Allan Phang boards EVOS Esports in marketing role

Allan Phang has joined Southeast Asian organisation EVOS Esports as its Regional Head of Marketing & PR.

This move quickly follows Phang’s departure as the head of  AirAsia Esports, the esports initiative by Malaysian airline AirAsia.

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In his new role, Phang will be responsible for handling EVOS Esports’ strategic marketing and public relations, partnerships and sponsorships, and forging business relationships both regionally and internationally.

He spoke on the new venture in a release: “EVOS Esports is a great organisation and I’m truly humbled and excited to be joining them. I believe in Ivan’s vision to build Southeast Asia’s largest media and entertainment empire in esports and beyond.”

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Over the past year, EVOS Esports has closed several funding rounds as it moves forward with its objective of becoming one of the leading entity in Southeast Asian esports. Last year, it raised $4.4 million (£3.6 million) in Series A funding – following a $3 million (£2.4 million) raise earlier in the year. More recently, it closed an additional $1.4 million (£1.1 million) investment.

Ivan Yeo, CEO and Co-founder of EVOS Esports, commented on the hire: “Allan brings along a wealth of experience which will add value to our organisation. EVOS Esports is geared to level up in the esports space and his passion for esports is definitely aligned with our culture. We look forward to having him onboard.”

Esports Insider says: Phang has plenty of esports experience and EVOS Esports is evidently looking to take things up a notch or two so this seems like a good fit. There appears to be a big opportunity for an organisation to step things up in Southeast Asia so we’ll be keeping a close eye on this one.

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Ninjas in Pyjamas take down Alliance in Group B at ESL One LA Online

Day two of the European/CIS league for ESL One Los Angeles
Online has come to an end with Group B seeing all the Dota 2 action for today.

Group B at ESL One Los Angeles Online featured the likes of Team
Secret, Team Liquid and Natus Vincere, to name just a few, all of whom were
fighting in an attempt to secure the top spot in the group over the next two

Team Spirit and Chicken Fighters would be the first two
teams to faceoff in Group B with a best-of-three series to kick things off. Fighters,
the stack of Akbar ‘SoNNeikO’ Butaev, had made it into the event through a
magnificent qualifier run – beating out the likes of Winstrike and Aggressive
Mode. While Spirit had managed to fight back from being a game down to tie the
series, it was not enough to stop Fighters from claiming a game three win and a
2-1 series victory.

Next would be Na’Vi fighting against Team Unique, which is
the team that was previously known as Gentlemen. While Unique were able to take
a big victory in game one, Na’Vi absolutely obliterated them in the next two
games – with the decisive game three taking only 16-minutes and the team only
giving up a single kill.

After the two CIS series, it was time for some EU action
with Liquid and Secret going head-to-head. Although on paper it seemed as
though the series would possibly be quite close, Secret were just far ahead of
their opponents at every turn, leaving Liquid in the dust in two games of
little over half an hour each. Only one series was left for the day with Ninjas
in Pyjamas and Alliance closing the day two proceedings. NiP were using two
stand-ins for the event, of which one was meant to be Roman ‘RAMZES’ Kushnarev,
but it would seem that something occurred during the team’s scrims and RAMZES
was replaced by Evgenly ‘Blizzy’ Ree.

Although Alliance were also using a stand-in and had recently
welcomed back Gustav ‘s4’ Magnusson to the roster, they did not seem at the
best. While the series went all the way to a third and decisive game three, it
was NiP who came out on top – albeit in a rather chaotic and messy display.

Tomorrow will see the action at ESL One Los Angeles Online
return its focus to Group A with four more amazing series of Dota 2 to watch,
before Tuesday will see Group B getting underway again.

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LEC Spring Split Playoffs: Fnatic marschiert – Misfits fliegt raus – League of Legends

Die erste Runde der Playoffs im Spring Split der LEC ist abgeschlossen – und das erste Team ist raus. Auf der anderen Seite zeigt Rekordmeister Fnatic, warum das Lineup um Rekkles gut drauf ist.

Die erste Überraschung in den LEC Playoffs gab es am Freitag. Da schlugen die MAD Lions Vize-Weltmeister G2 mit 3:2.

Auch im letzten Match des Wochenende gab es eine kleine Überraschung. Rogue, auf Rang 6 gesetzt, schlug mit Misfits das fünftplatzierte Team aus der regulären Saison mit 3:1. Damit müssen sich die Misfits aus dem Split verabschieden, während Rogue eine Runde weiter rückt.

