Doom Eternal Final Sin: Mission 13 Walkthrough And Final Boss Tips

Congratulations! You’ve reached Doom Eternal’s final mission! What lies ahead is going to test all the skills you’ve built up until this point, so don’t think this is going to be a cinematic end with little effort required to get through. Give it time, and you’ll roll the credits soon enough.

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Mission 13 Walkthrough — Final Sin

Head through the destroyed building and jump to the opposite rooftop when you come to a gap. There’s a lengthy combat arena here, so destroy everything in sight and exit through the hole in the wall. Go up the stairs and leap to the next building, using the Super Shotgun’s Meat Hook to give the waiting Revenant a friendly welcome. Use the walls to climb up higher, and then navigate across until you can jump into the next building.

Kill the enemies inside and use the climbable wall inside the elevator shaft to make your way to the upper floors. Kill the enemies that arrive after the brief cutscene, then jump towards the window cleaning platforms on the opposite building. Follow them to make your way inside, where you’ll be met by–wait for it–more Demons. A Buff Totem will spawn in after a short while, so quickly head upstairs to find it in one of the rooms. Use everything in your arsenal to finish off the rest of the enemies, then follow the waypoint to the next climbable wall and make your way to the next floor.

From here, head up the rubble to the roof and take care of the enemies waiting for you. Once they’re all dead, use the jump pad and leap to the next building, then swing on the pole and climb up onto another rooftop. You need to jump into another building from here, but before you do, you can shoot rockets at the Tyrant from relative safety. There are a couple of Tyrants inside, and a Buff Totem will appear after a while. Head upstairs and follow the corridor down to the end to find the Totem in a room to your right. With everything dead, climb up the wall in the lobby and make your way up the staircase.

Once you reach the bar on the top floor, a swarm of enemies will attack. Defeat enough of them and an Archvile will eventually appear, so work quickly to kill it and stem the tide of Demons. After you’ve survived this scrap, jump across to the next building and use the walls to traverse further. Use the Dash Refill to cross the large gap between buildings, then hop onto the bridge below. Make your way across this path until you come to a couple of poles. Use these to leap into the train carriage, then climb on top of it to reach the next building. Smash through the broken wall and prepare to face Doom Eternal’s final boss.

Boss Fight – Icon of Sin

The final boss fight against the giant Icon of Sin comprises of two phases. Both revolve around destroying specific parts of the boss’s body while avoiding its attacks and dealing with all of the other enemies trying to kill you at the same time.

During the first phase, you’ll want to focus your fire on the Icon of Sin’s armor. There are eight pieces of armor in total, and damaging each one will eventually destroy it. As far as attacks go, the Icon of Sin shoots projectiles from its head, bursts fire from its hands, and slams the ground with its fists. Dashing out of the way and avoiding the fire when it engulfs the arena are the best ways to avoid damage, but you’ll also have to contend with the waves of enemies as well. Fortunately, there’s plenty of BFG-9000 and Crucible ammo spread out across the arena, so make use of both weapons to quickly deal with any of the tougher enemies, such as the Barons of Hell that show up.

Once you’ve destroyed all eight armour pieces, the Icon of Sin will move to another area to begin phase two. The attack patterns you’ll face are similar to the first, except now you have to destroy eight body parts instead of armor. The strategy is the same, too, so just try and focus your fire on the boss while using the BFG-9000 and Crucible to deal with the other enemies that spawn. Destroy all eight body parts and you’ll roll credits on Doom Eternal.

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