Games Inbox: Will Cyberpunk 2077 be out in 2020?

The Monday Inbox is impressed by how early The Last Of Us Part 2 Amazon reviews are, as one reader gives up on Assassin’s Creed Unity.

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The end of summer
So things are getting serious now in terms of video game delays, what was previously down to incompetence is now down to the coronavirus and I’m beginning to worry that we may not see many more big releases this year. It’s becoming clear the problem is not just finishing the games but whether anyone has any money to spend on them.

My most anticipated game of this year is Cyberpunk 2077, which ironically would’ve been perfect if it had it its original release date this month as it’s the perfect thing to keep you occupied when everyone’s stuck in lockdown. But as many have pointed out, including games execs, the last thing most people are going to want to do as soon as the lockdown stops, hopefully mid to late summer, is stay indoors and play a video game.

And what is Cyberpunk 2077’s current release date? 17 September. That is prime ‘At last we can go out and it’s still reasonably warm out, we better take advantage of it before the second wave of the virus in the winter’. I don’t think anyone would want to work on a game for six years and then have it be a dud, that only becomes successful months later. Even if CD Projekt don’t think like that you can bet lots of publishers will, and I can’t say they’re wrong.

Not-PlayStation exclusive
I’m responding to Paulson’s email about the Xbox Series X launch titles. I too find it odd that the console wouldn’t launch with anything besides Halo Infinite.

I really enjoy Halo but the series has definitely lost its edge with 4 and 5. It’s not the killer app that the series once was and Microsoft surely know that.

What does surprise me is that the console wouldn’t launch with Forza Horizon 5. That seems like a blindly obvious, crowd-pleasing (and Dom-pleasing) move. It doesn’t seem hard to argue that Horizon and Ori are the Xbox’s jewels in the crown these days.

But perhaps I’m not reading between the lines, and ‘Xbox-only launch title’ means Horizon 5 might also launch on PC at the same time.

So let’s hope Microsoft are being coy.

GC: Xbox, first and foremost, refers to the brand nowadays, rather than the console. Anything that comes out as an Xbox exclusive is automatically also released on PC. So strictly speaking it’s a console exclusive, or more specifically a not-PlayStation exclusive (considering Cuphead and the first Ori are on Switch).

Leap of faith
I’ve already made my mind up a long time ago, I’m getting PlayStation 5 and will pre-order for day one delivery. Why, you ask? Look at what’s came out for PlayStation 4 and Xbox. Xbox, you can count their games on one hand. I don’t care about theirs being more powerful, I don’t care if it has 99 teraflops, there is nothing to play on it. Really, in two years that console will be half price and that’s without release dates being changed, whereas PlayStation 5… yes, some games will change but some will not. Some will be a simple update for a game that came out on PlayStation 4 to play on PlayStation 5.

In all honesty I don’t get Xbox, they are bringing out a new console but hoping third party developers will prop it up till their games are ready. Why spend £500, at least, on their machine when I can buy a machine cheaper that will do round about the same, gave or take. for me Microsoft are going the wrong way about it, they should be saying we got these games coming out, that’s why you should buy it.

One of the biggest problem though is PC. They say it will come out on PC at the same time, so why would someone go out and buy Xbox Series X when their PC will play it? PC is killing the reason to go out and buy a console. That’s my view anyway, others will disagree and they’re entitled to the opinion.

GC: If you’d taken this attitude with the PlayStation 3 we can’t help but imagine you’d have been very disappointed. But neither company has announced the price of their consoles and the only ones that have revealed any games are Microsoft, with Halo Infinite and Hellblade 2. Also, Sony are rumoured to be releasing some, or maybe all, of their games on the PC.

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Busywork: The Game
I hope everyone is all good considering a lot of us all have to stay in but on the plus side I have had a lot more gaming time than usual.

I recently started playing Assassin’s Creed Unity, the first one in this series that I’ve played for a long time, and it has brought back memories of why I didn’t really like them. There is a lot to do, which is great, but 80% of it is just collecting chests or whatever the little rosette things are.

I enjoyed the crime quests and the main story but I spent most of my time running around collecting chests just to satisfy the OCD in me. I’ve got Assassin’s Creed Origins to play through, but I think I may have reached my limit for the series if it’s along the same lines. Luckily Final Fantasy 7 Remake is just around the corner so I may just wait for that!

GC: Unity was always one of the worst one.

Decent foundation

Are you going to review the new Control DLC, The Foundation? I’m currently going through the base game and while it is very enjoyable, I do get your criticism about it not being weird enough.

So far, I have only been going through a concrete office building fighting human-like enemies with guns. The psychic powers though are lots of fun and the highlight of the game. Only wish they were put to better use than fighting waves of respawning enemies in an office building.
Ali K

GC: It does get weirder later, bit still not as odd as we were expecting form all their talk. We don’t generally review DLC unless it’s very long or very different to the parent game, which we don’t believe is the case for The Foundation.

Doomed to be expensive
I have been enjoying Doom 64 on the Switch and looked at downloading Doom 2016. It is available but for the eye watering price of £50! CeX has the Xbox version listed as £6 pre-owned while the Switch version is £42. It’s a similar story with Wolfenstein.

The so-called Switch tax is well known but this to me seems rather extreme. I know Nintendo games rarely come down in price, but I expected third party games to come down at least a little.

GC: We suspect the physical version for Switch is fairly rare. It’s on Amazon, for full price, but it’s not even listed on GAME or ShopTo.

WTH Moon Studios
I wrote in the other day saying how much I’m enjoying Ori And The Will Of The Wisps. I have now completed and collected everything and did all side quests. The game crashed on me completely six times, taking me out of the game. Even after I defeated Shriek the game crashed, so I had to fight her again. The game froze on me hundreds of times.

The icing on the cake is the game didn’t give me three Achievements for getting all the health, strength, and finishing the game. I read online that these Achievements are broken. Such a shame to leave a bad taste after with all the bugs is a fantastic game. Please try and fix it the developers Moon. Probably can’t now due to lockdown but soon Moon.
woz 007 (gamertag)

GC: Are you sure you have the patch, because it was largely fixed a few days after launch. Or did they release another patch that caused new problems? Either way, Moon don’t have any central offices and everyone already works from home, in lots of different countries, so they haven’t got that excuse.

Nostradamus reviews…
I am looking forward to when The Last Of Us Part 2 comes out and understand why they delayed it, I have it on Amazon wishlist and for a while I have noticed that it had 3 stars out of 5, even though it is not even out yet.

