Revolution 5 Pro PlayStation 5 controller review – Solves one BIG DualSense flaw

The DualSense controller is one of the highlights of the PlayStation 5 experience, featuring unrivalled haptic feedback and innovative adaptive triggers that create a fantastic sense of immersion. Sadly, Nacon’s brand new Revolution 5 Pro controller doesn’t contain these features, which makes it difficult to wholeheartedly recommend to PS5 users. It does, however, fix one major DualSense flaw, while also giving multiplayer fans a big advantage in online battles.

More closely resembling the Xbox Elite controller, the Revolution 5 Pro is a premium feeling game pad available in both black and white.

While it’s not as sleek as the Xbox Elite controller, and a little busier than the DualSense gamepad, the Revolution 5 Pro is a stylish peripheral that’s among the better looking third-party products.

The all-black version gets my vote as the snazzier of the two, although the white version goes better with your original DualSense.

More importantly, the ergonomic controller is nicely weighted and extremely comfortable, thanks in no large part to the textured grips that wrap around the pad.

Speaking of how it feels, the Revolution 5 Pro comes with additional weights to make it heavier by up to 32g, not to mention swappable sticks (concave and convex) and d-pads.

Indeed, the extensive customisation is the Revolution 5 Pro’s biggest selling point, especially when you factor in the ability to set profiles for different genres and games.

I especially like the Elite-style d-pad, which is far better suited for performing special moves in Street Fighter 6 compared to the default DualSense d-pad.

Likewise, the asymmetrical stick layout, trigger locks and programmable back buttons offer certain advantages in online shooters.

• Revolution 5 Pro controller

• Storage Case

• Accessory Storage Box

• 2 x D-pads

• Metal Joystick Rings

• 6 x Weights

• 6 x Joystick Heads

• 3m USB-C Cable

• USB Dongle

• Quick Start Guide

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Arguably best of all, however, is the magnetic Hall effect technology designed to completely eliminate stick drift.

With the PS5 DualSense controllers particularly prone to stick drift, the use of Hall sensors is a major tick in the win column for the Revolution 5 Pro, and one of the best reasons to buy it.

Other neat features like a battery indicator and volume controls for your headset and microphone make it perfect for competitive gaming.

Unfortunately, however, it’s not all good news. The lack adaptive trigger buttons and DualSense-style haptics means that it will never truly replace your original Sony gamepad.

Featuring countless customisation options, the Revolution 5 Pro PlayStation 5 controller is designed for pro gamers.

The buttons on the back are also a little too easy to accidentally press, and you’ll need to plug a dongle into the PS5 in order to use it wirelessly. This wasn’t an issue for me personally, but it’s worth thinking about if you already use your console’s ports for something else.

Despite one or two issues, the Revolution 5 Pro controller is premium feeling, feature-heavy game pad for wannabe eSports professionals.

Lacking one or two of the features that makes the original DualSense so unique and innovative, the Revolution 5 Pro won’t necessarily replace your pack-in game pad, unless you’re training for the pro leagues.

Indeed, if you mainly play multiplayer shooters and fighting games, then the Revolution 5 Pro controller is a fantastic choice for improving your game. 


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