HeroClix X-Men House Of X: Krakoa Card Revealed

The next HeroClix set, coming in December, is X-Men House of X. Multiple outlets have received pre-release bricks of the set, allowing them to reveal new figures and abilities for the first time. TheGamer was included, and in our unboxing video I happened to stumble one of the rare Chase characters. You can watch that to see the figure up close, and here I’ll reveal what’s on the card.

And here’s a text version of the info:

Krakoa HeroClix Stats

Keywords: Horsemen, Quiet Council, X-Men, Future

Point Value: 125/40.


  • Simulacra Body, Connected To Krakoa: If Krakoa is 40 points, he’s KO’d when crosses the red line. // Protected: Pulse Wave
  • Strategically-Placed Safe Havens: At the beginning of the game, generate 5 Save Haven hindering terrain markers anywhere on the map at least 5 squares from any starting area and each other. // Friendly characters with X-Men keyword that are adjacent to Krakoa or occupy one of his Save Haven markers have “POWER: Place this character adjacent to Krakoa or in the square of one of his Save Haven markers.” // Friendly chracters with the X-Men keyword ignore hindering terrain.
  • Living Island Of Refuge For Mutantkind: Phasing/Teleport, Poison. Smoke Cloud as Free.
  • Maintain All That Cypher Was: When opposing character in range uses Outwit, Perplex, or Probability Control, Krakoa can use that power until the end of your next turn.


  • One With Every Leaf: Stealth
  • Horseman Of Famine: Incapacitate
  • The Land Rejects You: Quake
  • Lithosphere: Invincible
  • Asthenosphere: Impervious
  • Mesosphere: Invulnerability
  • Healing Sustenance: Support
  • Fangs Of A Hungry Jungle: Battle Fury
  • Team Ability: X-Men – POWER: Choose an adjacent friendly character that can use this Team Ability and heal that character one click and roll a d6. One-Four: This character is dealt 1 unavoidable damage.

X-Men House of X is coming in December. Bricks will be sold at your favorite local game store, or you can pre-order through the WizKids online shop.

In other tabletop news, the Pokemon TCG is finally removing a 20-year ban on a card thanks to a famous magician. It’s a weird situation, and definitely worth a read.

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