PlayStation Showcase with a ‘look into the future of PS5’ announced for Sept. 9

Sony will hold a 40-minute PlayStation Showcase on Sept. 9, the company announced Thursday. Beginning at 1 p.m. PDT/4 p.m. EDT, the event will include “a look into the future of PS5” and “updates from PlayStation Studios” that have games coming this year and beyond. PlayStation Showcase 2021 will be broadcast on YouTube and Twitch.

Developers from first- and third-party studios will be on hand to discuss their projects, Sony said on the PlayStation Blog. Next week’s event is the first PlayStation Showcase in nearly a year; last year’s version of the event is where Sony officially unveiled the PlayStation 5.

Sony is tempering expectations on PlayStation’s next-gen virtual reality offerings; nothing on that will be shown during next Thursday’s event. Sony didn’t offer any specific details on what will be shown during the PlayStation Showcase, but it seems like we’ll get an update on Horizon Forbidden West and Sony’s next God of War game, at the very least. The next God of War is slated for a release in 2022, which is when Horizon Forbidden West is planned to launch, too. Ahead of previous State of Play events, Sony had made specific note to mention when these games weren’t to be showcased — and there’s no such language in Thursday’s announcement.

Sony’s Gran Turismo 7, too, was delayed until 2022, but it’s possible we’ll see a peek into its development. PlayStation 5 owners are also awaiting updates on two big games from Square Enix: Final Fantasy 16 and Forspoken.

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