I clicked on it to see how possibly anybody can review it and some of the reviews and questions about the game are quite funny.
Andrew J.
PS: I don’t know if this is a good idea or not for a Hot Topic but what is your favourite DLC for a game?

Unique stats
You know how games companies often like to boast about their games, releasing tons of stats like numbers of concurrent players, hours played, etc…?

I like to think there’s some Nintendo execs looking at the Animal Crossing stats, thinking ‘How shall we obliterate all the gaming stats out there?’
ttfp saylow (gamertag)
Now playing: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Batman: The Telltale Series

GC: It’s going to end up being number of coconuts collected or something like that.

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Reverse psychology
Given Nintendo’s predilection for doing the opposite of what everyone expects, I’ve become increasingly concerned by the confidence with which people assume that Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be included in the mooted collection of remakes or remasters, which have so far only been rumoured to include Super Marios 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy 1.

Therefore, to redress the balance and remove the temptation for Nintendo to do the completely unexpected, I’ll go ahead and predict that Galaxy 2 will be omitted from said bundle. Perhaps they’ll see more profit to be made from a separate download once people have acquired a taste for the series, rather than wasting further resources on an inclusion that likely won’t increase sales of the original collection.

In any case, it gives me no pleasure to announce this prediction, but I do so in the hope that it somehow deters the Big N from its usual strategy of taking the road less imagined. Now it’s on record that someone’s thought of it, so just… don’t go there, Ninty. The gig’s up, so the bigger surprise would be to do what I’ve said you won’t.

That’s how it works! Probably?
Dynamite Headdy
Currently reading: Reverse Psychology For Dummies

GC: That prediction makes no sense, so given it’s Nintendo there’s a 50/50 chance it’ll happen. Although let’s see if the original rumour is true first.

Inbox also-rans
Been playing Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic on my Xbox 360. They look amazing. 1 and 2 are both on sale on the store, for just over £3 each. Highly recommended.

Was wondering if we’ll be seeing a review of Good Job on Nintendo Switch from you guys. Seen good stuff on it in terms of reviews but, for games I’m not sure of, I trust your opinion most. Keep up the great work during these difficult times.
Lord Crump

GC: Thanks, we hope to but between it launching out of the blue and Final Fantasy 7’s embargo being earlier than expect our review schedules are a bit of a mess at the moment.

This week’s Hot Topic
The question for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Tenhunter, who asks what retro video game would you most recommend to a modern gamer as something they’d enjoy today? Especially given so many people are currently stuck at home with nothing new to play.

Assuming retro means anything from the PlayStation 2 era backwards (including PC games up to 2006) what games do you think have held up the best, and why? What games have aged well and which ones, even if they’re considered classics, do you think are now hard to appreciate for someone that didn’t play them the first time round?

Have you been playing many retro games during lockdown and are there any you regularly getting out when stressed or bored?

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Games Inbox: Are you getting Final Fantasy 7 Remake next week?

The Tuesday Inbox is very suspicious about the number of Activision leaks, as one reader thinks Capcom should’ve skipped Resident Evil 3.

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Early risk
Considering how funny Square Enix can be about such things I was pleasantly surprised to find they are shipping out copies of Final Fantasy 7 Remake early in some countries, so they don’t end up getting it late because of the coronavirus. I’m hoping I’ll be amongst the lucky ones, although I must admit that after the less than spectacular reviews for Resident Evil 3 I’m now a bit worried that the month’s other ‘dead cert’ quality remake might disappoint.

I mean, it’s almost guaranteed to disappoint because fans have been looking forward to this for more than two decades and yet looking at the trailers and playing the demo it really does seem perfect. Well, maybe not perfect. The boss battle in the demo does go on for a bit and the one thing I’m worried about with the full game is padding.

We all know that keeping the first chapter based in Midgar is a bit weird, seeing as that was only a relatively small part of the original game, and yet as far as I understand this is a 30 to 60 hour game. So either there is a lot of padding or they have somehow found a way to slip almost an extra game’s worth of content in there. I’m betting it’s the first option. I’m still getting it though, risking not seeing the reviews first, and I’m curious as to who’s doing the same?

Lovely answer
Those Super Mario remaster rumours almost sound too good to be true but has anyone noticed they still don’t explain any of the secrecy? There was only one new game mentioned in the new rumours, and that was Paper Mario which I don’t think anyone would regard as major release. Maybe a mid-level one like Luigi’s Mansion 3, if it’s really good, but the problem is that there hasn’t been a good Paper Mario game now for over a decade.

So what is Nintendo working on that’s actually a big, new project? I realise that’s the question of the Hot Topic this week, and I will give my opinion there, but even the leaks are being secretive as to what’s going on!

I think something must’ve got cancelled or restarted like Metroid Prime 4 again, I just don’t see any other answer. There’s no reason not to tell us what they’re working on even if it’s not out for ages unless the answer is they’re… not working on anything? Maybe they got back it in the love hotel business instead?

Bad source
I’m not sure what I really expected from the Resident Evil 3 review but it sounds even worse than I assumed, and like they were almost embarrassed of the original game and just did Resident Evil 2.5. I know the original Resident Evil 3 wasn’t great, but so did Capcom going in – so if they knew it wasn’t worth updating then why bother? Just skip it.

All you need to know from the story, in terms of how it impacts the later games, is that Jill didn’t die and that’s it. I don’t think any of the other characters in the game ever came back or were referenced again. Unless I’m forgetting something.

I agree with the other reader who said wait for the next gen for a new remake of Resident Evil 1 and just do Resident Evil 0 and Code: Veronica in the meantime. Both have their problems but could be improved with the right work. I don’t know how you improve Resident Evil 3 without making it an almost totally different game. I’d be fine with that, but I don’t think it’s the sort of thing that’s going to be turned around in a year like this one was.

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Accidentally on purpose
I can’t wait for Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered to come out, not because I’m going to buy it but because I’m sick of the ‘leaks’. I put them in inverted commas because I’m increasingly convinced Activision is leaking this news on purpose, something I believe they’ve been accused of doing before.

Think about it, rumours come and go with other games, sometimes they’re true and sometimes they’re not, but with Call Of Duty everything seems to be 100% accurate all the time, and with tons of detail and even artwork leaks. If it comes out on Tuesday that will be a bit weird as there’s been no advance hype, except there has been because everyone know about it because of the ‘leaks’.

I don’t know why Activision wants to do it this way, maybe it’s cheaper, but I’m very suspicious about all of this. Can’t wait for details of Call Of Duty 2020 to leak out next. Who needs a reveal event when you can just tell some guy on Twitter all about it and let him do the leg work!

