Payday 3 review: A lack of content and wobbly online means this heist fails

The third installment in this online bank heist series isn’t what gamers hoped it would be.

For a title that’s all about internet play, its launch connection is all over the place on PS5.

And the service is lacking in content depth and consistency, which immediately turns you off what could be a very good game.

This first-person shooter centres around a notorious criminal gang who, in past games, carried out daring heists across America.

For game number three, they’re back from hiatus for a string of new raids after characters Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains are forced out of retirement by old enemies.

You start with a simple offline tutorial session, showing you how to shoot things, blow things up and generally get about the game.

It will all look very familiar to Rainbow Six players and bares more than a passing resemblance to Call of Duty too.

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The graphics are okay, but feel more bog-standard PC than next-generation console.

And the controls are as expected, just like all shooter games. No surprises.

Makers Starbreeze have delivered eight online New York based missions to enjoy, and they’re creative and fun jaunts like bank robberies, a high art theft challenge and a jewellery store.

But that’s not enough material to really play with over a long period of time and it limits the amount of enjoyment you’ll get from the game.

More heists are coming as downloadable content, and once they drop it’ll feel far meatier. But right now it’s lacking.

The gameplay itself is quite good.

You’ll find yourself often at the start trying to deftly and covertly infiltrate the chosen ‘mark’, nabbing key entry cards and hacking CCTV and laser grids under stealth and then trying to get away with the loot.

But all too often your clown-masked baddies get into a jam and end up facing off with the police in an intense firefight.

This is where Payday 3 is at its best and with four-player online gangs working together to defeat the AI cops, it generally works well.

If you’re clever enough you can even complete heists without even putting on your mask, Ocean’s eleven


There’s a fair bit of customisation, with 11 Primary Weapons and six Secondary Weapons on offer as well as skill trees to unlock. You can also customise your villain’s mask, suits and gloves.

There’s a good game dying to get out here.

But with a lack of content and wobbly online connectivity it’s not currently where it needs to be.

Hopefully with heist updates and stability fixes Payday 3 will eventually shine.


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