Where Is Xur Today? Destiny 2 Exotic Weapon, Armor, And Location (April 3-7)

Destiny 2’s Trials of Osiris is back again this weekend, and thanks to a new hotfix from Bungie, the weekend multiplayer event should no longer fail to drop rewards for players braving its intense battles. Exotic vendor Xur also returns to the solar system this weekend with a gun that’s been dominating in the Crucible–which you should definitely grab. Here’s everything you need to know about what Xur’s got and where you can find him.

Head to Io to find Xur this week, in the Giant’s Scar area. For his weapon this week, Xur is offering Hard Light. Hunters can pick up the Orpheus Rig leg armor; for Titans, there’s the Stronghold gauntlets; and for Warlocks, Xur has Controverse Hold gauntlets.

Xur Location

Start at the Giant’s Scar transmat zone, then hop on your sparrow and head north through the archway. You’ll find Xur inside a shadowy cave set in the wall on the northern side of the area, past a group of Taken.

Xur Inventory (April 3-7)

  • Hard Light (Exotic auto rifle)
  • Orpheus Rig (Exotic Hunter leg armor)
  • Stronghold (Exotic Titan gauntlets)
  • Controverse Hold (Exotic Warlock gauntlets)

Since the start of the Season of the Worthy, the Exotic auto rifle Hard Light has been dominating in the Crucible and the Trials of Osiris. This weekend is your chance to acquire the extremely effective gun from Xur–it does a whole lot of damage with no drop-off at range, and its rounds can ricochet around corners, making it possible to use Hard Light to finish off opponents even after they leave your line of sight. If you don’t already have one, this is an opportunity to expand your arsenal that you shouldn’t miss.

If Xur’s wares aren’t compelling for your Crucible or PvP loadouts, you can always roll the dice on a Fated Engram, which gives you a single Exotic from the limited pool of ones you haven’t already earned, for the price of 97 Legendary shards. All Exotic Engrams are now Fated Engrams, but you’ll have to level up your Season Pass or wait for a random drop to get some if you don’t want to buy from Xur. Since the new season has just kicked off, this is a quick (but expensive) way to get the Season of the Worthy’s new Exotic armors without having to wait for a random drop. Be sure to purchase it on the character who’s missing the Exotic, and note that you can only get one per week, so choose wisely which of your characters makes the buy. If you’re a PC or Xbox One player taking advantage of cross-save, you can now potentially get Wavesplitter from the Fated Engram as well, thanks to the fact that it’s no longer exclusive to PS4.

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Hard Light

The auto rifle that’s a must-have in the Crucible right now is Hard Light, and if you don’t have one, you need one. It’s got solid range and a good rate of fire, but better than that, it doesn’t have any damage drop-off at range, making it very effective in all situations. Its ricochet rounds are just as deadly bounced around corners. You can also change the gun’s element on the fly, making Hard Light useful in PvP as well as PvE.

Orpheus Rig (Hunter)

Xur’s offering for Hunters this week is a PvE must-have. Orpheus Rig powers up your Shadowshot tethers, producing additional Super energy and ability energy for you when you use it. You also get more shots with the Moebius Quiver version of the Super.


  • Mobility: 12
  • Resilience: 6
  • Recovery: 6
  • Discipline: 6
  • Intellect: 12
  • Strength: 6
  • Total: 48

Stronghold (Titan)

If you’re a defensive, sword-using Titan, Stronghold is a handy Exotic for your collection. It maximizes the Guard stats on your equipped swords, and any shots that hit you immediately after you start guarding don’t harm you, they heal you.


  • Mobility: 6
  • Resilience: 14
  • Recovery: 6
  • Discipline: 12
  • Intellect: 2
  • Strength: 12
  • Total: 52

Controverse Hold (Warlock)

Though it got nerfed a bit at the start of the season, Controverse Hold is still a powerful Exotic option for Warlocks in the Crucible. The Exotic gives you increased damage resistance when you charge up your Void grenades, and hitting enemies with them gives you back a random amount of grenade energy back when you land a hit. Paired with Handheld Supernova, Controverse Hold can still be very deadly in PvP.

