Doom Eternal Easter egg shouts out the game’s elite QA team

This is pretty slick. Doom Eternal’s QA team got props in the game twice: Once in the regular credits, and once in-world, thanks to their comrades on the rest of the development team.

Jordan Garland, himself a QA lead for Rockstar Lincoln (UK), noticed and tweeted out his thanks in solidarity. The team is id Software’s QA team, led by Addison Ziegler and supervised by Dan Silva.

In the Doom canon, looks like these folks are the Union Aerospace Corporation’s crack unit of problem solvers. “Observe. Excel. Observe.” That’s an on-brand motto for the team in both realities.

It sort of reminds me of another great in-world “credits sequence”; that being NCAA Fooball 14, where the high school team for the single-player Road to Glory team was made up of EA Tiburon developers. So, your teammates were literally those who made the game.

Doom Eternal launched last week to wide praise, especially for its ability to blend physical comedy with best-in-class gore.

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