No More Heroes 3 is Japanese boss fight mayhem at its best on Nintendo Switch

This is the most bonkers game of the year.

From the first minute it flips and dashes between styles, genres and just pure lunacy at 100mph.

And it’s one of those games you can’t take your eyes off.

Like a good book.

You once again, if you’ve played the past NMH games, star as cocky protagonist Travis Touchdown.

This is like Ryan Reynolds turned up to 11, and the quips, one liners and jokey asides are genuinely funny.

He’s a top ranked assassin and has a homecoming to his town of Santa Destroy just in time for an alien invasion.

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Cue some absolutely bizarre storytelling as flashbacks reveal a cutesy old alien pal who crash-landed Superman-style to earth years ago has come back as an adult.

But this time he wants control of earth and embarks on a bloody rampage with his own intergalactic league of assassins from around the universe.

What unfolds in the first couple of hours in No More Heroes is so wild and breakneck it can almost feel out of control.

But when the game settles down slightly into some sort of order you do find yourself with a clear path ahead and a knowledge of how to get there.

It generally boils down to Travis working his way up the assassin rankings, through the ten boss fights all the way to Fu himself to save earth from destruction.

What makes this game so unique is the minutiae of it.

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So, for example, if you want to save your game you’ve got to do so by going to the toilet and sitting down on the porcelain bowl.

There’s wacky neon graffiti-like screens as you progress through gaming sections while the gameplay itself has a huge Japanese Anime aesthetic with fast-talking, often oddball voice-acting that’s all a bit weird.

The fighting however is excellent.

And those boss fights are incredibly tough from the get-go, meaning you’ll die a fair bit before levelling up and moving onto bigger and harder conquests.

It’s all done with tongue in cheek and thanks to the Switch’s ability to play both traditionally via buttons or using the Joy-Con controller movements, gives you a real video gaming challenge.

Developer Suda51 has its hallmarks all over this game, and it feels like a step up from previous franchise outings.

But newcomers will take a little time to adjust to the out-there storytelling and many sudden changes in design and development as the game progresses.

But if you stick with it, No More Heroes 3 is great fun, packed full of enjoyable gameplay and frantically memorable moments.

The graphics feel a little poor for the Switch, not massively HD, but the personality and gameplay packed into the title more than make up for it.

It’s a unique game and well worth checking out if you’re an adrenaline junkie who loves big boss fights.


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