Any port in a storm
I’m definitely in the minority here, but actually was fairly pleased with the Nintendo Direct last week. I know it was all old ports that had been heavily rumoured, and the lack of Nintendo games is strange now (even if developments have been hit by Covid they could still announce them) but actually quite like having old ports on the go… playing BioShock in bed or XCOM 2 at the coffee shop (when it reopens) is really great, though I imagine Catherine on the bus might get some Bayonetta style weird looks.

The quality of recent Switch ports like The Witcher 3, Metro Exodus, GRID, and Alien Isolation has me confident they’ll be good versions of the games too… well maybe not XCOM 2 given the state it’s in on PlayStation 4 and Xbox, but it should still be better than the PS Vita version of the first XCOM right?

Anyway, talking of strategy on the go, I have been playing Fire Emblem: Three Houses, since it’s the kind of leisurely time sink that suits the current climate quite well. I’ve found the game strangely compelling thanks to its addictive battles, moreish gameplay reward loop, and weird ‘Game of Thrones but anime visual novel’ story (definitely one for odd looks on the bus).

Though it did get me thinking that, like Pokémon I don’t know why Nintendo don’t just chuck Zelda or Mario resources at the development of these games, they’re selling millions of copies and the backbone of the Switch’s line up, so why are they so far behind it’s other premier titles technologically?

If Fire Emblem was powered by the tech behind Zelda: Breath Of The Wild it would do wonders to elevate the game. The last Japanese role-playing game I completed on Switch before this was the Final Fantasy 12 rerelease and when a 15-year-old PlayStation 2 game looks more advanced than one of your new premier releases maybe it’s time to rethink the set-up.

GC: We agree entirely, Three Houses looks like a mid-budget indie game, which is inexcusable given how good some other Switch games look – and how rich Nintendo is.

Seconds chances on the cheap
The last four to five months I’ve been on a quest to wring out every bit of enjoyment from the Xbox 360 I can (I got a tiny tax rebate so got an Elite for 29 quid) and am making my way through games I was meh on at the time of release, with some I thought I’d never play in a million years.

This has been incredibly successful with titles like Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag and Kingdoms Of Amalur: Reckoning completely blowing my wig back with how great they are. One of the most recent gems I picked up (for £1.50!) was Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands. It’s by no means perfect, with the gameplay becoming a tad stale in the last few hours, but I thoroughly enjoyed my 10-or-so hours with it and highly recommend it. Hell, I highly recommend picking up an older console and trying out games that are way out of your comfort zone, as you may be surprised by what you find!
Uncle Blalpert
PS: I got Vanquish for a couple of quid and despite it not appealing to me in the slightest, I’ll absolutely be giving it a bash anyway and was wondering what GC thought/thinks of it?

GC: It’s one of the best third person shooters ever made.

Hot game
Maybe it’s been a while since I’ve had a Switch game that I would play for hours on end, but it seems like Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes the Switch very hot in docked mode.

I can’t think of any recent games I’ve played that did this, not Luigi’s Mansion 3. So perhaps under the cutesy exterior Animal Crossing is really making the Switch hardware work hard…
ttfp saylow (gamertag)
Now playing: Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Batman: The Telltale Series

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The difficulties of creative freedom
Why are we so insistent that some games should be difficult?

If I see a TV series I want to watch, I can watch the trailer, I might check Rotten Tomatoes to see general review/consensus. But this is usually enough for me to watch it and know enough to get a pretty good idea if I’d enjoy it. I don’t delve further as I want to go in as blind as possible sometimes. And of, course, there’s many people out there who don’t really check reviews. They see a cool trailer and boom, they watch the show.

In gaming, this isn’t possible for a fair chunk of games. You can’t just try a game to see if it’s something you would enjoy. You need to read about the difficulty level. Otherwise you will be walking into something that may have everything else going for it, except this one feature which is often the difference between a game being fun or not. In gaming you can’t just watch a trailer and play the game. Not if you don’t know much about it, like many indie games or games in a genre you don’t really know about. Or heck, if you’re not a core gamer and you’re just browsing trailers. I think this system is holding gaming back for a pretty large audience out there.

If a dev is that insistent on making the game difficult, heck, just allow someone to play on an easy mode that doesn’t get you any achievements.

GC: Why are you so insistent that developers shouldn’t make games however they want?

Inbox also-rans
Just thought I’d say. I’m really enjoying Ori And The Will Of The Wisps. I’d have to reluctantly give it 8/10 as the game slows down and freezes so many times and even crashed once. It lets the game down. Apart from that it is an excellent game.
woz 007 (gamertag)

Here’s a code for a digital copy of Aquaman, for anyone who wants it. Maybe it will help pass some lockdown time.

GC: That’s good of you, as you usual we’ll pass it on to whoever wants it in exchange for a useable Inbox letter.

This week’s Hot Topic
The question for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Onibee, who asks what do you think, and hope, Nintendo’s next games will be for the Switch?

It’s now six months since they had a general topic Nintendo Direct and there are currently no major new Switch games scheduled for the whole year, so what do you think is going on? Although the coronavirus is exacerbating the situation Nintendo’s secrecy started last year, so why do you think that is?

What new games do you expect to see come out next and what surprises are you hoping for once they are finally announced? What do you think the secrecy is in aid of and what do you think Nintendo should do in order to try and counter the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X?

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Games Inbox: What is Nintendo’s next big game?

The Friday Inbox thinks the next generation should be delayed by at least six months, as one reader is unimpressed by Days Gone.

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The year that Nintendo forgot
OK, I admit it. I have no idea what’s going on with Nintendo right now. Why would they not announce anything new? Do they not like having people be hyped for their games? Why release Panzer Dragoon the day you give it a release date? I know that’s not Nintendo’s game but call me old fashioned but I like a chance to read up on reviews and save up before I buy a new game.

Are we really looking at a future where Bravely Default 2 is the Switch’s big Christmas game? It looks fun, and I like that there’s a demo, but surely it’s not their headliner. And if it’s not then what is? I can’t even really guess what it is in an ideal situation, other than a brand new IP, so would it really have hurt to throw us a bone here? What a bizarre and completely avoidable situation that doesn’t seem to benefit anyone.

