PSVR 2 is Missing a Critical Mass of Compelling Exclusives, But There's No Telling When More Will Come – Road to VR

  Thank you for Signing Up It’s been six months since Sony launched PlayStation VR 2, handily one of the best pieces of consumer VR hardware we’ve laid eyes on. While the headset is undeniably great, Sony’s content strategy hasn’t been. Beyond a handful of launch titles, PSVR 2 didn’t really explode out of the gate like we hoped, and a future […]

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PvP Brawler 'Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss' Launches on Quest App Lab – Road to VR

  Thank you for Signing Up Polyarc Games, the studio behind hit single-player adventures Moss (2019) and Moss: Book II (2022), released Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss in early access today, a new 1v1 real-time battler set in our favorite pint-sized pal’s woodland universe. To boot, today’s the first time the studio showed Glassbreakers in action, debuting the first real gameplay video alongside […]

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Critically Acclaimed City Builder 'ISLANDERS' Coming to VR Next Month – Road to VR

  Thank you for Signing Up The teams behind the popular island-themed city builder ISLANDERS (2019) announced they’re releasing a dedicated VR version next month. ISLANDERS: VR Edition, which is all about building cities on colorful islands, is being created by original developers Coatsink, GrizzlyGames, and Stage Clear Studios. The minimalist strategy game is also set to be published by Coatsink, the pioneering […]

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