Und dort wartet Origen am Freitag ab 18:00 Uhr. Denn das Lineup musste gegen Rekordmeister Fnatic aufstecken. 1:3 hieß es am Ende aus Sicht der Organisation von Enrique “xPeke” Cedeño Martínez.

Fnatic hingegen bestätigte die Form des Splits und darf nun gegen G2-Bezwinger MAD Lions am Samstag ab 17:00 Uhr im Halbfinale ran. Bei einem Sieg winkt das Finale.

G2 muss bis zum Sonntag um 18:00 Uhr warten. Dann kommt der Gewinner aus der Partie zwischen Rogue und Origen.

Die deutschen Teams Schalke 04 und SK Gaming mussten sich im regulären Split verabschieden und verpassten die Playoffs.

Bildquelle: Riot Games Flickr lolesports

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Valorant’s mechanics & gunplay most resemble classic CS

Fans have been debating for a while which game Riot Games’ Valorant is most similar to, but now that the Valorant showcase on Twitch has finally allowed fans to witness and enjoy unfiltered gameplay, the opinions are starting to solidify. A large number of professionals, such as Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar, expressed the game is more similar to Counter-Strike 1.6 than Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) or Overwatch. In particular, summit stated on stream that the game is similar to CS1.6 in regards to movement and shooting.


  • 1.6summit1g играет в Counter-Strike: Global Offensive4 просмотра0

    CS-inspired gunplay and mechanics

    The gunplay draws significant inspiration from Counter-Strike, as each weapon has a unique spray pattern. Furthermore, recoil stabilization, such as crouching, is also a prominent mechanic in the game. Crosshairs placement matters too because of players clearing and holding angles the same way players would in CS.

    Unlike CS titles, most Valorant weapons feature “aiming down sight” (ADS). In games like Call of Duty, ADS is an integral part of the game. However, ADSing may present a disadvantage in Valorant as players are granted a more straightforward spray pattern but suffer a decreased damage output.

    Summit stated Valorant‘s movement was reminiscent of that in CS. He says players experience a massive movement decrease when taking damage. While taking damage does affect the player’s speed in CSGO, it’s less severe than in its predecessor. Furthermore, both run boosting and boosting aren’t possible in the game. Any players slide off the back of their teammate if they attempt to raise on top.

    During his stream, summit confirmed Valorant developers had implemented air strafing into the game. Despite this, it’s unclear whether players experience an increased movement speed due to air strafing. Additionally, there’s slight disagreement concerning whether or not Riot’s game has counter-strafing. Summit shared he felt the game does have counter-strafing to stop the movement immediately, but ex-professional CSGO player Eric “fl0m” Flom says Valorant does not have counter-strafing. If this is true, that would mean there’s no movement acceleration or deceleration like in CS games. According to a source from a private Valorant Discord, there is a maximum of 10% movement speed increase when “bhopping.”

    Valorant is no Overwatch

    The weekend’s Valorant event has clearly shown the game’s gameplay and mechanics have taken significant influence from legendary CS titles. The only significant similarity between Overwatch and Valorant at this point is that both games have abilities.

    When asked whether he thought Valorant would hurt CS, summit stated on stream, “I don’t know if it’ll hurt it. It’ll take some people.” While Riot developers have taken apparent influence from Valve’s FPS, CS‘s pure gunplay and perfectly designed mechanics are something unique to the franchise. Currently, Valorant‘s design is more similar to CS, but we’ll have to wait and see how the game develops over its lifetime.

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    Registration open for ONE Esports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Invitational Online Country Qualifiers

    ONE Esports has unveiled the Online Country Qualifiers for their upcoming ONE Esports Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Invitational in conjunction with Battefly, the platform on which the qualifiers will be held. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Invitational will feature a prize pool of $150,000 and take place from May 2nd to July 5th, 2020.

    Prize pool breakdown:

    1st – $50,000
    2nd – $25,000
    3rd – $20,000
    4th – $15,000
    5th/6th – $8,000
    7th/8th – $6,000
    9th/10th – $4,000
    11th/12th – $2,000

    The event will be the first of two competitions done through a partnership between ONE Esports and Moonton, the game’s developer.