The only positive I got from the ‘mini’ Nintendo Direct is that Nintendo is still interested in pushing ARMS, so it could be in line for a sequel, and that appearing as a spirit or assist trophy doesn’t rule a series out from having a proper fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. So my hope that we’ll get a Resident Evil rep. (hopefully Jill Valentine) is still possible. Although who knows when we’ll hear about that…

Soon is a long time coming
OK, I think Nintendo has officially gone off the deep end now. It’s half a year now since they had the last proper Nintendo Direct and I’m not even sure they actually announced anything new in that one, just talked about their Christmas game. What’s going on?!

If I wasn’t stuck inside I would seriously be thinking about selling my Nintendo Switch right now. Animal Crossing is not for me and that means I have precisely nothing to look forwards to at the moment. I don’t even know what to hope for as everything points towards Bayonetta 3 and Metroid Prime 4 still being years away and Nintendo has literally nothing else scheduled except a remake of an old Wii game I had no interest in the first time around.

What am I supposed to be using my Switch for in the meantime? Indie games are great and all but I bought the console to play Nintendo games and apparently… they forgot to make any this year? That sounds like a joke but at the moment it seems literally true, since Animal Crossing was only out this month because it got delayed from last year.

Could we seriously go through a whole year without a single major Nintendo release? I don’t think that even happened in the darkest days of the N64 or GameCube. Everyone keeps saying they’ll announce new games soon, but soon seems as far away as ever. I think there’s now a very good chance that we won’t hear anything till not-E3 in June. Which also means no new games till June. That’s not good.

Empty shelves
Apart from Bravely Default 2, which I hope lives up to the original, there wasn’t really much of interest for me in the Nintendo Direct Mini. But surely by clearing the decks like this, Nintendo must have some exciting stuff up their sleeves for the proper one that should be imminent. Maybe they’ve been so quiet cause they’re going to go absolutely nuts with announcements? Or it’s just going to be Wii Music 2…

Good news on the Epic Games publishing deals. I love Inside and The Last Guardian so it will fascinating to see what those two studios come up with next, especially without financial strains. It’s nice to see a company support games without the bottom line as their main motivation.
Ryan O’D

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Surviving the T-virus
As much as I’m looking forward to Resident Evil 3 the whole idea of a virus infecting a city and everyone running from cover or changing into zombies is a bit… awkward. Obviously Capcom didn’t know beforehand, and the game is a remake of a really old game, but it could put people off. Or maybe they’ll really get into the idea of surviving an epidemic by shooting their way out and solving a few weird lock and key puzzles. If only the current self-isolation was that simple.

I’m also curious to see if more games get released in April that weren’t originally planned. There’s some big games out next month but hardly anything else, I guess because they knew how everyone would be playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake and didn’t want to go up against it.

But now people have got more time on their hands we could do with more indie games and other stuff to fill up the time. Also, it’s cheaper and I know I can barely afford the two remakes now, even though I’ve been planning to get them for ages.
Cole Slaw

Rubbish party
I’m a little late to the party, I know, but just wanted to write in to say how disappointing Days Gone is. I knew it hadn’t reviewed well at the time it came out, so all I hoped from it was something to pass the time until the The Last Of Us Part 2 comes out. But geez it’s a really hard game to get along with!

The main characters, who I think we’re supposed to like, are just horrible idiots. The weird spider sense thing that’s used to find clues is ridiculous (at least in The Last of Us it’s a heightened sense of hearing), and the amount of bugs in it is weird for such a big budget game.

In the very first action scene of the game I came to a spot on the road that had been blocked by cars. Except there were no cars! I drove past the spot only to find my partner being attacked on the other side of a now clearly visible roadblock. I couldn’t get back through to him and had to run down to a river and back up the other side to assist. I think it’s the earliest I’ve ever seen a bug in a game like this.

It just makes me appreciate even more how great The Last Of Us was.

Happy new year
I personally think that the next gen consoles should be delayed by six to eight months.

The coronavirus has devastated lives and battered the economy, with many people either losing their jobs or having huge wage decreases for the foreseeable. I can’t imagine many folks are going to be flush come November time and I would argue that even Christmas is going to be lean this year.

The best thing that Sony and Microsoft can do at the moment is delay and use that time to manufacture more consoles, because as the country and world pick themselves back up from this, the demand will be huge come early to mid-spring next year, they will have the product to cope with demand and hopefully jobs will be settling down again.

I sincerely hope that the people who do have present or future job uncertainty can weather this storm. I know my job is now hanging in the balance and the last thing I’m thinking about is buying a new console at the end of the year, as any money I will have coming in will be paying off debts.

I’d like to wish the best of luck to everyone in these uncertain times and stay safe.
Phil Spearpoint

GC: Well said.

Open hub
With reference to Jowbullman’s request for inspiration on open world games.

Firstly, I noticed you had a PSN ID, so not sure if you also have an Xbox, but if you do I highly recommend Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Although more of a hub world, than an open world I do think it would scratch that itch you have at the moment. It’s on Game Pass under Rare Replay, so give it a whirl!

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Ticking over
My theory as to what’s going on with Sony and Microsoft at the moment is that they don’t have much more of an idea of when the new consoles are out than we do. The Microsoft CEO talking about people not having the money/inclination to buy a new console sound right to me and I think they’ve probably both realised that it’s probably best to let the current gen go on for six months or a year more than have the new one be dead duck for the same period.

Sony can wait things out because they’ve got a bunch of PlayStation 4 exclusives still to come out and they could just ration them out a bit more or they could just end up getting delayed naturally. You’d think that would put Microsoft at a disadvantage but they’ve already said the Xbox Series X won’t have any exclusives in the first year or so. So logically that means anything coming out for that period will also be on Xbox One – so they’ve got plenty of exclusives too.

Maybe they’d want to hang on to Halo but there’s bound to be smaller games, like Bleeding Edge, they can put out to keep things ticking over, as they also rely on multiformat games. That’s what I’d do anyway. Wait and make a proper job of the launch, don’t do the usual lame launch and have it even worse than usual because there’s no stock and people aren’t buying them.

Inbox also-rans
There is a demo of Disaster Report 4: Summer Memories Demo on the PlayStation store if you want to try it out before you buy it. I really enjoyed SOS: The Final Escape on PlayStation 2, so hoping this will be good too.
Andrew J.

With all the terrible real world news and its knock on effect on gaming I can’t help but think back to the Reader’s Feature last month that was predicting this would be the worst year for gaming ever. Now it looks like he was underplaying it!

This week’s Hot Topic
The question for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Grackle, who asks if how you play video games has, or is likely to, change during the coronavirus outbreak?

Have you been playing more or less games in the last few weeks and if you’re planning to self-isolate, or just spend more time at home in general, do you have any specific plans in terms of what games you’re going to play? Are you going to be working through your backlog, for example, or playing something specifically to cheer yourself up?

