Yakuza 0 Mod Brings Back Mark Hamill As Majima

The original PS2 Yakuza had an English dub featuring Mark Hamill as the beloved Majima, that eyepatch-wearing scoundrel who pops up out of manholes and dives out of giant traffic cones to punch Kiryu in the teeth. But in the remake, there was no English dub and no Hamill, instead keeping the incredibly talented Hidenari Ugaki.

So, fans have decided to bring Hamill back themselves with a 0 mod. Granted, he never voiced Majima in 0, so it's hardly a 1:1 swap for every line of dialogue, but if you have fond memories of Hamill's time as Majima or just want to hear it for yourself in-game, now you can.

As the remakes and sequels gain popularity and Yakuza grows, more and more people, myself included, are discovering that Majima was once voiced by Mark Hamill. But we're not alone. Not even Hamill himself knew. In 2018, someone tagged him asking, "You did the voice for this guy?" with a screenshot of Majima attached. Hamill responded, "I don't remember & I don't know what this is from."

There's a slither of Joker in his performance but, for the most part, it's different to Hamill's usual outings. And it's fairly different to the Majima we know. He's gruffer, more serious, colder, and a little more menacing. His scenes certainly have a different edge to them with Hamill's voice, drastically changing the tone. Majima's comedic rage comes off as more sinister as you can see in the clip below.

But Majima himself has changed a lot in the games, too. In 0, which the mod is for, he's more reserved, managing a cabaret club called The Grand while toeing the line under his yakuza bosses. He's not earned his title yet or gained the infamy he has by the time of the originals.

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