Microsoft Flight Simulator can now be played on your smartphone

You wouldn’t download an airplane, but you can absolutely use the internet to fly one. Microsoft Flight Simulator has made the leap to cloud streaming via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which means it’s now playable on a large number of devices with screens and internet connections. It’s worth a shot.

As one of the best games of 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator is a love letter to aviation fans as well as anyone who enjoys taking postcard-worthy pictures of the world. It’s also an exhaustively elaborate sim that uses real-world map data to turn your screen into flyover country — but in a good way. That it can now be streamed to your smartphone is nothing short of marvelous.

The cloud version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is just one of the new additions to Xbox Game Pass this month (It’s been available to download on Xbox Series S, Series X, and PC for some time now). Rounding out an excellent March lineup on the service is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy and Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, making for a range of widely different but altogether wonderful games to play.

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