Warzone Season 1 patch notes – Call of Duty update adds new map, weapons, more

Activision has released patch notes for the new Call of Duty Warzone update. Ushering in the start of Season 1, the new update adds a brand new map to Call of Duty Warzone. As you can see from the Call of Duty Warzone update patch notes below, Urzikstan combines dense urban battlegrounds with open rural areas and plenty inbetween. Players can explore the map using the train, which is Warzone’s first mobile point of interest. New perks include Shrouded, Flex and Resolute, while new weapons include the SVA 545 from Modern Warfare 3. You can see a selection of Call of Duty Warzone Season 1 patch notes below.

Call of Duty Warzone Season 1 update patch notes

Urzikstan New Large Map

 – Positioned in Western Asia, nestled on the eastern border of the Black Sea and bordering Al Mazrah, Urzikstan is steeped in rich, turbulent history and only recently emerged from the oppressive rule of dictator Roman Barkov.

 – Our map design acknowledges this history, weaving it into the landscape that now faces the looming threats from the Allegiance and the ultranationalist forces led by Viktor Zakhaev.

Drivable Train New Mobile Point of Interest

 – Take control of Warzone’s first controllable mobile POI, Urzikstan’s new drivable train, complete with forward and backward engine controls, a horn, and a handbrake in the caboose (rear carriage) for tactical braking.

Ziplines New Traversal Mechanic

 – In addition to the vertical ascenders, expect ziplines to allow rapid horizontal navigation across Urzikstan. Look for ziplines across the map, often allowing faster travel across otherwise more challenging topography, like water or tall structures.

Gulag New Map

 – This brand new 1v1 Gulag named “Silo” is characterised by its stark, symmetrical layout that lends to both striking visuals and balanced engagements.

 – This symmetry not only enhances player immersion but ensures equal opportunities for both contestants to redeploy to the field.

 – This new arena is also rich in loot, strategically placed to encourage exploration and adding an additional layer of resource management and strategy.

New Weapons

Assault Rifles

• SVA 545

 – This weapon system fires the first two rounds nearly at the same time, making this an incredibly lethal weapon in careful hands.

• MTZ-556

 – Boasting an exceptional fire rate for a 5.56 weapon, this close-quarters assault rifle excels at close and mid-range.

• Holger 556

 – Chambered in 5.56, this AR offers exceptional range and reliability for most engagements.


 – This remarkably adaptable assault rifle features phenomenal recoil control and versatility from a lightweight frame chambered in 5.56.

• DG-56

 – With excellent recoil control and three-round burst fire, this bullpup AR dominates at mid- to long range.

• FR 5.56

 – A three round burst bullpup AR. A well-placed burst can be extremely deadly at intermittent ranges.

New Perks

• Shrouded

 – Automatically drops a Smoke Grenade when entering the downed state.

• Flex

 – Delay triggered explosives while sprinting, warns of nearby enemy equipment, and reduces combat noise.

 – Due to a known issue, this Perk currently appears as “Faculty” in the menu.

• Resolute

 – When taking damage from gunfire, it grants a short bonus to movement speed.

 – When shooting at an enemy with Resolute equipped, players will see a small icon to indicate that the player has Resolute.

• Stalker

 – Increased strafe and aim down sight movement speed.

• Payout

 – Contracts pay out more in cash and the cost of UAV Towers is discounted.

• Escapist

 – Increased downed, prone, and crouch speed.

• Primed

 – Accuracy and time to aim down sight is improved while jumping.

• Irradiated

 – While under the effects of the gas circle you move faster and take reduced gas damage.

• Shrapnel

 – Explosive damage delays enemy health regeneration, slows enemy movement, and briefly disables tactical sprint.

• Mountaineer

 – Reduces fall damage.

• Mechanic

 – Reduced vehicle repair time, increased fuelling speed, and reduced fuel consumption while driving non-aircraft vehicles.

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General Adjustments

• Backup Pistol Quality of Life

 – When you don’t have a handgun equipped in your loadout you’ll unholster a base attachment COR-45 while performing the following actions:

  – Ledge hanging

  – Climbing a ladder

  – Swimming underwater

 – If you do have a handgun or melee weapon equipped, you’ll use that instead.

• Locational Damage Modifiers

 – Locational damage multipliers have been flattened to provide a more consistent time to kill.

 – Headshot multipliers are broadly decreased and arms now match the torso.

• Sniper Damage

 – KATT AMR will one shot to the head at any distance.

• Riot Shield

 – The Riot shield slows movement when it is equipped as the player’s Secondary and is on their back.

New Features

• Classic Red Dots

 – Firing unsuppressed weapons causes Operators to momentarily appear as a red dot on the minimap.

• Reload Cancel / Segmented Reloads

 – You can now reload cancel if there are bullets in the magazine.

 – When performing an empty reload it will utilise reload checkpoints to give the best of both worlds.

• Improved Water Combat

 – Alongside the dedicated Backup Pistol, improvements have been made to water visibility such that it is now easier to see targets both when in and out of the water.

New Movement

• Tactical Stance

 – A weapon stance that can be Toggled into, grants faster mobility at the cost of accuracy.

Adjusted Movement

• Jump Changes

 – Jump higher, faster and jump ADS quicker. Reduced the slow-down when landing from the first jump and reduced the sprint-out delay after jumping.

• Slide Cancel

 – Players can cancel a slide by jumping, sprinting or crouching again. Does not reset tactical sprint and briefly pauses stamina regeneration.

• Slide Distance

 – The distance that Players travel while sliding is now impacted by the incline of the surface.

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