Giovanni and Mewtwo Return to Pokémon Masters for Another Limited Time Event

Giovanni and Mewtwo are striking back in Pokémon Masters with another round of the “Lurking Shadows” limited-time event. This time the event has been enhanced to yield more rewards for battling than before, making it easier to earn the Custom Vouchers required to obtain Giovanni and Mewtwo as a 5-star sync pair.

The event commenced on March 6th and will run through the 15th. It’s a tough grind to unlock this duo as a utilizable sync pair in just one week, but where there’s a will there’s a way!

Increased Rewards

Custom Voucher 1 and Custom Super Voucher 1 drops have been raised for the event’s comeback. Fresh single-player battles have been added as a means to obtain more vouchers as well. Certain areas will also triple their reward output once a day during the event. These areas include: “Take Down Giovanni” 1,2,3, and 4. These increased drop rates will refresh daily at 12:00 am

Obtaining The Sync Pair

Players who’ve already unlocked the Giovanni and Mewtwo sync pair during the previous Lurking Shadows event can get to work on upgrading the sync pair. Custom items obtained through the event can be used to unlock the sync pair’s level cap, increase potential, and learn new moves. These items can be earned as rewards or through trading in Custom Vouchers.

Data has carried over from the previous event, meaning players who didn’t manage to obtain the Giovanni and Mewtwo sync pair can resume the endeavor with the progress they made the first time around. That’s a considerable relief seeing to unlock the duo as a sync pair players must obtain 800 Custom Voucher 1’s.

The data that will carry over includes:

  • The completion of event areas, missions, and first-time rewards.
  • The number of items exchanged in the shop.
  • The Custom Voucher 1’s and Custom Super Voucher 1’s players have obtained through the previous Lurking Shadows event.

Because of these records carrying over, Vouchers will not be converted into coin upon the event’s cessation.

To take part in the Lurking Shadows event, players must complete the first chapter of Pokémon Master‘s main story. Additionally, to be eligible to unlock Giovanni and Mewtwo as a sync pair, players must complete the Lurking Shadows mission “Unfathomable Strength” and acquire the 800 Custom Voucher 1’s.

It’s a long haul, but the event info suggests Lurking Shadows will be a regular re-occurrence. There’s no need to grind out all 800 vouchers required before this round of the event ends on March 15th.

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