PlayStation 5 is so big, you might need entirely new furniture

Sony PlayStation finally unveiled the new PS5 console last week. Or we should say, Sony PlayStation unveiled the TWO new PS5 consoles last week.

But whilst the immediate responses we're largely a mix of people praising the unique design and those laughing at decreeing it looked like a Virgin Media broadband router, the one thing everyone overlooked, was the size.

We admit, in the aftermath of the reveal, size was the last thing on our minds.

In fairness this was off the back of livestream with copious amounts of PS5 Trailer reveals as well.

But needless to say, asking 'how big is the PS5? was not top of our immediate thoughts. Although on reflection, it really should have been.

For the time being, PlayStation have not shared any official dimensions for this new console.

Although it is obvious from one look that the digital edition is slightly thinner given its lack of a 4K Blu-ray disc drive.

So until Sony gives some official details or shares a picture of the machine stood next to something else, its impossible to say for 100% how big the console is.

However, that hasn't stopped internet seleaths from giving it a go and based on early indications, the PS5 is an absolute chonk.

The biggest of big boys. So big it might mean buying entirely new furniture and no we're not even joking.

The image above, which was created by Reddit user u/GREBO7, shows an estimate of how big the PS5 is in comparison to a variety of Xbox and PlayStation consoles.

This includes the PS4, PS4 Pro, PS3 and PS3 Slim. Likewise, we see it compared to the Xbox Series X, Xbox One X, Xbox One (original) and the Xbox 360 and slim.

Are you can see, PS5 towers above all and a ResetEra thread estimating it at over 14 inches in height.

Even the digital edition appears to be massive, despite obviously being that little bit thinner.

Worrying, especially when you cast your mind back and recall precisely how beastly the PS3 and original Xbox used to be.

If you're wondering how people have arrived at these (seemingly believable estimates) it's all done via looking at the consoles USB-A ports and disc drives.

These two features are a standard size. A USB-A port and disc drive slot is the same across any device so it's easy to then scale up and work out where the PS5 sits on the height chart.

As I write this, I'm looking at my own TV stand. A makeshift Ikea Kallax shelving unit converted to include two shelves. in the top two cubby holes. One for my PlayStation, one for my Xbox.

My PS4 Pro is sitting snugly in one shelf with only a tiny gap either side and the Xbox One S on the opposite shelf also fits similarly with a small gap. But there's almost zero margins for error and with these shelves, there's certainly no room for anything larger.

In my case, and possibly plenty more people around the world, the PS5 (and Xbox Series X for balance) will both be two ginormous consoles that simply won't fit my existing setup or furniture.

Buying the consoles this Christmas. That'll be the easy part. Finding a home for them once you get them out the box. That'll be the tricky part.

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