Will you be playing more online games in order to keep in touch with and speak to friend and family, and will you be encouraging them to play games where normally they wouldn’t?

E-mail your comments to: [email protected]

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Games Inbox: Are you still planning to get a next gen console this year?

The Thursday Inbox is very much enjoying its time with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, but one reader doesn’t like Doom Eternal’s platforming.

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The perils of Mr Microsoft
Very interesting comments from the Microsoft boss about Xbox Series X and how they don’t seem worried about it coming out this year. But what he was saying about demand isn’t a small problem. Do they or Sony really want their consoles sitting on shelves this Christmas, because that is not going to be a good look. I guess they could limit stock, artificially or otherwise, to try and pretend there’s more demand than there is but he’s right: the last thing anyone’s going to want to do once the lockdown is over is turn back round, close the curtains, and start playing more video games.

There must be a danger we’ll all be sick of video games by the time all this is over! I don’t know what the answer is though and I doubt Mr Microsoft does either. Do you delay and risk Sony having everything to their self? If you do when is the right time? The coronavirus probably won’t be properly over until at least this time next year. Do you wait till then or wait even longer, so people get the whole ‘going outside’ thing out of their system?

I think they’ll just plough ahead. There’s too many questions with delaying it and no obvious ‘right time’. But I have to say I don’t know I’ll be buying them this year anymore. I was playing to get one or the other but money is suddenly tight and I don’t know how things are going to play out. The demand is there but I’m not sure the cash is.

True evil
I’ve been slowly working my way through the Resident Evil games over the years and the only one I haven’t played (aside from the bad spin-offs and Resident Evil 3, which I’m going to correct with the remake) is Resident Evil 6.

Is it that bad? It’s on the Switch now for £20. Shall I play for completion sake? Or is it one to totally avoid?

GC: Well, we wouldn’t pay £20 for it. Although you should be able to find it for virtually nothing on other formats, if that’s an option for you. It’s easily the worst mainline entry: an incoherent mess that is exhausting in all the many ways it finds to be incompetent. By the way, don’t forget Code: Veronica. It hasn’t aged very well but it’s the real Resident Evil 3 in all but name and we hope it’s not skipped over for a remake.

Well hidden
GTA, finished. Zelda: Breath Of The Wild, finished. Far Cry (all of them), finished. The Witcher 3, finished. Luigi’s Mansion 3, finished.

So on being sent home with the current climate I was at a loss for an open world game to pass the time…

Then at the back of the cupboard, having been played once and discarded as stealthy and boring, I find Horizon Zero Dawn, all I can say is glad I didn’t trade it!

Hope everyone else has found a hidden gem to pass the time and distract them from these strange times and more importantly, stay safe and take care.
Jowbullman (PSN ID)
PS: Thanks Mrs Bullman for being so patient with me at home. Don’t forget if you have no backlog there is always ‘clocking’!

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Control of your funny bone
Let’s try to lighten the mood. When Psychonauts 2 eventually comes out (hopefully still this year), it strikes me that there’s a good chance that the Psychonauts HQ that we see in the first gameplay trailer will serve as the primary hub for most of the game from where you will enter the many minds that need moulding.

Which would mean that Psychonauts 2 would be like Control but played for laughs. Haven’t played Control yet. Reviews weren’t quite great enough for me to go rush out and buy it close to full price. I’ll pick it up when I can, though, now that it’s probably nearer to the £20-25 mark.

Please be good, Psychonauts 2. I can’t bear another Shenmue 3 scale disappointment…

The hell priests and their demonic hordes clearly decided that the best way to stop Doomguy wasn’t to throw endless armies of demons at him. But instead to create nonsensical and daft sections of platforming and climbing that would drive him so mad he would quit and fly away in his ship forever.

Lara Croft would have been better suited to this game rather than Doomguy. It’s annoying, as it breaks up
the gameplay; in fact, it’s horrendous. What were they thinking designing these levels? Why not elevators, fancy portals, etc. I hate the old video game cliché of moving platforms, it’s horrible especially in first person shooter mode. If you are going to do it then keep it to third person games.

That said, once you are in the thick of combat, being attacked on all sides and messing around with various upgrades, then the game is truly great.

Force yourself
So, I’ve finally finished Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, or rather forced myself to finish it. I should also thank the TV advert for ruining the finale of the game! But, overall, I have to say this game left a really sour taste in my mouth. I used to love Star Wars and have had to accept that I’m clearly not the target audience anymore, since the new films leave me bewildered and frustrated in equal measure, but this game received near unanimous praise so I was expecting to at least enjoy aspects of it.

My main issue was that I’d done every single thing the game asks of you in other games before, and those games had done it all better. The pilfering from other franchises is just astounding, and at times, baffling. Why did they copy Dark Souls’ resurrecting-enemies-when-you-save system? It isn’t even explained why this happens! (I think you highlighted as such in your review.)

Then, you have the most dull and boring protagonist coupled with an equally mundane story and unskippable cut scenes. I’ve re-read some reviews and a lot seem to just appreciate the fact that it’s a competent, single-player Star Wars game, and I’ll admit that the graphics are very good on the whole.

I also accept that throughout video game history developers have copied aspects of other games, but I felt that in this instance there really was zero creativity, and I really hope its success doesn’t encourage other developers to follow suit. I’m mainly just ranting because I’m surprised I ended up feeling this way about a game I really expected to enjoy. Did anyone else feel a similar way?

GC: We wouldn’t describe our review as unanimous praise. Also, watch The Mandalorian.

Even better than the real thing
Pinball FX2 is astonishing, talk about wow! Even better than having your own table at home (which I did have).

For £11.99 you get three tables and they are all amazing. Wait for a sale to buy add-on tables, which are all just as good. I just wish they would do free demo for people to try. You will never go back to 2D pinball once you have played this.

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Love of life simulators
With the coronavirus and lockdown real-life has been doom and gloom but what a time for games! Both Animal Crossing: New Horizons and Doom Eternal are excellent!

New Horizons is the first Animal Crossing game I’ve played and I’m loving it. I’d go so far to say it’s the best, well I’m not quite sure what the genre is, farming type game? I’d put it up against Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley, No Man’s Sky, and Minecraft. And of those I’d say it’s the best. The graphics are splendid, the music is so relaxing, the gameplay is so addictive. I love fishing in games, as this feature will testify, and Animal Crossing’s is fantastic!

