Overwatch Gets New Doomfist Legendary Skin–But Only For A Limited-Time

The Overwatch League has revealed a new legendary skin for Blizzard’s hero shooter. The skin is for Doomfist and is called Thunder. You can see it in the tweet embedded below.

Thunder will only be available for purchase in-game for a limited-time, becoming available from March 26 through April 9. The skin is in celebration of the professional esports player Jay “Sinatraa” Won, a member of esports team Shock, who won the Overwatch League Season 2 MVP award. Sinatraa is Shock’s resident DPS player and has regularly used Doomfist during the Overwatch League.

Overwatch is set to get one more new hero before the release of Overwatch 2. First teased in animated shorts, Echo will be joining the hero shooter as another DPS fighter (Blizzard has followed up to tell fans to not worry, more support and tank heroes are in development).

Originally conceived for Blizzard’s cancelled Titan project, Echo is a versatile hero–able to mimic the forms and abilities of any other character. In describing Echo, GameSpot editor Phil Hornshaw writes, “Key to Echo is her adaptability, and from what Goodman and Fonville described, players who try out the new hero should have a lot of chances to find creative ways to use her abilities. The character’s versatility means she can be used to control territory with sticky bombs, as a straight damage-dealer using sticky bombs and Focusing Beam, or to shore up a team in an emergency by duplicating other characters. We’ll have to wait to see what other creative ways players find to use Echo–and to counter her.”

If you’re looking to have a go at Echo early, the hero is live on Overwatch’s Public Test Realm right now.

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