    “Southeast Asia is at the vanguard of mobile esports, and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has nurtured and grown one of the healthiest esports communities in the world,” said Carlos Alimurung, CEO of ONE Esports. “We will not only provide the community with opportunities to compete against the best Mobile Legends: Bang Bang teams, but also execute a world-class competition series that engages and wows esports fans,”

    A total of 256 teams per country will be the limit for the qualifiers. The teams will battle it out in a best-of-one bracket until the top eight teams are set and it moves to best-of-three series. The finals of each qualifier will be best-of-five.

    Country Qualifier dates:

    • Singapore May 2 – 3
    • Indonesia May 2 – 3
    • Malaysia May 9 – 10
    • The Philippines May 9 – 10
    • Myanmar May 16 – 17
    • Thailand & Laos May 16 – 17

    Those interested in participating can register for the qualifiers here.

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    How will other multiplayer titles try to compete with Valorant?

    There’s no secret that Valorant is one of the most hyped-up multiplayer titles in recent memory. Drawing in millions of concurrent viewers during its gameplay launch, players from all over the world are interested in what Riot Games is developing. After all, the company is behind League of Legends, which has been on top of the PC gaming world for nearly a decade. However, with so many players and viewers flocking to Valorant, where does that leave other multiplayer games?

    The allure of Valorant

    Said to be a mix of Overwatch and CSGO, Valorant is already drawing esports players away from their previous games of choice. Fortnite pros Poach and Jaomock recently announced their decision to compete in Valorant when it releases. The same will likely go for more professionals in Apex Legends, CSGO, etc.

    However, it’s not just the competitive players that are leaving. Many casual players will undoubtedly move over to Riot Games’ FPS when it launches later in 2020. This leaves the other multiplayer titles on the market in a strange, unfamiliar spot.

    It’s not exactly normal for a game like Valorant to have so much hype out of the gate. So, what will developers of other games do to try and keep up with Riot Games? Presumably, new content will be the start for many titles.

    Epic Games and Respawn have a new season coming out soon for Fortnite and Apex Legends, respectfully. This may not be enough on its own to retain the player base that will try their hand at Valorant, though. It’s also likely we can expect some sort of firm commitment from developers to its esports scene in an effort to stop the bleeding of losing professionals.

    However, it seems that developers can’t do too much to stop players from moving over to Valorant. The most companies can do is try to ensure there’s still a reason to come back and play their game along with Riot Games’ shooter.

    How much Valorant will you be playing? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all Valorant news.

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    Team Esper face disciplinary action after allegedly throwing final RLCS game

    Team Esper, playing in the Oceanic league LPL that ties into the RLCS, have allegedly thrown their final game to team Fury. This gave Fury the playoff spot over Renegades, who fell just shy in fifth place. Psyonix has already stated that an investigation has started, while Team Esper posted a message that they have dropped the team. The final game itself can still be found on Twitch.

    Team Esper under investigation

    Team Esper came up against Fury in the final match of the season in the Oceanic league. Here, they lost their own playoff spot after losing game four, and game five would mean one of two things. Win, and Renegades would take fourth place. Lose, and Fury takes it.

    But from the first second, it was evident something fishy was going on with a completely botched kickoff by Team Esper. Even the casters took note of it. As the game went on, Team Esper made more and more noticeable “mistakes”.

    The community quickly caught on as well, calling for investigations and bans, and Psyonix complied. In a statement on the Rocket League Esports subreddit, Psyonix confirmed their investigation. They also said the following:

    “We take the integrity of matches extremely seriously, and any sort of intentional match throwing will not stand in our leagues. […] That being said, we are working on fully understanding the situation and are checking over game logs, getting information from players, and reviewing the gameplay. Once we have a full understanding of what happened, we will communicate our decision.”

    Dropped by the organization

    Whether it was already planned for the end of the season or not, Team Esper quickly released a tweet stating that their Rocket League roster had been let go. They released it so quickly, in fact, that they failed to catch an obvious misspelling of ‘farewell’ in there.

    A huge thanks to our Rocket League players for their hard work this season.

    Our time with them has drawn to a close, and we wish them all the best in the future.

    Hope to return shortly!

    View image on Twitter

    This is a developing story, and what might happen to the league standings remains unclear. Some pros are calling for a ban for the Team Esper players while Fury and Renegades play a tiebreaker to determine the fourth-place finisher. This would have originally led into the RLCS World Championships before the event was canceled.

