You can now watch tons of Pokémon episodes on your Switch

You can now watch Pokémon TV from the comfort of your Nintendo Switch. The go-to app for everything Pokémon — except, you know, the games — finally arrived on Nintendo’s flagship console on Thursday.

Pokémon TV gives fans access to hundreds of episodes of the Pokémon anime series across all of its different iterations, including a few full seasons. Pokémon TV also includes access to animated specials, video game tournaments and competitions, and trading card content. The app also changes periodically, mixing up what content is available for users.

Pokémon TV contains a section for younger users, as well, with small videos of Pokémon and trainers that are specifically designed for young children.


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Pokémon TV was originally released as a web player back in 2010 and first arrived on mobile app stores in 2013. This is the first time the app has been available on Switch. Switch users can download the app now and use the entire service for free.

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