Yupitergrad Expands Time Attack Mode With 10 New Levels Today

For those that love a bit of hardcore action puzzling Yupitergrad’s swinging gameplay is right at the top, challenging players to navigate treacherous levels filled with all sorts of machinations designed to kill you. Today, developer Gamedust has released ten brand-new levels for the Time Attack mode, all for free.

The ten new levels were designed with the help of Yupergrad’s community of players, offering more deadly corridors and expansive rooms to get through. This brings the total available levels to 40 in Time Attack, plus there’s a new music track to keep your ears entertained. At the moment the update is only available for the Oculus Quest and PC VR versions of Yupitergrad, Gamedust says the new levels will come to PlayStation VR at a later date.

The studio isn’t stopping there either, confirming that more content is in development for all you fans of being Spider-Man in space.

Yupitergrad initially launched with just a single-player campaign to complete. Since then the Time Attack mode has been added alongside PlayStation VR support and more levels. If you’ve not tried the videogame yet and happen to own Oculus Quest or PC VR headset then there’s a way to test the game for free, Yupitergrad: Sneaki Peaki. Available either through Steam or SideQuest, the cut-down version features the initial tutorial and three levels from Time Attack.

The Yupitergrad campaign has you sent to a space station orbiting Jupiter to conduct a rather dangerous experiment. Chaos ensues so you have to stop the place from blowing up and escape. Naturally, you’re given two grappling suction cups attached to each hand to navigate the very treacherous station. Danger is around every corner as you make your way through flooded sections, whirling rollers of death, gas leaks, corridors that open out into space and much more.

Reviewing Yupitergrad last year VRFocus said: “What you see is what you get with Gamedust’s latest VR experience and that’s no bad thing. From the aesthetics to the locomotion, Yupitergrad is a nicely crafted VR game which was thrilling to play at points.” For continued Yupitergrad updates keep reading VRFocus.

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