6 Free On-Demand Workshops to Kickstart your AR/VR Development

Interested in developing AR/VR applications but don’t know where to start. Start by choosing one or more of these free workshops which will serve as a perfect introduction into XR development.

🧤 Designing UI for Hand Tracking Applications

  • Learn the best practices of designing VR experiences with hand tracking (highly recommend if you own a hand tracking device such as Quest or HoloLens2 – open to everyone!)
  • Instructor: Eric Carter

🎭 Face Tracking with AR Foundation Workshop

  • Learn how create dynamic face-tracking filters used in Snapchat or Instagram with our instructor, Nakisa Donnelly. By the end of the workshop, you might have your own mobile filter that responds to the movement of your face. Project assets are provided.
  • Instructor: Nakisa Donnelly

🏹 Bow & Arrow VR Workshop

  • Recreate a Bow and Arrow VR project simulation from scratch in Unity. This workshop serves as a good introduction to virtual reality development. Project assets are provided.
  • Instructor: Usman Mir

📲 Introduction to AR Workshop

  • Learn how to set up an augmented reality project in Unity and use SDKs like Vuforia and AR Foundation for plane tracking applications. Project assets are provided.
  • Instructor: Usman Mir

🦾 Artificial Intelligence and Unity

  • Explore the basics of artificial intelligence and different types of intelligent agents. You’ll learn how to create a project with goal-oriented action planning systems commonly used in game development and simulations.
  • Instructor: Jerry Medeiros

⚾️ XR Interaction Toolkit Workshop

  • Build a mini baseball game in AR and VR without a single line of code.
  • Instructor: Jerry Medeiros

🍭  AR/VR Design Secrets

  • There’s a huge difference in how XR applications are perceived. Former Oculus Studios and HoloLens 2 design engineer explains and shows how to optimize and polish your work to look and feel complete. 
  • Instructor: Eric Carter

🎲  Unity MARS

  • MARS is a game-changer in the AR creative workflow. With its unique interface, developers can create intelligent AR apps that are context-aware and responsive to the physical environment and will work in any location with any type of data.
  • Instructor: Jerry Medeiros

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