Love catching bugs, collecting fruit, wood and rocks. Love the crafting and planting trees and flowers then tending to them. It’s all so very wholesome and satisfying. Making my home the way I want it to be. I love good checklists to complete and Nintendo nailed what this game is here. The museum deserves its own letter, it is the cherry on top of a wonderful cake! Love having my friends over and visiting them with great voice, text, and emotes to communicate. The game is a marvel. Also, special note: Tom Nook’s news announcements in the morning are especially welcome in these dark times, with much more positive news!

Doom Eternal I’m only a few missions in, mostly because Animal Crossing demands all of my free time, but so far I’m loving it too. The combat is excellent. Fantastic graphics and music. I enjoy the jumping puzzles, they kind of remind me of old Tomb Raider type puzzles and Doom Eternal’s are great. Good exploration and collectible hunting too. I’ll write more once I’ve played a bit more.

So there you have it, two excellent games to see us through the outbreak. My thanks and hats off to Nintendo and Id Software/Bethesda!
Big Angry Dad82 (gamertag)/BigAngryDad82/SW-0935-4027-5314 (NN ID)

GC: Games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing are usually described as life simulations.

Inbox also-rans
It’s been a while since State Of Decay 2 launched. Is it still a buggy mess?

GC: We haven’t played it since we reviewed it. In fact, this is the first time we remember anyone even mentioning it since then.

Figment and Tormentor x Punisher are free on PC on Epic Games Store from today for the next week.
Andrew J.

This week’s Hot Topic
The question for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Grackle, who asks if how you play video games has, or is likely to, change during the coronavirus outbreak?

Have you been playing more or less games in the last few weeks and if you’re planning to self-isolate, or just spend more time at home in general, do you have any specific plans in terms of what games you’re going to play? Are you going to be working through your backlog, for example, or playing something specifically to cheer yourself up?

Will you be playing more online games in order to keep in touch with and speak to friend and family, and will you be encouraging them to play games where normally they wouldn’t?

E-mail your comments to: [email protected]

The small print
New Inbox updates appear every weekday morning, with special Hot Topic Inboxes at the weekend. Readers’ letters are used on merit and may be edited for length.

You can also submit your own 500 to 600-word Reader’s Feature at any time, which if used will be shown in the next available weekend slot.

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Games Inbox: What is the best VR video game?

The Wednesday Inbox thinks Microsoft has the technical advantage next gen, as one reader looks forward to Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC.

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Best reality
Before it came out I would’ve felt sure that Half-Life: Alyx would be the best VR game ever and a real milestone release, etc. But GC’s review seems to be inline with most others that while it’s good it does have some issues that you can’t ignore. Which makes me ask the obvious question, what is the best VR game?

I’ve only played a few, of which I’d say Beat Saber and Moss are my favourite, but things like Blood & Truth and Asgard’s Wrath seem a bit like Half-Life, in that they’re the big efforts to create the definitive VR game but they seem to be lacking when stacked against similar normal games.

After playing a friend’s I was planning to get a PlayStation VR next gen, especially if they update the headset, but I’m still a little worried that none of the big companies are getting involved. Sony are, obviously, but Activision and EA both did little experiments at the beginning and then nothing since. I’d feel a lot more confident if they were still pushing the format too.

GC: For us this is a pretty easy question: it’s Astro Bot. It’s not a deep game, or even very original in terms of other platformers, but everything it sets out to do it does near perfectly.

The Microsoft advantage
Interestingly, I think the fact that Sony has had to throttle back the speeds on PSN but Microsoft hasn’t illustrates some of the advantages Xbox has now and in the next generation. Microsoft’s data centres and online back-end is a lot stronger than Sony’s, and probably any other company’s in the world and this is kind of the ultimate proof of it. Maybe they’ll have to slow things down eventually but they didn’t first time round, even when Netflix, YouTube, and Sony did.

Xbox Live has always been Microsoft’s strength and while Sony has caught up a lot this gen I think Xbox is going to pull ahead again with Project xCloud. Considering what a wet fart Stadia has been it’s pretty obvious to me that Microsoft is going to dominate video game streaming and that is going to be a huge bonus for them in the years to come.

Microsoft is like the classic sleeping giant at the moment and if they can bring the right games with them to the next gen I think they can easily beat Sony this time. That is, I’ll admit, a very big if but they have had enough time to get some good stuff together that they’ve only got themselves to blame if they mess it up this time.

Physical provider
Although I agree that GAME are very probably going to go under during the coronavirus I do think they have a chance of staying afloat simply because they’re one of the few that are still delivering games and hardware to homes, or at least a decent range.

I’ll still use ShopTo by preference but Amazon, surprisingly, seems like they’re going to be useless through this whole thing. Which is fine, I get they’ve got more important things to deliver, but it’s an obvious opportunity for companies that usually get sidelined by them.

I still like to buy physical copies where I can, especially of Nintendo games, and providing that during the coronavirus is still something GAME might be useful for. It’s going to make me even less keen on ever stepping foot back in a store again though.

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Plug and plug and plug and play
After reading your review of Half-Life: Alyx it’d be interesting to know GC’s thoughts on whether they prefer playing VR stood up, having to move around in a large room, or when you can just sit down with the headset and a joypad.

My personal favourite VR games all had me sitting on my settee and a beer or two (which I’ve yet to knock over). Resident Evil 7, WipEout, Moss, and the truly fabulous Astro Bot were totally immersive VR experiences that didn’t lose anything because I wasn’t wondering around my living room trying to avoid stepping on my dog.

GC: Which games have you played that have roomscale tracking, because it’s not really an option on the PlayStation VR? It is our preference, if you want to put it that way, but it’s also tiring and time-consuming to get ready, so it has to be used in moderation. (As does booze, why on earth are you drinking when you can’t even see the bottle?)

Nightmares come true
Super gutted to hear that all the Silent Hill rumours are duds. I really thought this would be the time when dreams would come true and we’d get a big budget reboot AND a new game by Hideo Kojima. And now it looks like we get nothing, or something much less interesting?

To be honest it did seem a bit too good to be true. I don’t see Sony being that bothered to buy a survival horror franchise that never sold that well, especially when they employ the guy that made the original and he already made Forbidden Siren for them.

I really hope Konami get into gear soon though. Them having a Capcom style turnaround would be amazing, but I just don’t think they care enough. Games is all Capcom do but Konami make too much money from real estate and gyms and stuff like that, more’s the pity.

