You can wear a paper bag in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and now I have questions

Previews of Animal Crossing: New Horizons have started coming out in early March, and while the internet is busy cataloging gameplay changes, I am sitting here already thinking of the ways I’m going to be a total nightmare to my villagers.

So now there’s an item that allows you to wear a paper bag on your head, which is cool, but I have a pressing question. If I give this to a villager as a gift, are they capable of wearing it? Can I force them — particularly, my mortal enemy who is clogging up my island with their unwanted presence — to wear the paper bag in an effort to make them leave?

Follow-up question, if the tombstone is an item I can place outside as a decoration now, can I convince my unwanted villager that they are living in a haunted cemetery that they must vacate immediately? What if I surround that cemetery with those ultra realistic scorpions, would that be convincing?

I’m also curious … can I give my villagers beards now? I don’t have any nefarious plans for this, I just think it would be nice for some of them to have.

Polygon dot com will investigate. Stay tuned.

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