Carrier Command 2 VR August Launch Date Confirmed

Last week, the reawakened ’80s and ’90s studio Microprose and developer Geometa announce that the upcoming real-time strategy (RTS) videogame Carrier Command 2 would be getting a virtual reality (VR) version for PC-based headsets. Today, the team have confirmed that Carrier Command 2 and Carrier Command 2 VR are less than two weeks away from launch.

The original Carrier Command is a strategy classic from 30 years ago, and just like before you’re put in charge of a high tech aircraft carrier filled to the brim with deployable craft to conduct missions with. From the command deck, you can operate its systems, gathering intelligence before launching an offensive to conquer the Archipelago. Once the first island has been taken you can then exploit and defend its resources to ensure you’re survival.

Carrier Command 2 isn’t just about controlling the battle from afar, you can get into the heat of the action by stepping into the planes, tanks and other vehicles you’ve deployed.

Originally designed as a PC-only title, developer Geometa listened to the community who wanted a VR version, and so Carrier Command 2 VR was born. The studio reveals that: “While VR was not originally in our roadmap, the literalism of the diegetic interfaces within the game has made it very easy to introduce VR to Carrier Command – this is the same game, with the same balance and same mechanics!”

“In the VR edition, you can control all the same systems, vehicles, and controls, from the bridge of the ACC Epsilon Carrier. Use your VR controllers to move and interact with controls, and remote pilot vehicles. Use the holomap with 3D vision. Move around the bridge, use screens, staff the stations, take first person remote control,” the team adds.

While both versions are essentially different videogames the launch will see both titles bundled together, so there’s no need to pay twice. There’s another benefit as well because both titles are so closely linked, the co-op and multiplayer modes are cross-platform so VR and non-VR players can compete.

Carrier Command 2 and Carrier Command 2 VR are scheduled to launch on 10th August 2021, a price has yet to be revealed. For further updates on Microprose VR projects including the previously revealed The Mighty Eighth, keep reading VRFocus
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