Baldur’s Gate 3 update 3 patch notes – Magic Mirror, Mac support and PS5 pad

So big it had to be delayed, Baldur’s Gate 3 patch 3 has finally gone live on PlayStation 5 and Steam. As you can see from the patch notes below, the new Baldur’s Gate 3 update introduces the Magic Mirror item, which gives players the ability to change their character’s appearance within the game. This includes appearance, voice, pronouns and nether region, but not race and body type. The new update also adds support for Baldur’s Gate 3 on Mac, which means Apple users can finally start exploring the mesmerising world of D&D. Elsewhere, developer Larian has made the colours on the PS5 controller more closely match elemental damage types. Needless to say, there are also a ton of bug fixes and performance improvements, not to mention balance changes and gameplay tweaks. It’s a big update, so without further ado, check out the Baldur’s Gate 3 update 3 patch notes below.


• Baldur’s Gate 3 is now fully supported on Mac!

• A Magic Mirror that lets you change your appearance is now available at camp!


• Cazador now cannot turn into or remain in his Mist Form if in magical sunlight, such as that created by the Daylight spell.

• Fixed Ansur’s Stormheart Nova blasting right through the ice shields you can hide behind.

• Grym suddenly got eerily smart and was avoiding the Crucible in the Adamantine Forge. With a nervous laugh, we dumbed him back down a little.

• Fixed Level 4 or higher Divine Smite allowing you to add Divine Smite as a reaction, allowing for two Divine Smites in 1 attack.

• Fixed the Divine Smite damage increasing over the cap of 5d8.

• Made several improvements to the Poltergeist enemy: they are now revealed on being attacked or hit with Radiant Spirit Guardians; they will not turn Invisible again if they are still in a character’s See Invisibility aura; in Balanced and Explorer Mode, they have disadvantage on Dexterity Saving Throws when Invisible; the range of their attacks has been reduced; and they won’t try to keep distance from the player in combat so that they are easier to find.

• Fixed the Sneak Attack damage bonus not increasing to 6d6 at Level 11.

• Fixed a case where multiple Smokepowder Arrows could be used for free while the Extra Attack feature was active.


• The colours on the PS5 controller will now match elemental damage types more closely.


• Improved performance in the Lower City. More to come!


• Made dye colours more intense and more visible on some armours. This will only affect newly dyed items.

• Dragonborn characters can now select any of the barbarian piercings.

• Fixed Shadowheart going blonde when equipping a hat.

• Improved the reflection in the Spectator’s eye in the Underdark.

• Fixed face tattoos disappearing when zooming out.


• The following spells will now correctly break the Sanctuary condition: Call Lightning, Evard’s Black Tentacles, Polymorph, Hunger of Hadar, Fear, Ice Storm, Flesh to Stone, Divine Intervention, Hypnotic Pattern, Slow, Stinking Cloud, Banishment, Glyph of Warding.

• Level Up will now queue all characters who can be levelled up so you don’t have to click on them individually.

• Fixed some corpses never showing the ‘(empty)’ tag after you loot them.

• Fixed not being able to use some reactions while in disguise.

• Cazador’s staff, Woe, now correctly unlocks the Blight spell when equipped.

• Fixed several magic items and Volo’s Ersatz Eye losing their power after you are killed and revived.

• Fixed the Spell Sniper feat not working on attack spells.

• The Spell Sniper feat will now correctly reduce the Critical Hit threshold by 1.

• Fixed the Idol of Silvanus buff disappearing after Long Rest.

• NPCs will no longer run away from anything but the Dark Urge Slayer form to improve interactivity and flow.

• Mummies raised through Create Undead can now Jump to follow you around better.

• The Everburn Blade now correctly sets explosive surfaces and explosive objects alight when hit.

• The Misty Escape feat will no longer break concentration.

• Reading shop signs will no longer be considered a crime.

• The Cutting Words reaction is now set to Ask by default.

• Summoned zombies and skeletons will no longer be able to pick up loot and disappear with it when dismissed.

• The Azer summon’s Overheat ability is now available on its hotbar when summoned.

• The Nimblefinger Gloves now correctly apply their Dexterity bonus to gnomes, halflings, and dwarves.

• Fixed an Animate Dead exploit allowing you to summon 2 skeletons from the same corpse.

• Optimised how the game handles object selection on controller.

• Fixed Sovereign Spaw being able to resurrect hirelings with Animating Spores. We taught him to not use this on player characters anymore.

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• Your selected trade mode (trade or barter) is now saved to your player profile.

• Added an option to the Default Online Settings to let you automatically listen in when another party member enters a dialogue in multiplayer.

• Clarified whether something is a Resistance, a Vulnerability, or an Immunity in the Examine window.

• Added a notification for when another player in your party is trading.

• Fixed spells being interrupted by climbing, allowing you to attack twice after climbing down from a crate.

• Updated the Character Sheet on controller to place active Conditions above the list of Notable Features.

Level Design

• Fixed some small holes in Act I that weren’t letting tiny characters through them.


• Added a dialogue option to the first in-person dialogue with the Dream Visitor to avoid only having two antagonistic choices.

• Rewrote some spell and action descriptions that were too vague.


• Fixed Raphael’s boss fight music sometimes being incomplete or missing.

• Fixed some VO not playing in dialogues on PS5 split-screen.

• Fixed audio cutting out with 3D Audio enabled on PS5.

• Optimised audio in merged split-screen cinematics.


• Improved contact when petting Ketheric’s good girl, Squire.

• Added some lovely blood spurts when Volo carries out his expert operation.

• Fixed Wyll’s horns clipping into Karlach’s face during an Act II romance scene.

• Fixed missing music on the Wyll path of Karlach’s endgame scene in Avernus.

• Placed a nice purple picnic blanket in a romantic scene with Gale and fixed a camera spin if you choose to prefer to spend your time with him on a bed.

• Fixed Shadowheart looking like she’s either in pain or about to sneeze in the background of a dialogue with Thulla.

• Added some missing Boo squeaks.

• Reworked the intro of the scene when you approach the altar at the Temple of Bhaal and fixed some bugs.

• Updated cameras, facial expressions and head directions to better suit the tone in dialogue with Shadowheart.

• Fixed some pops and camera issues when you start dating Lae’zel, including Lae’zel’s body flying elsewhere and then back again mid-dialogue.

• Boo will now be framed in the shot as intended when you talk to Jaheira after recruiting Minsc.

• Fixed Scratch floating in the air while you pet him by the posthouse in Rivington.

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