Song in the Smoke September Launch Confirmed

One of the most promising looking virtual reality (VR) titles to appear this year has been 17-BIT’s Song in the Smoke, a big survival adventure with a mysterious narrative. A multiplatform launch had been slated for this year, today seeing confirmation that it’s not far away, taking place in a couple of weeks.

The announcement was made as part of a Japanese event called “asobo Indie Showcase 2021” featuring a multitude of videogames, with Song in the Smoke appearing very close to the start. Other than the launch date no new information was shared regarding the upcoming project.

Originally revealed during March’s PlayStation Spotlight, Song in the Smoke is the first VR experience from 17-BIT, which is helmed by founder and creative lead Jake Kazdal (Skulls of the Shogun and GALAK-Z). Kazdal has previously commented that: “Song in the Smoke is unlike anything we’ve done before, and it’s our most ambitious title yet.”

Players will be able to explore a world made up of eight biomes, ranging from lush forests and ancient valleys to frozen peaks. Their survival will depend on acquiring resources to craft weapons so they can hunt and defend themselves from the local wildlife. 17-BIT has paid special attention to how the animals behave and react to a players presence, trying to make them as lifelike as possible. So depending on whether they’re hungry, afraid or tired, they may be more likely to attack or run away.

All the controls will be tailored to immersive VR gameplay, like using a bow to hunt or striking flint to make a fire at night. Song in the Smoke will also feature a magical storyline that’ll unfold whilst uncovering this prehistoric world’s secrets.

17-BIT will release Song in the Smoke for Oculus Quest, Rift and PlayStation VR on 18th September 2021 (still no mention of Steam support). The whole showcase can be seen below and if there are any further updates VRFocus will let you know.
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