The Pistol Whip Smoke & Thunder Update Arrives Next Week

Cloudhead Games has been teasing Pistol Whip’s next campaign Smoke & Thunder for a few months now, dropping players into a wild west-themed experience with lots of additional content. Today, the studio has announced that the Pistol Whip: Smoke & Thunder update will arrive in a weeks time.

Just like Pistol Whip’s first cinematic campaign 2089, Smoke & Thunder will feature five scenes taking players on a story-driven journey revolving around sisters Jessie (Victoria Hogan, Kingdom Come: Deliverance) and Tess (Avalon Penrose, Hades). In between each scene, the narrative will play out via illustrated cutscenes created by comic artist Fico Ossio, and colourist Raciel Avila. 

Smoke & Thunder won’t simply sport an original story and snazzy theme, it’ll feature tracks from The Heavy, Black Pistol Fire, Bones UK, Devora, and Magic Sword. There will be new pistols for that ultimate gunslinger feel, perfect for taking down the new enemies and final boss.

Once the campaign is complete you can then head on over to the new Arcade mode to play both 2089 and Smoke & Thunder‘s scenes. The difference this time is the ability to choose whatever weapon and modifier you want for an endless stream of combinations.

Don’t forget, as Cloudhead Games previously revealed, the Smoke & Thunder update will also include the new Styles sandbox system. This is where you’ll really get to mix up the gameplay experience in Pistol Whip, creating new setups with a preferred weapons type and five modifiers. This will see the inclusion of Brawler, transforming the previous No Ammo modifier into a new melee mode.

There is one final change to Pistol Whip and that’s the price. The Smoke & Thunder update will launch next Thursday, 12th August and will be free to existing Pistol Whip owners. The core videogame itself can still be bought for $24.99 USD across all platforms until 15th August. After that date, the Pistol Whip price will be increased to $29.99 to help support the creation of more content. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Pistol Whip, reporting back with the latest updates.
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