    Psyonix has a difficult decision ahead of them, so stay tuned for Daily Esports for any updates on the situation.

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    RNG are the ESL One Los Angeles Online China Champions

    The undefeated run in the group stage set Royal Never Give Up for a flawless performance in the ESL One Los Angeles Online playoffs to claim the title of their division.

    RNG proved to be clearly superior in the region when it comes to playing in an online format. They took down the big names of the Chinese region in the group stage, which allowed them to continue the playoffs without having to deal again with the likes of Vici Gaming or PSG.LGD. By securing the top seed in the group play, RNG went straight into the finals, where they took down EHOME to advance into the best-of-five grand finals. EHOME, along with Newbee, were the big surprises of the tournament, both delivering big upsets, but in the end, it was Newbee who managed to reach the finals via lower bracket series.

    However, despite the great run up to the grand finals, Newbee’s line-up faded when pitted against Royal Never Give Up. The series started with a beat down from RNG’s Gao “Setsu” Zhenxiong on Storm Spirit, after he set up a fast tempo game to avoid Newbee’s Phantom Lancer getting to a point where he could dominate the game. The Bloodstone into BKB early item build allowed Setsu to crush all three lanes and seal the deal in under 30 minutes with no death under his name. He kept the same aggressive stance in game two, but on Puck, a hero on which he went for Boots of Travel as first item, followed by Blink – Eul’s for the extra mobility. With a Centaur Warrunner on their side as well, RNG rolled over Newbee and took the lead 2-0.

    Newbee were able to bounce back in the third game of the series, courtesy of a mid lane Alchemist and a carry Dazzle. The duo was simply unkillable and it put RNG in a defensive footing, which led to a terrible game for their carry Slark, as he couldn’t find the early skirmishes to snowball.

    Headed into the fourth game, Newbee adjusted their draft on the fly and tried to counter Setsu’s Templar Assassin in the mid lane with Centaur Warrunner. Their idea didn’t work too well, and although the laning stage was rather quiet with just 4 kills traded on the first 15 minutes, Setsu had free farm and was once again able to run over his adversaries once he got his Desolator completed.

    With the ESL One Los Angeles Online completed for the Chinese teams, the action for them moves to the Chinese DOTA2 Professional Association (CDA), where the open qualifiers winners Sparking Arrow Gaming are writing an underdog story by being at the top of the group stage after three weeks of matches. 

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    Fortnite Champion Series Week 3 Day 1 Results

    The semi-finals results from all regions heading into the final session of the FNCS week three.

    The Fortnite Champion Series for Chapter 2 Season 2 has passed its halfway point. Thus far, we’ve seen some insane plays despite ongoing in-game issues. Each region has seen some leaderboard flips and surprising results through the first two weeks of competition. Week three is no different with a different duos trading first-place from round to round.

    As we approach the week three finals, we’ve already narrowed down several qualifiers to this point. Duos like Tfue and Scoped are rounding into form at the right time, as are many other teams. The time is ticking toward FNCS Heats, and each passing week is more important than the last. Let’s see how the semi-finals shook out across six of the seven regions and take a look at the Middle East results.


    The Russian duo of Kiryache and letw1k3 amassed 120 points over ten matches to claim first in the EU week three semi-finals. Their 78 combined 78 eliminations trounced their competition en route to pure dominance. With two Victory Royales also in their pocket, this duo is seeking their second qualification for heats. Here are the top ten duos from the semi-finals this week.

    Other Notable Teams Inside the Top 50

    • Klusia and Th0masHD
    • G2 Tohaj and Milan
    • WaVe Jannisz and E11 TaySon
    • Veloce Saevid and Scolleh
    • TSM Crue and Chapix
    • GODSENT znappy and GODSENT wakie
    • Grizi 4zr and Solary Kinstaar
    • SRN Hardfind and AstroSMZ
    • Umplify and Matsoe
    • LeStream Skite and LeStream Vato
    • COOLER aqua and Stompy
    • Sy Kyzen and Sy Clement

    NA East

    Twitch superstar and professional player Tfue has 100K viewers as he and duo partner Scoped punched their ticket to the week three finals. After two unsuccessful attempts to reach finals, Tfue and Scoped are ready to dominate. Their semi-finals effort yielded three impressive Victory Royales and 51 eliminations. With a stacked top ten from the NA East, tomorrow will feature some outstanding play. Tfue and Scoped lead the way with a fresh set of six games to play in finals.

