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I understand you might have reservations, but let me clarify something upfront.

How can a sex toy be an appropriate present, you wonder? You might be concerned that your partner will find it strange, view it as a joke in bad taste, or even interpret it as a sign of dissatisfaction in the bedroom.

While there’s a grain of truth in those concerns, it’s important to establish some guidelines: unless your partner is incredibly close to you and both of you are open to this level of intimacy, then yes, a sex toy might not be the right choice. Please, exercise discretion and sensitivity.

A sex toy can be a thoughtful and exciting gift for your significant other, and here’s why:

1. Sex toys bring a whole new dimension to your sex life

I’m not implying that your sex life is dull, but it’s fair to say that introducing something new can add excitement, right? So, why not surprise your partner with a little sex toy as a gift (and just to be clear, I’m not suggesting placing it under the Christmas tree for all to see โ€“ give it to him in private).

Choose something that aligns with his interests. If your partner has expressed curiosity about spanking, consider giving him a new whip or paddle. If he’s intrigued by vibrator, opt for a discreet vibrator like the Rose Toy Vibrator by INYAROSE, which is not only waterproof but can also be used for vaginal and clitoral stimulation. Is he a tech enthusiast? A WiFi-controlled vibrator could be a perfect choice for you.

2. Sex Toys Provide Ongoing Pleasure

By gifting him a sex toy, you’re offering the joy of multiple orgasms, time and time again. Do I need to explain further?

3. Sex Toys Enhance Intimacy

The notion that sex toys hinder intimacy is simply a misconception. In reality, they have the potential to strengthen the bond between partners. When you present your partner with a sex toy, you’re conveying your openness to fulfilling his deepest desires and your unwavering trust. This level of trust and exploration can bring you even closer (in every sense of the word).

4. Sex Toys Offer Mutual Pleasure

No, giving a sex toy as a gift isn’t a selfish act. Pleasure is a shared experience. Your partner desires your enjoyment during sex just as much as his own.

This holiday season, let go of traditional gifting norms and consider the possibility of gifting your loved one a sex toy. When chosen thoughtfully and with a deep understanding of your partner’s desires, a sex toy can become a cherished and memorable present that fosters passion, trust, and intimacy. It is a gift that keeps on giving, ensuring that your shared experiences are continually enriched. Remember, relationships flourish when both partners prioritize each other’s pleasure, and a well-chosen sex toy is an exciting and pleasurable way to achieve that.

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