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Charlotte Crosby Is "Dreaming of Bikini Days"

The former Geordie Shore star, Charlotte Crosby, has recently been caught with an attractive new boyfriend. But sadly, they are not able to see each other due to Coronavirus lockdowns.

Just when quarantine started, the charming 29-year-old tweeted: “I wouldn’t mind lockdown….if I was with a certain human being”.

Just a few days ago, Charlotte posted a couple of snaps wearing an orange bikini showing off her new massive tattoo and completing the look with a glamorous watch. She captioned the photos with: “Dreaming of bikini days.”

The real question is if she is really dreaming of bikini days, or is she dreaming of the enchanting tattooed guy.

“It’s early days, so being forcibly isolated from him isn’t exactly ideal… but you know what they say absence makes the heart grow fonder, or whatever the saying is,” Charlotte confessed to Mirror Online.

Her man, Liam Beaumont, is a real inked hottie, and no wonder why Crosby wishes this self-isolation to end as soon as possible.

Also, check out some of Charlotte’s latest posts:

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My name is in rooms I haven’t even entered yet ✨

A post shared by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on

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Well I must say I thoroughly enjoyed that live games night 😂😂😂 who was watching?!?! Who wants to play live with us next week?! never laughed so hard at @sophiekasaei_ whipping her wig off! To get in the shower FULLY CLOTHED ❤️ now tho out of my costume and straight in my comfies from @inthestyle they are also offering 90 days to return items and ensuring safe delivery methods 🙌🏼❤️

A post shared by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on

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Kinda frowny/kinda cold 📸 @terrythesnapper

A post shared by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on

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Kinda frowny/kinda cold 📸 @terrythesnapper

A post shared by Charlotte Letitia Crosby (@charlottegshore) on

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PVP Is Coming To Darkest Dungeon

While traveling through the Darkest Dungeon and its last several DLC packs is keeping us plenty busy until we hear more about Darkest Dungeon 2, Red Hook is giving players PVP for the first time in the dark gothic roguelike RPG.

In the Butcher’s Circus, you can pit a team of 4 adventurers against other teams and see who rises to the top. All the action takes place in a special area, and you won’t be putting your campaign groups at risk – you’ll have different tools to build your player-vs-player pro team.

We weren’t joking – The Butcher’s Circus is coming in May!

Play intense PVP arena battles against your friends and enemies alike. Pick your party & loadout, and let the games begin!

Wishlist here:

There are ranks to climb and narration by the incredible Wayne June, so this is probably yet another chunk of essential Darkest Dungeon DLC, even if you’re not really into PVP competition. There’s no word on exactly when the mode is hitting in May, but soon is good enough!

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Sea Of Thieves Is Coming To Steam With Cross Platform Compatibility

Sea of Thieves is coming to Steam and you’ll still be able to play with your friends on Xbox One.

We tend to give No Man’s Sky the most credit for rising from the ashes of a dismal release, but Sea of Thieves is no less its own phoenix. When Sea of Thieves launched back in March of 2018, critics praised it for its amazing environment, physics, and ship-to-ship combat, but lambasted the general lack of content. Sure, you could be a pirate, but so what if there wasn’t much for a pirate to do other than launch boarding actions against some schmuck?

But Sea of Thieves has changed a lot over the past two years. No less than 14 expansions have greatly enhanced the overall gameplay, added a metric boat-load of content, and have attracted the attention of 10 million sailors since the initial release. That makes it the biggest new IP to ever hit Xbox One and quite the hit for Rare.

And now, Sea of Thieves sets sail for Steam.

We don’t know when exactly Sea of Thieves will arrive on Steam, but we do know that it’ll be “soon.” Also, we’re promised that Sea of Thieves will have full crossplay with other Windows PC users and Xbox One players when it does eventually launch.

You can add Sea of Thieves to your Steam Wishlist today so you’re alerted when the game goes on sale. Along with the Steam launch will come yet another update with new features, enemies, challenges, achievements, cosmetics, islands, and a new player tutorial featuring the Pirate Lord himself. Rare is really not slowing down on this game!

