Hades, Katana Zero, Death's Door, And More Coming To Netflix Soon

Netflix began building out its gaming efforts slowly before barreling quickly into a library that will soon exceed 80 games. Over the weekend, the subscription streaming service announced another lineup of games, including new releases like Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold and Chicken Run: Eggstraction and titles previously released elsewhere like Hades and more. 

Some of these, like Oxenfree II: Lost Signals and Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold are available right now on Netflix via mobile devices, but others like Hades and Braid: Anniversary Edition are “coming soon.”

Here’s the full lineup of games coming to Netflix via mobile devices either now available or coming to the service soon

  • Hades (iOS exclusive, coming soon) โ€“ Our Review
  • Death’s Door (coming soon) โ€“ Our Review
  • Katana Zero (coming soon) โ€“ Our Review
  • Oxenfree II: Lost Signals (now available) โ€“ Our Review
  • Braid: Anniversary Edition (coming soon) 
  • The Dragon Prince: Xadia (coming soon) 
  • Chicken Run: Eggstraction (coming soon) 
  • Shadow and Bone: Enter the Fold (now available) 
  • Money Heist (coming soon)
  • Slayaway Camp 2: Netflix & Kill (now available)

For more, read about how Supergiant Games is releasing Hades II into Early Access next year and then check out this story about how Braid: Anniversary Edition will turn back the clock next April. After that, read Game Informer’s in-depth feature about Netflix’s big bet on the game industry. 

Are you going to play any of these games via Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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