Disrupted services
RE: Sony’s PlayStation 5 tech reveal. Even prior to tech reveals, the grapevine was saying the Xbox Series X was a little bit more powerful than the PlayStation 5 and the reveals confirmed this, but with caveats for Sony’s machine. It’s all probably pretty unimportant in the grand scheme of things, as has been rightly pointed out time and again the most powerful machine is rarely the most popular, as the Switch is proving once again now.

In the opening shots of the next gen battle it’s one-nil to Microsoft. Sony should hold the advantage for the next skirmish in game reveals. But I’m really keen to see Halo Infinite. I think if it’s a lacklustre as Halo 5 then that might be more damaging than even Sony’s PlayStation 5 hardware reveal. But I’m hoping not as I love Halo.

Now we are in full lockdown to slow the spread of Covid-19, just wanted to say thank you to Inboxers, Underboxers (I read you and remain unoffended), feature writers and Metro staff for providing some much needed distraction and enjoyment. Does GC envision any disruption to normal programming given the current situation?

GC: Hopefully not. Although don’t expect to see any hands-on previews for a long while, for obvious reasons. The only real problem has been that the number of Hot Topic letters have taken a drastic downturn ever since the coronavirus started. We’re not sure what the connection is there but unless we get more it may have to go down to only one part for both Saturday and Sunday.

Fool me once
The Fallout 76 Wastelanders DLC, which finally introduces human non-player characters into the game, goes live in a few weeks’ time.

I know that a game like Fallout 76 can be difficult to review, but are you planning to take a fresh look at the game once the DLC goes live?
Ron Obvious

GC: Considering the miserable time we had with it the first time round, the thought does not fill us with joy. But we’ll see if we’ve got time.

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Unfortunately authentic
Have to say, after playing the Resident Evil 3 demo last week, I can’t agree it’s shaping up to be better than 2.

The demo for Resident Evil 2 really sold it to me, with that close up of the half-eaten face as you move the corpse’s lolling head, the atmosphere of the building, the wind rattling the frames of broken windows, lightning flashes illuminating the rain drops on the panes. Here it’s just a nondescript urban environment with some guy giving you instructions over a walkie-talkie.

The environments aren’t any less narrow, which is probably unavoidable, especially for a remake. But that doesn’t make it feel any less as though the usual building walls are just replaced with more artificial barriers like car pileups, etc. I wouldn’t have expected an open city or anything but I’m essentially still navigating a collection of corridors, just this time without a ceiling. Speaking of ‘more or the same’ the recycling of items and puzzles is probably in line with the original but bolt cutters, shotguns, and safe codes on posters being Resident Evil staples did make it feel more like DLC for the predecessor.

And I see how they’re trying to top Mr X but Nemesis just seems to be more of a pain. Not really a scary one at that, just one that makes you panic run to wherever you can get shot of him. Having him jump over you to block your path or use that extremely annoying tentacle to trip you up from behind all contributes to the immersion, I’m sure, but even within about three minutes of him showing up I was sighing rather than hyperventilating. ‘Is this what a big chunk of the game is going to be like?’ was my main thought.

The visuals may have been better but I’m not even sure about that to be honest, as the last game already looked great.

End of the day, if it’s just more of the same with some minor changes and a new multiplayer, it’ll still be an enjoyable game but I’m not sure they really needed to have a demo and might have been better just telling people to play Resident Evil 2. If they apply this remake treatment to all the older games I can see diminishing returns each time and it’d be a shame if the amazing goodwill from Resident Evil 2 declined in a pattern similar to the one we saw between 2 and 4.

GC: All the problems you’re describing are intrinsic to the original game, which was always the least of the pre-Resident Evil 4 games.

Inbox also-rans
Child Of Light is free on UPlay on PC at the moment.
Andrew J.

So, ah, no Nintendo Direct announcement again, I take it? Darn.

GC: Not as we type this. Which means a Direct this week is now quite unlikely.

This week’s Hot Topic
The question for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Grackle, who asks if how you play video games has, or is likely to, change during the coronavirus outbreak?

Have you been playing more or less games in the last few weeks and if you’re planning to self-isolate, or just spend more time at home in general, do you have any specific plans in terms of what games you’re going to play? Are you going to be working through your backlog, for example, or playing something specifically to cheer yourself up?

Will you be playing more online games in order to keep in touch with and speak to friend and family, and will you be encouraging them to play games where normally they wouldn’t?

E-mail your comments to: [email protected]

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New Inbox updates appear every weekday morning, with special Hot Topic Inboxes at the weekend. Readers’ letters are used on merit and may be edited for length.

You can also submit your own 500 to 600-word Reader’s Feature at any time, which if used will be shown in the next available weekend slot.

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Games Inbox: Are you playing more video games since the coronavirus outbreak?

The Monday Inbox hears more PlayStation 2 20th anniversary memories, as one reader is okay with no more Prince Of Persia games.

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Home entertainment
So… these are pretty grim days for everyone. I’m sure I’m not the only one that has been going out less lately, even though I’m not in a vulnerable group. And of course the obvious thing to do when you’re stuck in home is play video games. Not new ones, of course, because they’re aren’t any (although I may take a chance on Nioh 2) but I have going back to God Of War to try and 100% it and I’ve started playing Destiny 2 again for the first time in ages.

I can’t imagine I’m going to be the only in this situation, even though I find my mind keeps wandering while playing. Now that the inexplicable games drought is ending some really interesting stuff is coming out too and I will be saving the money I don’t spend from going out to get Resident Evil 3 and Final Fantasy 7 Remake earlier than I probably would have.

Hopefully they will be good enough to take my mind off everything and the time will go quicker than I expected, but yeah… my thoughts go out to anyone that’s suffering with them or a relative actually having the virus. Suddenly makes all our bickering about video games, as if that really matters, seem very trivial.

Cometh the hour, cometh the game
Nice article on holiday-themed video games at the weekend. I’ve got a feeling video games are going to become very important over the coming months, as they’re one of the only things people don’t need to go out for and also allow you to keep in contact with family and friends. It’s ironic then that we’ve had such a long games drought but it’s coming to an end at just the right time and Animal Crossing: New Horizons in particular looks like the perfect game to lighten everyone’s spirits.

It’s a game literally anyone can play it – my gran has enjoyed previous ones – and there’s absolutely no violence or unpleasantness in it. There is medicine but only for if you get stung by wasps (or anything that’s new in the new game!)

I’m certainly looking forward to it and will be using it to check in daily with my sister as we play together. She’s always liked it too and I’m hoping the voice chat won’t be too awkward that we can use it all the time. Suddenly I’m less interesting in pretending to shoot people online and would rather just catch some fish with them.

