Doom Eternal Urdak: Mission 12 Walkthrough And Tips

You’ve made it to Doom Eternal’s second-to-last mission! Below you can find a walkthrough detailing how to get past it, as well as tips for how to deal with the big boss fight at the end.

For walkthroughs of Doom Eternal’s other chapters, check out our guide hub collecting what we have up so far. We’ll be publishing more in subsequent days. But if you’re looking for more basic Doom Eternal tips, be sure to read our guide detailing everything you should know before playing. Otherwise, you can read our Doom Eternal review.

Mission 12 Walkthrough — Urdak

Walk forward and take a right once you emerge outside. Stand on the green pressure pad, and a glyph will appear in front of you. Use this to launch yourself over to the next platform, then take a left and do so again. There’s another pressure pad platforming sequence here, only now you’ve got to do some additional pole swinging and wall-climbing to progress forward.

Once you’ve traversed past this area, head inside and shoot a button to disable the lasers and pass through. Carry on, and you’ll eventually reach a cutscene introducing (Yes, even this late into the game) a new fodder enemy type called the Makyr Drone. They’re more of a pain to deal with than the other fodder enemies, however, mainly because their bodies are armored. Use the Heavy Cannon’s Precision Bolt to dispatch them with a headshot, which also results in an explosion of ammo and health you can pick up. Take care of the Makyr Drones and the rest of the enemies in this arena, then use the climbable walls to reach the exit.

Proceed through the vent and traverse to the next area. Kill the enemies that show up, then melee the block behind one of the doors and climb up so you can reach and Dash into the statue. Use the platform that appears to swing on the nearby pole and make your way to the next vent. There’s a Buff Totem in the area when you exit, so drop down to the right, head up the stairs and take a left to find and destroy it. Defeat the rest of the enemies in the area, and use the pole nearest to the exit to swing up to the higher platform and hit the switch to disable the lasers.

Make your way through the facility until you reemerge outside. Launch yourself over to the next platform and take care of the enemies waiting for you here, including another Marauder. With everything dead, follow the waypoint to activate the portal and align the first teleporter ring. Head back outside and use the launchpad to reach the next platform where you’ll have to contend with more Demons. There’s an Archvile here, so make sure to take care of it first. Use the next launchpad directly in front of you and make your way into the next building.

Defeat the enemies inside, hit the switch to open the door, then head through and kill the rest of the enemies in the next combat arena. From here, follow the waypoint through the exit and use the walls suspended in mid-air to reach the next area. Hit the next button to align the second teleporter ring. Exit the room and take the elevator up, then go back outside and launch yourself back to where you were before. Now use the other launchpad, and you’ll land in a combat arena with a Buff Totem. Quickly take a left and carry on. You’ll find the Totem underneath an overpass. Once that’s dealt with, defeat the rest of the enemies.

Head inside the now-open door and ride the elevator up to find the third and final button to align another teleporter ring. Exit the room and travel back to the central platform. Follow the waypoint through the door and make your way around until you come to a set of lasers and some purple water. Dive into the water and break through the wall directly underneath you. This will lower the water level, allowing you to climb up and hit the switch to disable the lasers. Step into the elevator and prepare to fight the next boss.

Boss Fight – Khan Maykr

The fight against Khan Makyr feels like a battle of attrition due to her six health bars. The Ballista should be your weapon of choice here since it’s accurate and only takes five shots to drain one of her health bars. When this happens, she’ll flash green and enter a vulnerable state, allowing you to use the Super Shotgun’s Meat Hook to propel yourself towards her and deal damage with a Blood Punch.

Repeat this strategy throughout the fight, using the Heavy Cannon’s Precision Bolt to defeat the Makyr Drones that swarm in to replenish your health and ammo. Khan Makyr will fire a few projectiles in a row that you can avoid by Dashing to the side. She’ll also occasionally summon a fiery death ray from the skies that you’ll want to Dash as far away from as possible. Her other attack douses the floor in a damaging liquid, so you need to avoid those areas when it happens. Once she’s defeated, it’s time to head back to Earth.

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