Nintendo Direct September 2023 leaks – Donkey Kong, F-Zero and Switch 2

It looks like the final Nintendo Direct conference of 2023 could take place later this week. Rumours of an imminent Nintendo Direct conference emerged last week, as a prominent Nintendo leaker NateTheHate2 told fans to expect a conference “soon-ish”. It’s believed the September Nintendo Direct will take place within the next few days, either on September 13 or September 14. If the latest reports are to be believed, Nintendo plans to bring back a fan favourite franchise from the past.

According to insider Pyoro, Nintendo could use the next Direct conference to announce a new F-Zero game.

The F-Zero franchise has been dormant on consoles since the release of F-Zero GX on the Gamecube.

Pyoro hinted at the return of F-Zero in a recent tweet: “Letโ€™s just say fans of a certain MATLAB function will be happy with the upcoming Direct.”

Pyoro is believed to be referring to MATLAB’s fzero function in the tweet, which has fuelled speculation that the futuristic racer will return.

Pyoro also tweeted a GIF featuring Donkey Kong from the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Does this mean a new Donkey Kong game is in the works?

Elsewhere, fans are hoping Nintendo will finally bring The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD to Switch, as well as Twilight Princess HD.

The Nintendo Direct is also likely to feature gameplay footage from the upcoming Super Mario RPG remake, Super Mario Bros. Wonder and the next WarioWare game.

That’s on top of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet DLC, the first part of which launches later this week.

There’s also a slim chance we could get our first look at the Nintendo Switch 2 console.

The console is said to launch in late 2024 with a $399 price tag. The Switch successor will reportedly sport an LCD screen, and come with 12GB of RAM.

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