Destiny 2: The Witch Queen won’t include a new subclass, but one is in development

Bungie hasn’t been shy about calling Destiny 2: Beyond Light’s Stasis subclass the “first” new Darkness power set. So Guardians may have been surprised during Tuesday’s Destiny Showcase when Bungie didn’t reveal a new element. In an interview for Twitch’s The Weekly show, Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn confirmed that players won’t see a new powerset in The Witch Queen expansion. But he also revealed that one is in development for a future update.

“We knew when we wanted to add another damage type to Destiny, we needed to take more time,” said Blackburn. “We’re not doing a new damage sub-type for Witch Queen. We have one in development, you’re gonna see it eventually, but we really want to make sure we get it right.”

Blackburn went on to speak about the Light subclass rework, which will use the Stasis system added to the game in Beyond Light. The creative director talked up the new reworks for these Light subclasses, suggesting that longtime players will have a lot more tools and combinations to play with.

It’s currently unclear what the fifth subclass type will be in Destiny 2 — or when players will get their hands on it. But it seems likely that players will have three Light and three Darkness subclasses by the time Destiny 2’s first saga — the battle between Light and Dark — ends with The Final Shape expansion in 2024.

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