Xbox Series X loose in the wild, first unboxing video spotted

The Xbox Series X has already fallen into some people’s hands, and the back of the box has a tragically ironic image on it.

The Xbox Series X isn’t officially out until November 10, alongside the less powerful but cheaper Xbox Series S.

However, it appears the console has already been released into the wild. On Reddit, an image of a warehouse shows numerous boxed units waiting to be shipped out.

Some people look to have received theirs early, though, with one YouTube user named Willy Crow already uploading an unboxing video.

The video doesn’t reveal much beyond what we already knew but it’s perfect for those eager to see how it comes packaged, assuming the video hasn’t been taken down by the time you read this.

It also reaffirms that, while not fridge-sized as many joked about when it was first revealed, the Xbox Series X is still quite a chunky console.

The images also show what the back of the box looks like: a tagline of ‘Power your dreams’ accompanied by an image of Master Chief from Halo Infinite.

Of course, Halo Infinite was meant to be the console’s biggest launch title and console exclusive but was delayed until an unspecified time next year.

Clearly it was too late to go back and change the console’s packaging, making the Chief’s presence on the box even more of a tease.

The Xbox Series X/S will release on November 10.

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