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Super Mario Bros. Wonder is out now (read our review here), and while the most time we spent in the game was playing through the stages, collecting all the Flower Coins and Wonder Flowers en route to 100 percenting the latest 2D platformer, there was another recurring stage type that had us stumped for the longest time. Search Party levels only happen a few times throughout the Super Mario Bros. Wonder story, but they tripped us up on a couple of occasions.

Search Party courses drop you into an open, nonlinear level and task you with finding five Wonder Tokens in order to complete the stage and obtain its Wonder Seed. These can range from incredibly easy to rather bewildering, so if you find yourself stuck in a Search Party level, check out our guide below! Obviously, as this guide is based on telling you how to complete these four courses, be warned of spoilers.

How To Complete Every Super Mario Bros. Wonder Search Party Level

Search Party: Puzzling Park | Fluff-Puff Peaks

  1. On the bridge, right after you leave the starting area, there are invisible blocks only visible to Nabbit and Peach. Jump up in the center of the bridge to reveal Wonder Token 1.
  2. In the area with the yellow pipes, go to the leftmost pipe (the one that stands alone), and push it to the right until it’s roughly centered between the steps and the short yellow pipe to its right. There’s an invisible block only Yellow Toad can see. Jump up to hit it and get Wonder Token 2.
  3. Go up the pipe the Super Mushrooms are coming out of in the beginning to transfer to the background for Wonder Token 3.
  4. Go down to the area with the yellow pipes, then fall in the gap to the right to reach Wonder Token 2.
  5. Where the three brown platforms stick out of the walls, there’s an invisible block only Luigi can see all the way to the right of the top platform. Go on the lowest of the three platforms, go all the way right until you’re up against the wall, then jump to hit the invisible block and reveal a vine that takes you to the final Wonder Token.

Search Party: An Empty Park? | Shining Falls

  1. Shortly after you enter the main area, jump up to reveal a hidden block. The first hidden block will provide Wonder Token 1, while the others will let you create platforms to get it.
  2. Right above Wonder Token 1 is an invisible block for Wonder Token 2. Hit it and hit the invisible block beneath it to be able to grab it.
  3. After finding the two moving platforms through invisible blocks, climb up the right side to reveal Wonder Token 3. From there, you need to find the invisible block over the horizontally moving platform to spawn a line of clouds and a Downpour Cloud that lets you swim to the Token.
  4. On top of the Downpour cloud are more invisible blocks. Hit them to spawn Wonder Token 4, another set of clouds, and another Downpour Cloud on the right side.
  5. Within the second Downpour Cloud is another invisible block. Hit it to spawn the third Downpoud Cloud. Wait until this final Downpour Cloud goes all the way left, then swim up the left side to hit the final invisible block of the level for Wonder Token 5.

Search Party: Pipe Park | Sunbaked Desert

  1. Climb up to the upper area and go to the left side. Push the middle yellow pipe all the way left and use the extra height to jump over the yellow pipe on the hill above you to find a secret area with Wonder Token 1.
  2. Go into the sixth bottom yellow pipe in the first area. This will take you underground, where you’ll see the Wonder Token in the foreground. drop down into the middle, then go left against the blue-bordered block to enter a hidden pipe to get Wonder Token 2.
  3. Climb to the upper area and go to the right side. Stand on the third yellow pipe to lower it down and create a makeshift set of stairs with the first and second pipes. Quickly jump up those and to the previously unseen area above to reach Wonder Token 4.
  4. On the right side collection of pipes, go into the final bottom yellow pipe to get to the area with the handle. You can try pulling the handle, but there isn’t enough space to fully dislodge Wonder Token 4. Just above the handle is an invisible block only Blue Toad can see. Hit that, and then above that (and slightly to the left) is another Blue Toad invisible block. Grab the handle and jump on the second block to free Wonder Token 4.
  5. In the upper right side with all the pipes, go into the second-to-last pipe (the last of the shorter ones). Once you’re in the confined area surrounded by pipes, push the tall pipe on the right further right to reach Wonder Token 5.

Search Party: Item Park | Deep Magma Bog

  1. Break through the first wall with the Elephant Fruit power-up, then go past the first Wonder Token to the Spike Ball. Grab the Drill Mushroom and climb up to the upper center area. On the left set of question-mark blocks, jump off the ones stacked two high to reveal an invisible set of blocks. Use the Drill Mushroom to burrow into the ceiling and go left for Wonder Token 1.
  2. Use the Elephant trunk swing to push the Spike Ball left and up the hill and through the wall to Wonder Token 2.
  3. Climb up to the upper center part of the main area and use the Elephant trunk swing on the right set of question-mark blocks to reveal an invisible Toadette block that spawns a vine up to Wonder Token 4.
  4. Climb up the right side of the main area and use the Bubble Flower to defeat the three Cheep Cheeps to reveal Wonder Token 4.
  5. On the right side, with the moving platforms, use the Drill Mushroom to burrow into the middle moving platform. Once the platform is up against the right wall, burrow right to enter a hidden area with Wonder Token 5.

Did any of these Search Party courses stump you? Be sure to check out our other Super Mario Bros. Wonder content for more on the latest 2D platformer from Nintendo! If you’re searching for all the Wonder Seeds and Flower Coins, you can also check out our complete guide for those right here.

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