    Other Notable Teams Inside the Top 50

    • FaZe Megga and FaZe Dubs
    • ClarityG and 100T Elevate
    • TabzG and Co1azo
    • SEN Zyfa and Avery
    • Liquid Fiber and E11 Agholor
    • MSF Clix and Vanguard Calc
    • Cloud and Thwifo
    • Mikey and grandmateets
    • Captain Knight and Captain Shark
    • TSM Khanada and joey2c

    NA West

    The dominant duo of Rehx and EpikWhale continues to impress after the latter recently switched from mouse and keyboard to a controller. The 68 eliminations is a key figure and a difference-maker for this duo. The former Fortnite World Cup finalist is settling in nicely to his new role as a controller player. If the two should qualify this week, they will have placed in the top twenty in all three weeks thus far. The top twenty tomorrow will secure a spot in NA West heats.

    Other Notable Teams Inside the Top 50

    • Peace and Herrions
    • CLG Symetrical and CLG Leno
    • Bumboy and 4DRStorm
    • Thomuss and wavyjacob
    • Maken and Frapai


    Gooboz and worthy continued their impressive duo play with 124 points in the OCE semi-finals. These two qualified back in week one and are looking to add another qualification this week. As usual, OCE features many of the usual suspects in the top ten as 50 duos battle for a spot in the Oceania FNCS heats.


    Leobas and Clipnode recorded 99 points and three Victory Royales in the Brazil semi-finals of week three. These two already earned a spot in heats and are padding their stats with another impressive performance. Many of the top ten teams are already heading to the finals, and many will begin to separate themselves from the pack.


    Macyfishy and Schnickyfishy produced another outstanding performance in the Asia week three FNCS semis. After qualifying just a week ago, this duo continues to improve. They managed 87 points with 49 eliminations and two Victory Royales. Keep in mind that only the top ten will qualify for heats tomorrow out of Asia.

    Middle East

    The Middle East week three FNCS finals completed with Dexefite and Tooke earning the victory. These two smashed their fellow competitors with 72 points over six matches. Dexefite and Tooke relentlessly pressure their opponents with 33 eliminations, which is ten more than the next highest team inside the top-ten. This victory marks their second qualification for heats after finishing in second place last week. The top ten below will also join them in Middle East heats.

    Stay tuned tomorrow for a full recap of all the duos who qualified for the Fortnite Champion Series Heats later this month!

    Source: Fortnite Tracker

    Featured Image: Epic Games

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    The meme war between SEA teams settles with a charity showmatch between Fnatic and TNC

    Fnatic, TNC Predator, Geek Fam, BOOM Esports and Team Adroit engaged over the past few days in a strange meme war over social media.

    Fnatic were the ones to start it right after they won the SEA competition at ESL One Online. Their post was somewhat mocking TNC  Predator who are the current Dota Pro Circuit ranking leaders, but who failed to qualify for the now cancelled third Major of the season.

    Fnatic after winning ESL One Los Angeles Online:

    TNC were quick to respond:

    From there on, Fnatic engaged the other SEA teams that played in the ESL One Online event and told BOOM Esports that they were watching and cheering for them when they played in the SL_ImbaTV Minor and they also made sure Geek Fam is paying attention to what’s happening before going back to taunt TNC Predator.

    The memes war got rather intense after Fnatic pointed out the Ana move as TNC made fun about Fnatic’s current placement in the DPC rankings and suggested them to talk after they win a Major.

    Fnatic called TNC’s Major victory at MDL Chengdu “a fluke” and to sort out the discussion of who is actually the top team in the region TNC Predator and Fnatic announced a best-of-five showmatch.

    “We hope you enjoyed the banters and memes. Fnatic, TNC and all SEA teams have always been supportive to each other, we represent ONE region after all. But this time, we are banding with TNC to help the efforts against COVID-19. Be safe in your homes, donate, and watch a “why-are-we-banning-Techies” match between SEA’s best rivals,” announced Fnatic.

    The Fnatic vs TNC showmatch will take place on April 18 in Reverse Captain’s Mode. The event will allow the viewers to help the world fight against the coronavirus pandemic by making donations to the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, an initiative by the World Health Organization.

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