Oculus Quest Pre-orders for A Township Tale now Live, Grants Early Access

When it came to Oculus Quest announcements during E3 week one of the most exciting was news of A Township Tale, the open-world role-playing game (RPG) from Alta. Confirming a 15th July launch date, today the studio has opened up pre-orders for the videogame which unlock some useful bonuses including being able to play A Township Tale early.

Pre-ordering A Township Tale today for $9.99 USD will mean that you can dive into its colourful world two days early on 13th July. You’ll also get an exclusive outfit, toolbelt and an additional 1,000 Talems (in-game currency) – on top of the base 1,000 Talems all players receive – to customise your character.

A Township Tale won’t offer cross-platform gameplay between the original PC VR version and Oculus Quest but all the in-game items are cross compatible. So if you already play the PC version you can bring your items across by signing into your A Township Tale account on Quest. Alta is planning to make both versions compatible in a future update.

The videogame is a co-op adventure where up to eight friends can team up on one virtual server, choose a profession and then help each other explore the dangerous world around them. You can choose to become a blacksmith, woodcutter, miner, archer or warrior, each vital to the ecosystem as you recover crafting materials to make new equipment and improve your gear. 

“Launching on Quest gives a new way for fans around the world to band together and face the challenges of the magical, medieval VR world of A Township Tale,” said Boramy Unn, game director, Alta in a statement. “Since revealing A Township Tale for Quest and Quest 2 earlier this month, the response has been overwhelmingly positive. We created this pre-order program to provide even more reason for new and current playersto jump right in and connect with friends in the immersive way that is only possible on VR.”

For those not interested in pre-ordering, A Township Tale will launch for Oculus Quest on 15th July priced at $9.99. Users will get their own personal server and those Talems previously mentioned. For further updates on the open-world RPG, keep reading VRFocus.

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