YouTuber Creates Accessible One-Handed PS5 Controller

The Xbox Adaptive Controller opened gaming up to so many more players, but unfortunately, Sony is yet to release a PlayStation equivalent. While third parties have come out with their own solutions, we're yet to see anything from the company that will know the console best, and give us a similar experience to using the official DualSense controller.

Thankfully, an independent creator may have come up with a great way to get around this. Controller tinkerer Akaki Kuumeri has just uploaded a video to his YouTube channel, showing off a PS5 controller adapter that makes it possible to play games one-handed. The user is able to access all of the functions just by using the right-hand side of the controller, making so many more PS5 games playable to those with no or limited use of one hand.

As Kuumeri demonstrates in the video, the adapter works by allowing you to control the analogue stick on any surface, likely your thigh. Kuumeri explains that its design should support the one hand you're using, preventing it from growing tired.

While not used anywhere near as much as the analogue stick in most games, a second adapter can be used to access the arrow buttons. It will make the DualSense quite bulky, but the two creations can be used at the same time, giving you full access to all of the controller's keys.

Perhaps the best thing about the design is that it's created using a 3D printer, and Kuumeri has shared the prints publically for anyone who would like to build their own. The design has been received well, with users on the disabeledgamers subreddit printing it out, and saying it works as intended.

If this isn't the solution you're looking for, the adapter was actually made as part of a snap-on adapter contest, which has plenty of other submissions to peruse. Kuumeri himself has a YouTube channel full of crafts for both the PlayStation and Xbox, transforming how you use the controllers and play games.

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