'Pillow' Mixed Reality App Wants You to Relax in Bed (and even play with a friend) | Road to VR

Pillow is a new mixed reality app for Quest that aims to help you relax right before bedtime, letting you do more than just count sheep.

Created by YouTuber and self-described Mad Scientist Lucas Rizzotto, Pillow comes with four unique experiences to help you unwind before nodding off—all of which are designed to be used laying down in bed. Experiences include:

  • Sky Fishing – fish for user-created voice messages from your ceiling in ponds that change every day
  • Bedtime Stories – craft immersive choose-your-own-adventure stories and play them
  • Stargazing – transform your ceiling into an interactive night sky, allowing you to interact with the stars and learn about them as constellations present interactive soundbaths
  • Meditations – rhythm-based breath-tracked meditations that let users transform their reality as they create worlds with their breath

Pillow also packs in a multiplayer mode that connects two players vertically, which sounds particularly useful for long-distance relationships, or anyone looking to hang out with someone in a new and interesting way.

You may remember Rizzotto from a number of crazy XR projects over the years, including a working marauder’s map from Harry Potter, a futuristic MR portal that connected to his friend during quarantine, and a sort of virtual memory palace that works like a real-life time machine.

You can find Pillow now available on Quest 2 and Quest 3, priced at $10.

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