The Biggest Modern Warfare III News From Today's Call Of Duty Next Livestream

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III is the latest installment in the massively popular first-person shooter, and today’s COD Next livestream was chock-full of details about the new multiplayer modes, zombies, and warzone. Whether you didn’t have time to check in for the hours-long event or you just want a recap on everything that was announced, we’ve gathered all the major announcements right here. These are all the biggest Call of Duty Modern Warfare III announcements from the COD Next Showcase.


The feature that put Call of Duty on the map is back and bigger than ever. The game will feature sixteen maps from 2009’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, which will now be compatible with newer game modes, like Hardpoint and Kill Confirmed. Additionally, large-scale maps will be added to accommodate Ground War modes, which allow you to play with more players in wider areas.

Perks have been reworked into gear items. Equip gloves to adjust reload speed or scavenge items from enemies, equip boots to reduce fall damage or increase movement speed, and equip gear to reduce damage from explosions or resist flash grenades. While your weapons will be imported from Modern Warfare II, Modern Warfare III allows you to “completely remix a weapon’s functionality” with Aftermarket Parts, which makes the gunsmith mechanics “more personalized than ever.” These parts are only unlocked after maxing out a weapon’s level and completing a specific challenge. You can read more about that specific feature on the Call of Duty blog. 

Some features are even returning from pre-Modern Warfare II days, like map-voting, the classic red-dot minimap, and a health boost up to 150. Players will live longer and have more information to work with. There’s also a new way to shoot with Tac-Stance. Slightly more precise than hipfire, but with more spread than ADS, it’s a great option for players that like to more play aggressively. They’ve also made quality-of-life improvements to increase mantle and slide speeds, while also adding new animations for canceling slides and reloads.

Finally, Modern Warfare III is introducing an all-new mode: Cutthroat. This intense, close-quarters mode will pit three teams of three head-to-head as they fight to come out on top. It allows “custom Loadouts, a moving flag, and 3-way firefights.”


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Modern Warfare III also marks the return of Zombies, a fan-favorite mode that originated fifteen years ago. This time, Zombies is going open-world with the largest map yet, complete with vehicles. When you load into a Zombies game, you’ll be a part of one of several squads, and it’s up to you whether or not you want to collaborate with them. Over time, you’ll also have to avoid the Aether Storm, which will slowly consume the map – and you alongside it.

This iteration is also built with long-term replayability in mind, allowing you to gain blueprints and weapons that increase your survivability in later games. If you want, you can store weapons for later, meaning you can start your next game out with your favorite assault rifle or the iconic ray gun. Blueprints also allow you to start with upgrades, like the life-extending Juggernog.

This version of the map also holds more than just zombies, so prepare to fight mercenaries hired by the game’s main antagonist. If you survive long enough, you might even come face to face with “one of the biggest Zombies creatures to ever appear in the mode” and learn the truth about Operation Deadbolt, your reason for braving this apocalypse.


Arguably, the biggest announcement of the day is Urzikstan, Warzone’s newest map. Described on the Call of Duty blog as “the Middle East meets Eastern Europe,” Urzikstan will launch with Warzone’s newest season in December. The map boasts eleven points of interest, which you can see listed below.

  • Levin Resort
  • Popov Power
  • Zaravan City
  • Shahin Manor
  • Low Town
  • Orlov Military Base
  • Hadiqa Farms
  • Zaravan Suburbs
  • Old Town
  • Seaport District
  • Urzikstan Cargo

The new Warzone will also introduce horizontal ziplines (to complement the existing vertical ones) and a driveable train, which can be started, stopped, and reversed at a player’s command. There are Warzone-specific perks too, like Shrouded, which drops a smoke grenade when you’re downed, and Resolute, which increases your movement speed when you get hit.

The Warzone update comes with quality-of-life improvements. Gas masks are automatically equipped when you pick them up, contracts are easier to find, and players automatically equip a sidearm pistol when swimming and climbing ladders. Additionally, character movement has been smoothed out and generally sped up. You can cancel slides by jumping or crouching, and you can shoot while sliding, either in ADS or Tac-Stance. And just like multiplayer, players will start with a base health of 150.

For more details, you can check out the official Call of Duty blog page to see their full recap of the day. If you’re interested in Modern Warfare III, you can play the open beta this weekend on PlayStation and the following weekend for Xbox and PC as well. The full game launches on November 10.

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