone who’s familiar with working highly social jobs. With this animation, Zipper goes from a bit terrifying to extremely relatable. It’s a living, am I right?

Of course, this revelation raises a few more mysteries in its wake. Who hired Zipper? Was it Tom Nook? Is this a bread and circuses situation, where Zipper is meant to distract us from some darker truth? Or did Timmy and Tommy just swipe a credit card in order to liven things up for their favorite holiday?

No matter what, I have concerns.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is “a much-needed escape from everything,” according to our review.

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Animal Crossing’s Bunny Day eggs low-key suck

Animal Crossing: New Horizons islands have been taken over by spring cheer in the form of Bunny Day, an event where fans collect Easter eggs that can be crafted into DIY items. It’s a good idea in theory, but the eggs are impacting some of what makes the base game enjoyable — and the rewards aren’t great.

When Zipper the questionable bunny joins your village, he notes that he’s hidden eggs all over the map. Rocks, fish, balloons, trees, and even buried treasure might actually contain a new type of egg. As you collect eggs and talk to your villagers, you get recipes that can be crafted into seasonal items such as outfits and furniture.

The most visible problem — which I’ll admit comes down to taste — is that all the Easter-related rewards are gaudy and ugly. I say this as someone who typically loves pastels, too. The design palette is the only aesthetically pleasing thing about the egg stuff you can make. If it weren’t for the fact that Zipper requires you to make every egg item to receive a goodie on April 12, I would never waste my time with any of these things.

The issues go beyond the visuals, though. Having eggs spawning in all these places takes the joy out of things like fishing, hearing a balloon in the distance, or seeing an X on the ground. Pals have told me that you can tell which water shapes and balloons are eggs, and that you can also fish on islands belonging to friends to avoid Bunny Day catches. But I resent having to put in any effort at all to enjoy the game as I normally would, especially when it’s going to be more than a week of this experience.

My hope is that future New Horizons events won’t work this way. Nintendo has been fairly responsive to how fans are playing the game, issuing consistent updates since release — and plus, the whole scavenger hunt thing is thematic for Easter. Chances seem good that other holidays will be more enjoyable, or at least different.

I also do want to give props here: While I hate the eggs right now, I’m loving all the gorgeous cherry blossom trees and items. And while the floating blossoms can be tricky to catch with a net, and while I haven’t found any related recipes yet, at least I have the satisfaction of knowing that I’ll eventually end up with some extremely cute decorations for my island.

Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch consoles are often sold out, but you can still pick up the handheld-only Switch Lite, which is perfect for portable gaming.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons new fish and bugs to catch in April

Now that it’s April, new schools of fish and swarms of bugs are available to catch in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch.

There’s no rush to catch any of them, as they’ll stick around for much longer than a month, but make sure you donate any new finds to Blathers to complete your Museum. You can tell when you’ve caught a new creature because your character will exclaim “Yes!” before they say the bug or fish’s name.

You can also check in your Critterpedia to see if you’ve donated the bug fish or not. If you have, there will be a little owl icon next to the critter name. (Note that these emblems won’t show up if you’re on somebody else’s island.)

We’ve broken up the list of new bugs and fish to catch in April by hemisphere below, so you can check which ones are new in your area. The Northern Hemisphere is getting tons of new bugs and fish, while the Southern Hemisphere is only getting two new fish.

New fish and bugs in April (Northern Hemisphere)

