PlayStation Portal: where to buy, stock updates and best price


  • PlayStation Portal: which retailers have stock?
  • Where can you get the best price for the PlayStation Portal?
  • The PlayStation Portal is here and if you’re looking for stock updates, price information and where to buy – we have all the information you need to know.

    Sony released the PlayStation Portal on Wednesday, November 15 worldwide and the handheld device was soon snapped up by gamers everywhere.

    The new device has been created to allow you to play games such as God of War, Baldur’s Gate 3, EA Sports FC 24, Horizon Forbidden West and Spider-Man 2 around the house without needing to take up an additional screen.

    By using your WiFi, you can stream games from your PS5 to the PlayStation Portal remotly – meaning you can enjoy your games from the comfort of your own bed. 

    If you have been wondering where you can buy the PS Portal and which stores have stock, we have made a rundown of everything you need to know about the device and how to buy it. 

    Meanwhile, you can find out more about the best PS5 deals if you have been considering getting a new console.

    The PlayStation Portal allows you to feel the power of PlayStation in the Palm of Your Hand.

    Play your PS5 console over your home Wi-Fi with console quality controls and experience the incredible immersion of DualSense wireless controller features such as haptic feedback and adaptive triggers in supported games.

    PlayStation Portal: which retailers have stock?

    The PlayStation Portal stock situation has looked slightly dire on release day with most retailers like Argos, GAME, Smyth’s Toys and other places selling out fast.

    As Christmas approaches, there have been people eagerly trying to get their hands on the console in order to try and get it. If you have been trying to find it, your best bet right now is from eBay – but the catch is you’ll be paying a heavy premium.

    That’s because all of the site’s preorders have sold out and at the time of writing, no retailer has them in stock and Sony has yet to provide and update as to when more stock will come back.

    But the best thing to do is keep an eye on these retailers just in case they do happen to come back into stock:

    • Argos
    • GAME
    • EE Store
    • Amazon

    Argos and GAME are worth checking as you can also buy from local stores which may have stock you can collect instead of having them delivered to keep an eye out.

    Where can you get the best price for the PlayStation Portal?

    At the time of writing, the PlayStation Portal has just released so you’ll struggle to get any real deals or discounts on the product.

    However, some retailers are offering cashback through sites such as TopCashback which means you’ll be able to claim back some money on the device.

    Retailers like GAME and Argos do offer small discounts through TopCashback which will definitely help you save money if you do want to watch the pennies.

    If there are any deals or price changes, we will let you know as soon as we find any. 

    Due to the lack of stock from retailers like GAME and Argos, you might have to resort buying the PlayStation Portal from eBay.

    You’ll be forced to pay a higher price but you’ll get the product in your hand before Christmas (hopefully!)

    Argos has been stocking the PS Portal and it’s important to check local stores to see if you can get the device.

    Argos also may restock the device for delivery so it is worth keeping an eye on it.

    GAME has the PS Portal for sale but it is currently out of stock.

    However, you can check local GAME stores to see whether or not you can get the device at your local store.


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