Saints Row Developer Volition Games Has Been Shut Down

Update, 9/1/23:

Yesterday, Volition Games, the studio behind the Saints Row and Red Faction franchises, announced it was shutting down, effective immediately. Today, it released a new statement discussing its 30-year history, and thanking the talent that has come through its doors across three decades and its community of fans. 

You can read the statement in full below:

Volition’s demise comes after the company celebrated its 30th anniversary as a studio in June. Beginning with the Descent series (released under Voliton’s original name, Parallax Software) and releasing cult favorites such as Summoner, it found major success with the Red Faction franchise during the 2000s, peaking with the well-received Red Faction: Guerilla in 2009. Volition would kick off the Xbox 360 generation with the release of Saints Row, a GTA-inspired series that would steadily gain popularity and a unique identity before reaching its zenith with the critically acclaimed Saints Row: The Third in 2011. 

However, following the release of Saints Row IV in 2013, the studio entered a rough patch. It took a swing with a new IP in the tepidly received Agents of Mayhem in 2017, which garnered disappointing sales. Its final game, 2022’s Saints Row reboot, also received a mixed reaction from fans and underperformed in sales to the point that Embracer transferred the studio to Gearbox. With the studio’s closure, it’s unclear what will become of Saints Row, Red Faction, and the other franchises under its umbrella.

While the last few years weren’t kind of Volition, there’s no denying the positive impact its games and series had on the industry. What’s your favorite Volition game? Share your memories in the comments below.

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