If you’re a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean or even just a fan of pirates in general, you really owe it to yourself to give Sea of Thieves a try. There’s no other game like it on the seven gaming seas, and you’ll almost certainly have to wait a long time before another pirate game sails into harbor.

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NHL 20 Patch Is Coming Soon, Here's What It Adds And Changes

A new patch for NHL 20 is coming on April 3, and it promises a number of gameplay changes based on player feedback. Starting with the general changes, the new update fixes an issue that could cause an injured player from being able to get off the ice. Ouch!

The new update also makes AI defenders smarter in some cases. It delivers a fix for AI that over-commits to the puck carrier in 2-on-1 situations, which should make scoring goals agains the AI more challenging. Additionally, the weak side defender in a 2-on-2 will now prioritize covering their own assignments over the passing lane. The update also “fixe[s] a case where players other than Brad Marchand would lose the puck at the start of a penalty shot,” which seems to be a reference to how the real-world athlete really botched a penalty shot back in January.

Elsewhere, the NHL 20 update makes goalies even smarter so they are better able to track the puck behind the net and close to the goal line; goalies are now smarter around passes close to the net.

Players may also notice better-looking shots, as the update includes “further shot angle improvements for accurate release trajectories.” You can see the full patch notes below, as posted by EA in the EA Forums.

EA’s NHL franchise typically debuts in September with the start of the new season in real life, so that’s when you can probably expect NHL 21 to debut. 2020 is an interesting year, given that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X are both set to debut this holiday, despite COVID-19 concerns. But whether or not the next NHL game comes to next-gen platforms is unknown at this stage.

NHL 20 April 3 Patch Notes


– Further improvements to goalie tracking when the puck is behind the net and around the goal line

– Improved goalie reaction to passes on net

– Fixed an issue where a human goalie could get into a broken state when hugging the post and requesting a goalie pull


– Fixed an issue where despite having the correct top speed, players above 96 speed weren’t staying in the push puck hustle animation


– Further shot angle improvements for accurate release trajectories

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Amazon Is Going Big On Gaming, Launching A Streaming Service And Multiple New MMOs

Amazon could soon be a force to be reckoned with in the world of gaming, as the company is said to have invested “hundreds of millions” of dollars into trying to become a major player in the games business. The New York Times reported that figure, and also noted that Amazon’s new push into gaming represents the company’s “most significant investment” in original entertainment since it launched a movie and TV business with Amazon Studios.

Amazon’s film and TV business has enjoyed a lot of success over the years, including the acclaimed TV show Transparent and the Oscar-winning movie Manchester by the Sea. Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel also won high acclaim, picking up multiple Golden Globe and Emmy wins.

Amazon is looking for success in gaming, too, and this begins with the launch of its first original game, the sci-fi shooter Crucible. The game, which is developed by Relentless Studios in Seattle, is due to launch in May, following delays related to COVID-19. Amazon is also working on multiple MMOs, including the 17th century New World (from Amazon’s Irvine, California studio) and a Lord of the Rings MMO from the same studio in southern California.

On top of this, former Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley is running a new Amazon game studio in San Diego, but the company’s game has not been announced yet. Like many other game studios, Amazon’s teams are working from home, and development continues in this new setup.

Amazon is also said to be working on interactive “casual games” that streamers on Twitch–which it owns–can play with viewers “in real time.” In addition to games themselves, Amazon is creating a “full-fledged” cloud gaming platform with the codename Project Tempo, according to the report. This service had been rumored for more than a year already.

Amazon would become just the latest big name to get into game-streaming, joining Google Stadia, Microsoft’s xCloud, and Sony’s PlayStation Now, among others. Electronic Arts, too, is said to be developing a cloud gaming service.

Project Tempo was supposed to release an “early version” in 2020, but the launch might move to 2021 due to “disruptions” related to COVID-19, according to the report.

Amazon’s gaming boss Mike Frazzini, said the company is trying to take the best of Amazon and work it into its games business. “We have been working for a while, but it takes a long time to make games, and we’re bringing a lot of Amazon practices to making games.”

