Best Prime Day Hard Drive Deals For PS5 And Xbox Series X

With the next generation of consoles less than a month away, many gamers are looking for affordable ways to expand their new console’s storage. The SSDs that are required for increasing the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X’s internal storage space are quite expensive, and it’s unlikely we’ll see any deals on them this year. Thankfully, both consoles allow you to connect an external hard drive for storage and transfer needs, and there are some great Amazon Prime Day 2020 deals you should consider if investing in the new consoles.

Considering how limited stock for most products has been since the current pandemic started, we suggest taking advantage of any deals you’re interested in during Prime Day 2020 as opposed to waiting for potentially better deals during Black Friday–especially if you’re a frequent Amazon shopper. Because the two sales are happening much closer together than usual, it’s not guaranteed manufacturers will be able to restock all retailers in time for Black Friday. There may also be shipping delays.

During Prime Day, we’re collecting the best hard drive deals at Amazon and other retailers holding anti-Prime Day sales. Plus, check out more of the best Prime Day deals for PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch along with the best PC gaming deals so far. You’ll also find steep discounts on 4K TVs for next-gen gaming.

Seagate game drive for PlayStation

$65 (was $110) for 2TB | $88 (was $150) for 4TB

This PlayStation-branded Seagate game drive comes in both 2TB and 4TB variations and will work great with the PS5–it’ll also work with PC and Xbox platforms as well. You won’t be able to store next-gen games on this external drive, but you will be able to transfer them between the drive and the console when you want to play them. You can also store backwards-compatible PS4 games on the hard drive.

Seagate game drive for Xbox

$65 (was $110) for 2TB | $88 (was $150) for 4TB

The Xbox-branded Seagate game drives come in 2TB and 4TB variations, and both are compatible with Xbox Series X/S, PS5, Xbox One, PC, and PS4. As for the next-gen consoles, you have to use these drives for backwards-compatible games or transfer next-gen games to the new console’s internal storage when you want to play them.

WD Easystore hard drives

$58 (was $110) for 2TB | $85 (was $150) for 4TB

Western Digital makes great hard drives, and Best Buy has some excellent deals on them. Right now, you can get WD Easystore hard drives in a number of storage sizes for a significant discount. The most enticing are the 2TB and 4TB options.

WD Easystore desktop hard drives

$140 (was $200) for 8TB

WD Easystore desktop hard drives require their own power source, so they’re not quite as portable as other external hard drives. However, they also come in faster speeds and larger storage sizes. Right now, Best Buy has a number of them on sale. The 4TB version is sold out, but other storage sizes are available.

Seagate game drive: Jedi Fallen Order special edition

$65 (was $100) for 2TB

This Seagate game drive for Xbox features a special-edition Jedi Fallen Order design, though you can use it like any other hard drive on this list. That means it’s compatible with all Xbox, PC, and PlayStation platforms. It’s only available in a 2TB variation.

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