Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 is a fun truck game but doesn’t quite win the race

Monster truck games should be great fun on consoles but we’ve never had a real stunner of a title up there with the best that video games have to offer.

And sadly that trend continues with this latest foray into the genre on the ageing-generation of machines.

Monster Jam is fun, but you’ll find yourself growing bored of it quite quickly.

The reason is simple, there’s not really enough to do in the ‘five big open worlds’ the game has to offer.

And even though the races and tasks are varied, it’s just too sparse to catch your attention and keep hold of it for hours on end.

Monster Jam plays well at least, the gameplay physics are about right and you’ll love swinging 38 different types of big old monster truck around race tracks and varying backdrops like a lunatic.

Basic tricks can be mastered quickly thanks to a handy tutorial, so donuts and truck flips are in your armoury early.

But it can get annoying when you’re trying to traverse certain rocky uphill and off-road areas, resulting in annoying and costly slips and falls.

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The graphics are sub-par, I tried playing this on a swanky Xbox Series X, the most powerful console out there, and there was a lot of textures and visuals popping in and out of the screen as the game struggled to cope with it’s own race speed.

It should be a smooth experience, particularly as it’s focused on the older consoles and not the SX or PS5.

And ultimately, it feels a bit second rate when you compare it to the Forza and Dirt racing series.

It’s a decent effort, one that monster truck fans alone will get the best out of.

But if you’re a gamer looking for a top-rated car and racing experience, there’s better out there.


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