Starting a conversation
I knew Naughty Dog was one of the worst developers for relying on crunch so I’m not surprised to find out that it’s being used for The Last Of Us Part 2 and that once it got delayed they just extended the crunch instead of not having to do it. I’m also not surprised at that lack of empathy from some people, who seem to prefer to call people ‘weak’ and laugh at them then offer a shred of compassion.

For myself, I have decided no to get the game, as I do not want to reward Naughty Dog for their actions and be complicit in having people hospitalised and quitting their jobs just because of a video game. I’m not suggesting everyone should do this, you must do what your own conscience demands, but I urge those that are uncomfortable with the situation to also consider boycotting.

That’s the only way these companies will change, as clearly the developers themselves have no power over anything. I’m sure there won’t be nearly enough people that skip the game for Sony to even notice, but I hope we can cause enough noise that it at least starts a conversation at these companies.

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Time loop
If Hideo Kojima ends up working on Silent Hills again, even if it’s via Sony, will that count as the biggest waste of time ever for a video game? He left Konami in 2015 and assuming he hasn’t started yet it’s going to be 2022 tops before Silent Hills is ready for release again, when it presumably would’ve originally come out in 2017 or thereabouts.

Maybe Konami are now thinking that actually, getting rid of the world’s most famous game developer wasn’t such a good idea. I’m just shocked that they’re getting a second chance with all this, because they don’t deserve it.

I’m also surprised that so much fuss is being made over Silent Hill, a series which to my knowledge has never been especially successful and is in a genre that’s less popular than ever. Personally, I’d rather he did something original, but there’s no denying that the P.T. demo wasn’t very promising.

As seen on TV
On Click on the BBC iPlayer the latest episode this weekend just gone has a 10-minute article about Half-Life: Alyx, if you are interested in it and like me won’t be getting it because it is so expensive. Unless of course, in a few years’, time they decide to release it on PlayStation VR2.
Andrew J.
PS: Also, Shantae Half-Genie Hero is now free on Xbox Gold at the moment, it was on my wishlist but now it has been given away free on Gold I have got it. Although I bought one of the previous games on 3DS, it’s an
excellent Metroidvania game.

Lesser exclusives
A bit late to the PlayStation 2 20th year lovefest but I was interested to see what others were going to list as their favourite games on that console. What slightly surprised me was stuff that was missing more than anything.

I can’t argue with the Ratchet & Clank/Jak & Daxter series, Ico, Shadow Of The Colossus, all great games I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. Same applies to many of the others people mentioned which I’ve played too.

But did anyone include the Onimusha series, Ace Combat series, Maximo (1 and 2), the under-appreciated PlayStation 2 Tenchu games and closely related Shinobido?

With the PlayStation 2 the thing which made it stand out for me were the games that gave it depth in quality across a wide range of genres. There were the PC ports like Deus Ex, Half-Life, and The Operative: Nobody Lives Forever and Giants: Citizen Kabuto. But it was that delight in the discovery of those ‘lesser’, usually exclusive, games which turned out to be well worth playing, even if sometimes flawed, which I remember the PlayStation 2 for as much as the highly regarded ones.

In that category I’d cite Haunting Ground, Mark Of Kri and its NTSC-only sequel Rise Of The Kasai, Thunderhawk: Operation Phoenix, Gungriffon Blaze, Naval Ops series, Drakan: The Ancient Gates, Dropship UPF, Kagero 2: Dark Illusion (Trapt) and plenty of others too.

Happy birthday PlayStation 2 and thanks for the many hours of entertainment we’ve had from you.
Malcolm Lawn

Hourly occupation
The PlayStation 2 to me will always have a fond place in my gaming heart, because it was my first foray into a ‘modern’ game console.

Before this I had only played Game Boy and Master System platform games, but after seeing the graphics and the sheer range of games available I became a PlayStation convert.

The quality of the games, the graphics, and the stories was mind-blowing and kept me gaming for hours. You could be involved in a war at breakfast, playing in the NBA at dinner time and boxing for a world title at tea time!

My all-time favourite PlayStation 2 game was Fight Night 2 it was truly awesome and kept me entertained for months!
Owen Hollifield

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Perfectly timed
I’m eagerly awaiting your review of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, GC.

It’s obvious at this point that it’s going to be good, probably the best it’s ever been and looking at the hype on the Internet and social media it’s going to be a massive success.

I’m excited to know exactly how much more they’ve added to it as it’s been pretty much the same for years but New Horizons seems like it’s going up a notch and then some!

A friend asked me why it’s being anticipated so much and I asked myself the same question, why am I looking forward to it so much?

Well, the world isn’t a nice place, especially with all the doom and gloom at the moment and Animal Crossing is a nice place to be; it’s cute, it’s charming, it’s lovely, it’s relaxing, it’s a world I’d like to live in.

Also, working and having to look after my child who has severe autism means at the end of the day, in the evening I’m exhausted. I sometimes have about two hours after my son has gone to sleep but recently I’m finding I’m too exhausted to play games such as Dark Souls or The Witcher 3, or Dragon Ball FighterZ, or Astral Chain and Cuphead. They’re just too demanding.

Animal Crossing, however, is different, I won’t have to worry about my HP, my weapons, what level I’m at, what quest I need to do, what input commands I need to learn. With Animal Crossing I can relax and unwind.

I think that’s why I’m looking forward to it so much… I really cannot wait!

GC: You won’t have to for the review, as the embargo is this afternoon.

Inbox also-rans
Agree on the consensus about Call Of Duty: Warzone, it’s very good. As others have said, I’m not sure about the lastability but I’m definitely enjoying it at the moment.

I’m not sure I even want Ubisoft to bring back Prince Of Persia. They’ve messed it up so many times, it was only the Sands Of Time that was any good. I don’t want another grimdark misery game.

This week’s Hot Topic
The question for this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Gifford, who asks you to imagine your ideal next gen sequel.

Take any game or franchise that already exists and imagine it for the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. How would it differ from current versions and how would it take advantage of the superior graphics and faster load times? What other features do you hope it will have and what would’ve been impossible in the current gen?

How likely do you think what you’ve suggested is? What are you most excited about in the next gen: sequels or brand new titles that haven’t been announced yet?

E-mail your comments to: [email protected]

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New Inbox updates appear every weekday morning, with special Hot Topic Inboxes at the weekend. Readers’ letters are used on merit and may be edited for length.

You can also submit your own 500 to 600-word Reader’s Feature at any time, which if used will be shown in the next available weekend slot.

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