“It was very clear to everyone that people, customers, love video games,” the executive said. “It was so obviously important to customers that we need to be doing something.”

Amazon’s push into video games hasn’t always been smooth. The company’s first big game, Breakaway, was canceled because it did not live up to the company’s high bar. The company also hired big names, including Portal designer Kim Swift and Far Cry 2 director Clint Hocking, but they left the studio without releasing anything.

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Valorant Is “One Of The Greatest Games I’ve Played In A Very Long Time” Says Shroud

Shroud, Polish-Canadian streamer and former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive professional player, just added to the hype surrounding Riot’s first person shooter VALORANT. Apparently, he was part of the alpha playtest that took place this weekend, and the game effectively ruined every other game for him.

“I was already kind of bored and I didn’t know what to play, but after playing VALORANT, it makes it all worse,” he said in a stream, explaining that it’s because he’s now played “a f***ing gem, and now I’ve got to go back to trash.” He’s not the only one to think so, especially considering his CS: GO background. Back in February, the game’s commentator and former player HenryG said that the game, then only known as Project A, was the best game he played since CS: GO. 

And just like HenryG before him, Shroud’s opinion also holds sway in the minds of his fans and admirers. He started playing CS: GO professionally back in 2013, with one of his biggest achievements being a first place finish at ESL Pro League Season 4 in 2016. Since he left professional CS: GO completely back in 2018, he has become a full-time streamer with more than 7 million followers.

The leaked gameplay video from this weekend shows a training level with an open map and shooting ranges where you can set your preferred options and hone your skills. It also teases two game modes, Spike Planting and Spike Defuse. The closed beta for the game starts this weekend, and you can try to get access to it through a series of simple steps (although it’s not guaranteed that you’ll manage it, since Twitch drops are randomized).

People’s opinions on everyone praising VALORANT are, unsurprisingly, divided, with a part of the community getting increasingly hyped for the game, and the other believing that all of this is paid and part of Riot’s marketing campaign. There’s really no way to know whether Riot is willing to drop some cash to get more people excited for this title, but we definitely hope VALORANT pays off, because otherwise, we’ll still be stuck with Overwatch and CS: GO. 

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Animal Crossing’s Zipper is scaring fans, despite his efforts

Animal Crossing: New Horizons currently features an Easter-themed event called Bunny Day. There are colorful eggs to find, new recipes, cherry blossoms, and other festivities. There’s also a mascot to help manage all of the above, and most of the Animal Crossing fan base seems to hate him with a passion. Unfortunately, poor Zipper is the subject of much vitriol from players, even though he’s just trying his best to do his job.

At first glance, Zipper looks like any other villager. He’s a big-headed, bright-eyed animal. Or is he? When you talk to him, he’s strangely defensive of his body, repeatedly asking the player to NOT ask what’s under the surface or investigate in any way. There’s also something just slightly off-putting about his appearance.

Some observant fans have noticed that Zipper’s wide-open eyes and floppy ears bring another video game icon to mind. It’s not another Nintendo character — they’re thinking of Silent Hill 3’s blood-soaked bunny mascot.

It’s enough to draw a little concern. Some fans, inspired by Zipper’s uncanny cheerfulness, have started to question what’s really under that suit. Is he telling the truth? Is that physical zipper on his back really just a decorative touch he put on his flesh, under his real animal fur? I have questions, and Zipper refuses to give me answers. The more I question his nature, the more sinister he seems.

I’m not the only Animal Crossing fan who feels a little nervous at the guy showing up on the corners of my screen. For some players, he hovers ceaselessly. For others, he almost seems responsible for certain crimes.

While he’s struck fear deep into the hearts of many fans, other people treat Zipper with a casual contempt. To these players, the idea that Zipper causes an emotion like “fear” instead of “pity” or “anger” is absurd. Zipper is bad, and he should be shamed for his terrible, island-disrupting ways. Many of these players are familiar with Zipper from previous games, so they’re already onto his bullshit and carrying grudges from years past. Even other villagers will occasionally talk about Zipper behind his back! Nobody seems to like this guy.

