Blissey is coming to Pokémon Unite

Pokémon Unite is getting a new healer later this week, Blissey. The Pokémon Company revealed the new addition on Monday via its official Twitter account. Blissey will come to the game on Aug. 18, and will act as a Supporter Pokémon, healing her allies and dashing to their side to keep them safe.

In the short clip attached to the reveal Tweet, fans can see Blissey throw eggs for damage and heal those around her. Bliss Assistant, Blissey’s Unite Move — Pokémon Unite’s version of an ultimate — causes Blissey to dash to an ally, protecting them from damage.

Blissey is the evolved form of Chansey, which itself is an evolution of Happiny. It’s unclear if Blissey will start as one of her lower evolution forms and level up over the course of the match — like most Pokémon do in Unite — but it seems likely. In the games and anime, Blissey and Chansey are both seen as assistant Pokémon, helping out humans in the Pokémon Centers of major cities. Blissey and her evolutionary line are also one of the rare breeds of Pokémon that are only female.


Pokémon Unite has a Gengar problem

Blissey’s announcement might surprise astute Pokémon Unite fans. In a mid-June Tweet, the Pokémon Unite account revealed that Gardevoir and Blastoise would come to the game soon. Gardevoir has already made it into the game, but despite early bots appearing as Blastoise upon Unite’s release, the water-based starter still isn’t in the game. It’s unclear if the addition has been delayed, or if the Pokémon Unite team is waiting to release the third and final Kanto starter.

Regardless of Blastoise’s status as a Pokémon Unite brawler, Blissey will be the game’s next character. Start saving your coins now for her Aug. 18 release date.

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