Critter Type Critter Location Shadow Size Value Time
Critter Type Critter Location Shadow Size Value Time
Fish Killifish Pond Smallest 300 All day
Fish Crawfish Pond Small 200 All day
Fish Snapping Turtle River X Large 5,000 9 p.m. – 4 a.m.
Fish Guppy River Smallest 1,300 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Fish Neon Tetra River Smallest 500 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Fish Sea Horse Sea Smallest 1,100 All day
Fish Clown Fish Sea Smallest 650 All day
Fish Surgeonfish Sea Small 1,000 All day
Fish Butterfly Fish Sea Small 1,000 All day
Fish Zebra Turkeyfish Sea Medium 500 All day
Bug Common Bluebottle Flying N/A 300 4 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Bug Agrias Butterfly Flying N/A 3,000 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Bug Raja Brooke’s Birdwing Flying N/A 2,500 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Bug Atlas Moth On trees N/A 3,000 7 p.m. – 4 a.m.
Bug Madagascan Sunset Moth Flying N/A 2,500 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Bug Long Locust On ground N/A 200 8 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Bug Darner Dragonfly Flying N/A 230 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Bug Giant Water Bug Ponds and rivers N/A 2,000 7 p.m. – 8 a.m.
Bug Jewel Beetle On trees N/A 2,400 All day
Bug Flea On villagers N/A All day

New fish and bugs in April (Southern Hemisphere)

Critter Type Critter Location Shadow Size Value Time
Critter Type Critter Location Shadow Size Value Time
Fish Yellow Perch River Medium 300 All day
Fish Dab Sea Medium 300 All day

Switch Lite

Nintendo Switch consoles are often sold out, but you can still pick up the handheld-only Switch Lite, which is perfect for portable gaming.

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Animal Crossing player perfectly goofs on art world

Shing Yin Khor is a real-life installation artist who’s seen an impact from the novel coronavirus on their work: All their events have been canceled for the foreseeable future, as many museums shut their doors to the public. Instead, they’re turning to Animal Crossing: New Horizons to poke fun at the art world, creating a rival art museum to Blather’s setup.

“I would certainly prefer to be an employed installation artist in real-life, and not in Animal Crossing, but all my gigs and events are currently cancelled,” Khor told Polygon via email. (We considered doing this interview in-game, but Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ text features are infuriating.) “I’m pretty sure I’m just using Animal Crossing as a space to goof off right now but the art world also has a lot of tree branches up their collective butts, so I am enjoying responding to and poking fun at it within this little game.”

Khor’s used rocks to recreate Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty on their island and put together an Animal Crossing interpretation of Barbara Kruger’s Untitled — “Your turnips are a battleground.” They scattered some umbrellas on the beach to imitate Christo and Jeanne Claude’s The Umbrellas, too. (Khor also noted they greatly respect and enjoy all the work they’re poking fun at.)

But one of Khor’s most interact pieces was a recreation of Marina Abramović’s The Artist is Present.

“Marina Abramović’s The Artist is Present is one of the most iconic pieces of endurance and performance art, and simple wooden tables and chairs are easy to craft, and it was a pretty obvious fit,” Khor said. “Thank goodness, she wore a plain red dress.”


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Khor opened up their island on Tuesday and posted a Dodo Code on Twitter. Immediately, museum patrons started streaming in — a near constant stream of people coming and going for an hour. Khor sat and waited inside their house, wearing Abramović’s iconic red dress. They estimated around 20 visitors came to the island over the hour, with 15 or so people making it into the chair. Dodo Airlines flights came in nearly nonstop; people flying in and out. (Nintendo’s multiplayer system is infuriating — it takes so long to connect, especially if multiple people are coming.)

“It was probably not the smoothest experience, with Dodo Airlines flights coming in constantly and people leaving, but it probably replicated the effect of standing in line at a museum a little,” they said.

Khor said they’d like to do other performance pieces in Animal Crossing: New Horizons — after all, they’ve got to keep up the competition with Blathers’ museum. In the meantime, they’re working on recreating Chris Burden’s Urban Light — “It’s the selfie magnet in front of LACMA,” Khor said — by collecting streetlights.

“I really enjoy the limitations in Animal Crossing, and how there are significant restrictions on what you can build. It’s been a lot of fun thinking of things that could fit within these particular limits,” they said. “My actual installation work is very non-digital. I play a lot with physical mechanical objects like capsule machines, and I aesthetically reference cabinets of curiosities — lots of warm wood and incandescent lighting and lots of touchable textures and small detailed objects you can pick up and explore.”

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