The cooler, more chaotic way to read a comic book on your PC

Internal Affairs DDCollection is more than just a digitized version of a stylish comic book. It’s chaotic and loud, and “a less practical way to read digital comics,” according to creator Peow Studio. And that’s what makes it fantastic.

Peow Studio, a Swedish comics publisher, created its own digital comics reader for its Internal Affairs series, which features an Onion intern at a shitty company. And there are mechs. Three issues of Internal Affairs are available inside the new reader, all updated with commentary, new art, and chaotic music. If you get bored of reading, there are also plenty of other things to click on. You can toggle art (on the first book), change backgrounds, and stack bottles. There are also sliders that allow you to zoom in and out on the book, which helps with the actual reading part.

“Built from the ground up for a digital experience, Peow’s Digital Disc Comic follows our ethos of putting tons of care and energy into making things that nobody asked for,” Peow wrote in the reader’s description. “We wanted a digital comics format that actually takes advantage of being on computers so we learned how to make game.”

This is a video game, after all, so there is also a button you can click to activate a gun that shoots at the comic book and other things in the background. Peow said it intends to add more content and updates to the digital comics reader/game.

I’m eager to see how this experimental digital comic reader evolves — I’m particularly keen on how the commentary is implemented, as a way to hear directly from the creator about the project.

The set of three books in the digital reader is $10.

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