Metal Slug Tactics is bringing turn-based action to Nintendo Switch

Metal Slug Tactics is coming to Nintendo Switch. Nintendo announced that the latest game in the Metal Slug franchise is on its way to the platform during its August Nintendo Indie World event.

Metal Slug is known for its run-and-gun shooting, but the latest entry switches things up a bit with turn-based tactical gameplay. Metal Slug Tactics is all about approaching fights strategically and placing your troops in the correct positions for special bonuses. The game also adds roguelike elements to help keep each run fresh.

But not everything about Metal Slug Tactics is new. The game still keeps the pixel-art graphics fans are used to from the Metal Slug franchise, along with some of its characters like Marco, Tarma, Fio, and Eri. Of course, since it’s a Metal Slug game, there are still plenty of guns and explosions too.

Metal Slug Tactics is set to come to Nintendo Switch and PC sometime in 2022.

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