Compare A Township Tale on Oculus Quest & PC in This new Video

Indie developer Alta is set to launch its open-world role-playing game (RPG) A Township Tale for Oculus Quest next week. Originally a PC title, today the studio has released a new comparison video showcasing what some of the fundamental changes between the two versions will be.

Obviously, most of this is centred around the graphics and the decisions Alta had to make to ensure a smooth experience for Oculus Quest players. As you can clearly see in the screenshot above, there’s a massive hit when it comes to detail and the number of objects displayed, especially at a distance. In the comparison video, A Township Tale’s Game Director Boramy Unn pays specific attention to lighting, explaining that it’s all real-time in both versions for a dynamic day/night cycle. However, the Quest isn’t able to handle all the shadows being cast, so they’ve been removed.

Avatars, on the other hand, don’t look too dissimilar to their PC versions, they just lack that extra level of detail. As Alta has previously confirmed, if you are coming from the PC to Oculus Quest then all your in-game items will still be available by signing into your account. Cross-platform play, however, won’t be supported.

There is good news though. One of the benefits of bringing A Township Tale to Oculus Quest is its fixed specifications. On PC Alta makes continual improvements to the performance which is never simple considering the sheer amount of PC variations available. Talking about the Quest’s performance Unn says: “We’re better able to ensure that players get a near-perfect framerate throughout their play session.”

A Township Tale is a co-op adventure allowing up to eight friends to team up on one virtual server and go on quests. They’ll all have to choose a profession to aid each other as they explore the dangerous world around them. They can become a blacksmith, woodcutter, miner, archer or warrior, each vital in their own way. As the team ventures deeper into the landscape, they’ll be able to recover crafting materials to make new equipment and improve their gear. 

The Oculus Quest version of A Township Tale will launch next Thursday, 15th July for $9.99. Users will get their own personal server and 1,000 Talems of in-game currency to start spending and customising. VRFocus will continue its coverage of A Township Tale, reporting back with further updates.
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