Fallout: New Vegas remake modders chugging along on 10th anniversary

Yesterday was Fallout: New Vegas’ 10th birthday! I know. They grow up so fast. In New Vegas’ case, it didn’t take long to ascend to instant classic-hood, and the next rung up is to be canonized in the series’ latest engine. Let’s check in on how Fallout 4: New Vegas is doing, shall we?

Team F4NV, a collection of Fallout modders and enthusiast developers, has been working on Fallout 4: New Vegas since 2017. It’s essentially a total conversion mod, bringing Obsidian’s 2010 game forward into the Fallout 4 Creation Engine on PC. This reel of their work takes you from Goodsprings to the Strip and all familiar parts in between — like good ol’ godforsaken Nipton. Jesus. Lottery tickets still make me shudder IRL ….

But my word, is there a lot in this here trailer. Not bad considering this is a fan project and, as such, doesn’t really have required deadlines, launch dates, or the like. That’s not to say this is a disorganized effort, just that a spare time labor of love can sometimes go on for years, like Skywind.

Fallout: New Vegas launched on Oct. 19, 2010; PC is the only way you can play Fallout 4: New Vegas, but Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda Softworks last month means New Vegas’ original developer and publisher now answer to the same boss. We’re hoping that boss tells them to get something cooking out in the Mojave Wasteland. Until then, New Vegas’ Xbox 360 version is still backward-compatible on Xbox One.

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