Xbox Series X Lands Another Console Exclusive: Co-op Puzzler Morkredd

Morkredd is an upcoming co-op puzzler from Aspyr and Hyper Games, slated to launch this December. It’s meant to be played as a duo, although solo players can take control of two characters at once if they can’t find a co-op partner.

Morkredd is listed as a console exclusive, but it’s going to be available on quite a few systems – Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and even Steam will all have a playable version of the game. It’ll be thrown onto Xbox Game Pass, too, so you might be able to stream it directly to your smartphone.

In Norwegian, Morkredd means ‘fear of the dark.’ The game is based on this concept, and most puzzles revolve around using light to manipulate shadows in the world around you. You’ll need to guide a glowing orb through increasingly elaborate stages, avoiding shadows at all costs – step into darkness, and your player will die.

Its brief announcement trailer shows off a dismal world full of squishable slugs, dimly lit passageways, and plenty of puzzle-solving goodness. You can watch the full trailer below:

Morkredd includes over 60 puzzles for solo or co-op players to solve. It took Best of Show at Konsoll Connect 2018, a Norwegian conference dedicated to both local and global game developers, and is shaping up to be a beautiful game. We’re particularly interested in seeing how it plays as a solo experience – controlling two characters at once is never an easy task, and some of Morkredd’s stages seem incredibly complex.

Aspyr is a well-known publisher and development studio that’s worked on high-profile titles such as the mobile adaptation of Civilization 6.  Hyper Games is a smaller company, with Morkredd looking to be the studio’s largest game. Its portfolio includes indie titles such as Balanse, Pitch Invaders, and Eggggg.

Morkredd will be available this December for Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. For more info on the upcoming game, you can visit the official Morkredd website.

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