But particularly observant villagers may notice that if you leave his line of sight, Zipper stops his cheerful hopping and animated movements. He sighs in relief and drops the act, with just a weary hint to his shuffle.

This animation, which is easy to miss, changes Zipper’s energy — especially for anyone who’s familiar with working highly social jobs. With this animation, Zipper goes from a bit terrifying to extremely relatable. It’s a living, am I right?

Of course, this revelation raises a few more mysteries in its wake. Who hired Zipper? Was it Tom Nook? Is this a bread and circuses situation, where Zipper is meant to distract us from some darker truth? Or did Timmy and Tommy just swipe a credit card in order to liven things up for their favorite holiday?

No matter what, I have concerns.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is “a much-needed escape from everything,” according to our review.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake Is Now Available In Australia (And It’s Not An April Fool’s Joke)

You can now purchase Final Fantasy VII Remake in Australia. This is not a drill, nor is it an April Fool’s joke.

A couple of days ago, Square Enix told us that they were going to start shipping Final Fantasy VII Remake early due to supply chain disruptions caused by COVID-19. Since they couldn’t count on discs arriving around the world at roughly the same time, the best they could do is just make sure that games were shipped early in order for them to at least arrive by the time the game was scheduled to release.

However, this meant that certain locations were likely to get Final Fantasy VII Remake early. It turns out, one of those locations is Australia.

In a surprise twist, many stores in Australia received their copies of Final Fantasy VII Remake on March 31 and April 1, but this was definitely not an April Fool’s prank. This is real, and we’re very, very jealous of you Aussies.

Square Enix also asked those lucky enough to receive their copy of FFVII Remake early to keep from spoiling it for everyone else, but naturally there are already a bunch of Australian streamers playing the game on Twitch. For those still waiting for their copy, you’ll likely have to keep away from social media for a few days to avoid spoilers.

The digital version of Final Fantasy VII Remake releases on April 10. Everywhere else will get it sometime around then.

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Scalebound Is Definitely Not Being Worked On, And Xbox Boss Sees Its Cancellation As A Career Low-Point

Scalebound, which was poised to be a major Xbox console exclusive from Platinum Games, was sadly cancelled back in 2017. Rumors persist to this day that the game will eventually be re-revealed, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that it is not happening, and that he regrets how things played out with the title.

In an interview for IGN’s Unlocked podcast, when asked about the huge passion fans still have for Scalebound, Spencer clarifies that the game is not coming, and seems sad about the situation around its announcement and cancellation. “Yeah, it’s a tough one,” he says. “Because I have a ton of respect for Platnium, (director Hideki Kamiya), the team…and I have feel no ill-will. And we talk to those guys, there’s no animosity between the teams.”

Spencer says that he wishes he had held back on the game’s reveal. “We tried to go do something, and it didn’t work,” he says. “And I regret that we were as public about what we tried to go do.” He cites the also-cancelled Fable Legends as another example of a time when a game was shown off too early, and says that he learned a lot from both projects. “I did some learning around Fable Legends, I did some learning around Scalebound, about being public about things before I kind of know that we’ve got a real believable plan in something I’ve felt in my hands.,” he says.

“We just didn’t get there with Scalebound, and with the team,” Spencer continues. “And I say that across both teams.” This echoes earlier comments from Platinum boss Atsushi Inaba in 2019, who said that Microsoft was not solely responsible for the game’s cancellation either, and that “both sides failed”.

“We loved some of the ideas that we were trying to do, and obviously we wanted to ship a great game to our customers,” a contrite Spencer says, before clarifying that the game is definitely not in development. “We’re not working on it, I’m not at Platinum today but I’m almost positive they’re not working on it. It’s something we’ve all moved past, and it’s not a moment I see as a high-point for me in my role, having to cancel a game that we had talked about for years.”

Platinum Games has bounced back from Scalebound’s cancellation, and has since released Nier: Automata and Astral Chain, among others. It is currently working on Bayonetta 3, The Wonderful 101 Remastered, and a new hero-based action game.

Elsewhere in the same interview, Phil Spencer talked about the impact of COVID-19 on the Xbox Series X launch, and plans to announce more games for the system.

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