You Can Now Grab The Persona 5 Scramble Demo From Amazon Japan

For some strange reason, gamers can now grab the Persona 5 Scramble demo from Amazon Japan. Basically the same demo already available on the Japanese PSN Store and eShop, the main incentive here seems to be a smartphone wallpaper you can download after acquiring the trial. It’s kind of a strange marketing strategy, but it’s also not that big of a hassle.

If you don’t want to bother with creating alternate marketplace accounts, you can even sign in with your American Amazon login and venture over to Amazon Japan. You’ll still need to have a Japanese PSN or eShop account, so…maybe it’s not that convenient? Still, it is another way to nab this demo if you aren’t in Japan and able to play the full game (which has been out for almost two weeks now).

As for what this demo contains, you’ll be able to experience the first hour of Scramble. There’s no save data carry over and you’ll be limited to just Joker, but it’s still a sample of what’s to come. With Atlus still not talking about a western release date, this may be the quickest way to figure out if the game is for you.

It’s still very odd to see the Amazon promotion, but maybe this is in an effort to get people to buy a copy of the full game. It stands to reason that if you’re browsing Amazon already, you’ll possibly go back after experiencing Scramble and just order it. Apart from the crazy import fees, buying things off of Amazon Japan is simple enough.

It should be noted that the Japanese version of Scramble does not contain an English translation. Sometimes with niche releases, developers will put in the time to provide different localizations since finding a foreign publisher is either impossible or not worth the cost. Since Persona is somewhat big in the west, Atlus is already working on its own localization.

Being a crossover with Dynasty Warriors, it’s not like the general gameplay is too complicated. There is more than simply button mashing going on, but this demo should be enough to tell you if you can handle the Japanese version.

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