Ubisoft/Tomb Raider crossovers continue with Lara Croft in Brawlhalla

Man, what the heck is going on with Crystal Dynamics and Ubisoft? The bromance between the two continues with Lara Croft jumping into Brawlhalla — remember that? — earlier this week.

Two weeks ago, Tomb Raider’s hall-of-fame hero lent her likeness to a skin for operator Ash in Rainbow Six Siege. Now she joins Ubisoft’s 2D Smash Bros. clone as the latest Legend transported in from another dimension/game.

Patch 3.57 on Wednesday brought in the Tomb Raider crossover event. Lara Croft mirrors the abilities of Diana, the legend added to the game in March 2016. She has two appearances, a classic skin with dual-wield pistols, and the “survivor” look whose weapon is an ornate bow.

Lara Croft will remain in the game following the crossover event, which will add a new map, Temple Ruins, to the Free-for-All rotation. There’s a new game type, too, called Temple Climb; in it, four players try to climb higher than their opponents in a four-minute free-for-all, through a trap-laden platforming level.

Brawlhalla has done crossovers with Hellboy, Adventure Time, the WWE Superstars, Rayman, and, of course, Shovel Knight. Of these, only Rayman has stuck around on the roster; the others were all skins of existing Legends.

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play game on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One, which first launched in October 2017. The game introduced cross-platform play last fall. Brawlhalla’s roster of playable legends rotates regularly, and they’re acquired with an in-game currency earned by playing. Players can also pay $19.99 to have access to all current and future fighters, but crossovers skins/characters aren’t included.

Patch 3.57 has a bunch more fixes, balances, and other test features. For those Brawlhalla players wanting more insight on how to use Lara, Blue Mammoth Games wrote up a quickstart guide for PlayStation Blog last week.

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